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So true... Translations from developer to English. You have to have been born before the 90s to get the emacs / vi comments, tho.

I miss emacs and usenet. And gnus, the best news reader and email client I have ever used. :'(
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The "war" has completely changed with vim around now...
+Andrew Lincoln I'm more amazed that they teach using C, than emacs. None of the two is friendly, but you will learn emacs way better and faster than malloc.

Most colleges follow trends: Python and Java are very popular, and I love scheme for your first language. E.g. Racket from the PLT team. 
Vi is the best text editor on Earth. Emacs is quite a good OS, but lack a correct text editor ;)
+Francisco Solsona Yeah, a lot of my professors are pretty old school like that. I actually just took a class on Racket modeled after MIT's old Scheme class and we don't even use Java or Python until some of the upper level classes like those focused on Android or AI.
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