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SophosLabs has identified a new malware attack that is targeting both Mac and Windows computers, exploiting the infamous Java security vulnerability. If you visit compromised webpages, you may be at risk of infection via a Java exploit that downloads malicious software to your computer. Here's a link to our free Mac anti-virus for home users, should you be interested.
Sophos Free AntiVirus for Mac gives you full protection from Mac OS X viruses, Trojans and spyware.
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If you, +Sophos , are really up to the user's security, you might want to tell them that they don't have to worry as long as they run OS X >= 10.6 and their system is up-to-date, meaning, they have the latest Java-patches installed which are available from Apple.

Or do you want to tell us that this "new identified malware attack" doesn't try to exploit CVE-2012-0507?

And how come, that in the article linked in your post, there's no information on said "new malware attack" at all?

Surprise, surprise...
+James Bowman Fanboy?
No, sir!
On my MBP I'm running Lion, as I'm running Win7 (Fusion), Ubuntu (Parallels, which, since 12.04 fucks up big time w/ 3D-problems) & Backtrack 5R2 (Fusion) & Win8 (Parallels).
On my private box I'm running Debian, and on my boxes in the office I'm running Scientific Linux.
So much for the fanboy, although:
I have to admit, I do own a 3G, a 4 and a 4S - guess you might be right :/
+Sophos Thanks for the article. So it is as I said before:
Same Java-vulnerability like #Flashback, and all OS X-users running Snow Leopard & up & have their system fully patched don't have to worry.
Seems the best solution is to get at least Snow Leopard (Apple gives it away for free to all MobileMe-users),
In the rare cases where an upgrade is not an option for any reason (i. e. old hardware) and people need Java installed, an AV software is recommended.
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