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Do you sometimes feel like you're practising hard but not really getting the results you should be?
Heck...I'd sometimes wonder where all the new stuff I'd been practising vanished to the minute I got up to play in front of people! Seemed I didn't use any of all the new stuff I'd been spending hours practising....

About 15 years ago I started doing lots of teaching and people would ask me all the time 'How should I practice?' It made me take a long hard look at the way I had been practicing since starting out ,and what worked and what didn't. I came to some conclusions...and started creating a bunch of 'practice hacks'  to pass on to my students to help them get the most out of their practice time.  I've collected them in a folder over the years and now have  about 75-100 of 'em.

 They're not 'gimmicky' BS tricks that don't work...but powerful and effective practice methods you can use in the practice room to get to where you want to be. The great thing is I get to test them out in my guitar lessons and see if they work. I'll tell you, many of my guitar students now  progress so much faster than I's great to see!

Anyway, I was looking at my folder of teaching stuff a few months ago and I thought...'Why not put some of them in a book and see if other guitar players also find them useful?' I did!

 So grab yourself a FREE copy of the  '3 Awesome Practice Hacks' ebook here:

Why am I giving them away? Just because I'm a generous guy (; ) ?
Not just that! Just because I know other guitar players will love the results they'll help them get and it's cool to pass on stuff like this.

So grab your copy and please share this post if you think it's a great resource. Cheers! J

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The much awaited Sinvertek No. 5 distortion is here! #no5   #sinvertek   #distortion  #guitar #shred
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We've updated our website to a new look, its easier to browse through our products now. Hope you guys like it!
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