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We just released a new #responsive version of our site, let us know how it works on your mobile device!

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Google continues to show it's active investment in #dartlang  with a new dedicated AngularDart team! This is amazing news for Dart developers because:

1. AngularDart becomes more Dart idiomatic and faster
2. AngularDart can leverage Dart features the TypeScript based flavor could not
3. Material Design components for AngularDart used internally at Google can and will be released soon

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Updated Spine runtime for StageXL.
I'm happy to announce that the Spine runtime for StageXL was updated to Spine v3.4. The new version supports path constraints so a bone can follow a path.

Take a look at the tank example. The individual elements of the tank tread follow a path which would be very hard to animate without this new feature.

Makeing of tank animation:

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The Dart project just launched their new homepage with a microsite oriented design to better highlight the different use cases for Dart, nice!


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Dartino is making lots of progress, you can create a Dart IoT device for less than $15 dollar now with the newly support board, not bad!

#dartlang   #iot  
Dartino SDK 0.5: Lots of progress, lots of possibilities. I have been writing a few sample apps lately and it is pretty exciting to see how much easier it is to develop for the supported STM32 boards using a managed and approachable language.

#dartino #dartlang 

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Happy 4th of July to all US devs! Hope you celebrate like it's 1998..

#devhumor #nodejs #dartlang

Hello World! Soucevoid is leaving stealth mode and enters public Beta! Sign up today and get $20 free credits!

#dartlang   #nodejs   #cloud   #paas  
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