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Just had the second worst haircut of my life at sports clips. I've been going to the one in Elk Grove for three years, taking all of my friends too. I get my hair cut only 2-3 times a year but it's always the same. 2 on the aides, long on top, disconnected. Rather than ask me what I mean by disconnected, which is what the previous stylist called it, Brianne simply gave me a short haircut all over and blended it. My hair is easily my best feature. I'm not really all that much to look at. I take care of it meticulously. Now I have to get my drivers license renewed and live with this travesty for the next five years. I love their policies but if they can't hire people that are going to lown to the customer I'm going back to a more professional salon.
Worst service.Not professional at all.
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Won't take my kid there anymore was charged extra for something that wasn't done. We have been going there for a while now but after this time no more they usually do the same with her hair each time this time they charged us extra. Sucks that they always have different people there to cut the hair. 
Sports Clips in South Park Meadows in Austin, TX is pretty good.
First time every bring my husband in one of y'all locations. We came to the one at the outlet in North Charleston. Worst ever. We got to the store at 3:40, the door stated they didnt close till 5 but the door was locked. A lady came and let us in and let us know they closed at 5 but we could come it. She locked the door back. She let in one more customer after us. Two guys were knocking on the window, so my husband let them in. The lady than stated that was the last person because she wanted to off at 5, but it was only 4 at that time. A lot more customers were turned away. I understand it's Sunday and they won't to go home but we will not be back. Also the lady named Karen fuck up my husband's hair. Worst place ever. No customer service.
Just walked into the sports clips on main in Billings heights at 5:40 on Saturday (posted hours till 6 pm) and the lady told me they would not seat me. And they were done. The door was not locked they were there what does that mean? Done!
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