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Over the coming months we are migrating SparkleBox to a new design. Our regular visitors will have noticed that we already have some sections of the site live.  Both our Class Management ( and Special Needs sections ( have been updated to the new design.  This is a big change as the website has been completely redesigned from scratch.

The revamp aims to make discovering resources easier with larger preview images and less clutter.  The new design also adapts for mobile devices so you can browse SparkleBox even more easily when you're out and about and using your phone or tablet.

It is a lengthy process moving over to the new design and will take several months.  Your feedback is very important to us, so please do get in touch and let us know what you think!
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+Nicola Jayne Hi Nicola!  We are pleased you found the resource helpful, it's great to see it in action in your video :D
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More new resources on SparkleBox...

Keep your eyes on often!

Numbers 51-100 on shoe/boot prints
Numbers 0-100 on shoe/boot prints - black and white
How to make a playdough cat posters
How to make a playdough cat instructions sheet
Horse-themed editable bookmarks
Horse-themed pupil target and achievement sheets
Horse-themed editable communication slips
Numbers 51-100 on submarines
Phoneme worksheets: e
Phoneme worksheets: e - cursive
High frequency words 81-100 playdough mats
Large Solar System planets chart
Duck-themed editable bookmarks
Numbers 0-50 on soldiers
Numbers 51-100 on snowmen
Numbers 51-100 on snails
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There's new resources and updates almost every day on SparkleBox.  Here is a list of some of the latest!
Building / Construction banners
Peter Pan A4 page borders
Editable faiths/religions banner template
Numbers 51-100 on sharks
Giant shark picture for display
5-week reward charts
Faiths display banner
Religions display banner
Numbers 0-50 on seals
Metaphors display banner
Number story missing numbers worksheets
6 adjectives bingo: hot, cold, long, round, prickly and stripy
Prehistoric group table signs
Prehistoric group signs - A4
Numbers 51-100 on seahorses
Gymnastics Club award certificates
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Don't forget we add new products to the website most days, so make sure you check our New Resources page often at

Here is a list of our latest additions...

Numbers 51-100 on raccoons
Numbers 51-100 on pukeko birds
Types of Scientific Enquiry display banners
Types of Scientific Enquiry display posters
Numbers 51-100 on puffins
Pigeon role-play masks
Gull role-play masks
Peter Pan cut-out characters
Peter Pan role-play masks
Peter Pan role-play masks - black and white
Peacock role-play masks
Parrot role-play masks
Toucan role-play masks
Peter Pan display banner
Giant superhero pictures for display
Editable popcorn tub templates
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Some super new photos in the Gallery!  Check them out at

Thank you to everyone who has contributed over the past month!
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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas 2014!
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Hi folks!  Here's a list of some of our latest resources:

Numbers 0-100 on Green Bottles
10 Green Bottles Visual Aids
Summer School Display Banner
Picasso Display Banners
Months and Seasons Calendar Posters
Famous Explorers Posters
Famous Explorers Display Banner
Giant Mayan Long-Count Calendar for Display
Numbers 51-100 on Turkeys
How to Make a Playdough Penguin Posters
How to Make a Playdough Penguin Instructions Sheet
How to Make a Playdough Face Posters
How to Make a Playdough Face Instructions Sheet
Numbers 51-100 on Cars
Numbers 51-100 on Toffee Apples
Peter Works with One Hammer Visual Aids
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New classroom photos in the Gallery!  Check them out at
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Here are the latest updates on SparkleBox!  Check them out at

Hot and cold sorting cards
High frequency words 61-80 playdough mats
Space/Solar System small world scenery
Editable space/Solar System banner template
Numbers 51-100 on skeletons
High frequency words 41-60 playdough mats
Easter display poster
Collective Worship display banners
Collective Worship display posters
Numbers 51-100 on sheriff badges
Editable sheriff badge templates
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Here's what's new on SparkleBox!

Editable fairytale characters templates
Alphabet with fairytale characters
Alphabet with fairytale characters - cursive
Numbers 51-100 on raindrops
Kingfisher role-play masks
Dove role-play masks
Digraph picture and word posters - cursive
Writer of the Week display poster
Knights display banner
Editable knights and castles banner template
Numbers 51-100 on racing cars
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There's new photos in the gallery!

Get some great display ideas at
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We added some new photos to the Gallery last weekend.  Have a look at them here -

Thank you for sending them in!
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