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The PS4, with a clock speed of 8 x 1.6 GHz (or 43X the PS2).

2 + 2 doesn't always = 4 ;)

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As far as i know there is absolutely no way to convert ps2 cycles to ps4 
ummm this seems quite random to drop this now, but thanks! Yet comparing the clock speed of the Emotion Engine to the 8-core jaguar is pretty meaningless.
43 ps2's in the ps4, and yet i cant play ps2 games. Incredible.
Yet the PS4 lags the OS in many parts..... Seems PS3 used to perform more faster in response at its OS
So......this means what for games??? For those who know nothing about cycles and clock speeds.
In combination with gddr5 and working on the same data as your GPU it means better/more ai, more active gameplay zones and ultimately ( especially with vr ) immersion 
I think it's just a bit of fun. Blimey some people need to chill out a bit. 
PS2 and PS4 are based on completely different architecture, you can't compare them by just looking at GHz
Sony UK
+jagware reboot This was meant as more of a general comparison, and starting a discussion is always a positive thing :)
Sony UK
+Tommy Abdo How would you work out an overall comparison, in your opinion?
+nick nemati I second that question. Why are we comparing the PS4 to the last, last gen console?? Why aren't we comparing it to the PS3???
+Sony UK Shadow fall was a great experience but battlefield4 with a pulse elite headset is excellent. I also enjoy the psPlus games espescially Resogun and don't starve. A good discovery is in NFS Rivals.  Even if i know we are barely scrapping the surface, it's the most fun i had 4 month after a launch. 
nope ... 1 PPU "tower control" + 7 SPU "working magic cores" In order execution with that... Jaguar is much more versatil but compared to cell in 2006... waaaayyyy less powerfull. Cell was a complicated but to this day very capable cpu for the tasks it had to do
@Tommy Abdo
I remember someone (who knows their stuff) said that if you would compare PS2s CPU to computers, it would be anywhere between 1-1.6 Ghz because of the way it works is so much different. Its also the reason why emulation is so hard.
I have an 8 core 4.0 ghz cpu, and it was around $200.  LOL
so where this 2.75Ghz PS4 CPU stuff some people think. does the PS4 clock up 2.75Ghz?
Its coming from FFC who clocked the highest frequency.... It's the Wi-Fi
The 2.75ghz clock frequenzy was the max CPU clock doable on PS4s CPU.

If it was actually clocked so high in PS4, it would create much more heat and shorten the lifespan of the CPU so usually in basic consumer products (especially on consoles) the CPU is usually kept at optimal/lower clocks or underclocked to ensure longer lifespan of the product.
+Kaleb Taylor buying a 400 dollar playstation should at least be backwards compatible to the last generation. these first 4 months have been brutal with games lineups on both consoles.
Why is that. Before ps2 nothing was ever backward compatible. We, as players, love that but in order to streamline the BC process a clean brake needed to happen and this is what Cerny achieved. Going forward it will be x86 or x86 BC.
Doesn't the ps3 cpu have a higher clock speed tho? + only 6 cores are used for gaming not 8 
Ps3 does have a higher clock frequency yes. Also correct. Ps4 originally gave only 6 cores dedicated to gaming and 2 for OS. They begun giving back those resources with a seventh core freed to 1st party dev and some third party. It is not fully freed though. 
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