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Sohail Aziz
UI focused android developer
UI focused android developer

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How to disable #Hugo (@DebugLog) while executing local tests in #android application?

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Cricout 's Android app was taken down by Google 2 days ago with the following summarized notice.

Some Amiy Vivek lodged a complaint on behalf of and Indian company, Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd., that our app was infringing upon the content for 2015 Cricbuzz cup (IND v SL) and includes audio, visuals, score updates and commentary.
Here are some facts:

1) We do NOT have a audio feature in our app
2) We license commentary, score card, stats and news feed from AFP and their partner company InfoPlum and have been doing so for over 2 years now.
3) We have not posted any video content for this series in the app at all.

We have lodged numerous complaints but have only received "automated replies" so far.

I am surprised, shocked and appalled by this action - in particular the lack of due diligence that was performed to make this decision. This is bullying.

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findViewById, Butter Knife to rescue
As an android developer you must have written a lot of code in onCreate [in Activity]  or onCreateView[in Fragment]   to get the reference of views defined in layout xml files. For example to get the reference of username EditText and login Button from frag...

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Tips for more Efficient Custom View Layout Inflation

You know what I like? Less views and Layouts hanging around my hierarchy...


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I spent hours of thought and preparation putting together a graphic to help developers who are on the fence about whether we should all abandon ListView for RecyclerView…

#AndroidDev   #RecyclerView  

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Keyline Pushing v1.1


What's new
The next iteration of Keyline Pushing brings with it a significant update, allowing you to choose from various types of keylines drawn, increasing the reach of the app where design testing is concerned. For now, the keyline options are:
- Standard Keylines
- Cards Layout
- Avatar List
- Navigation Drawer
- Quarters
- Thirds
Additionally, numerous bugs have been squashed and a rarely occurring outOfMemoryException has been eliminated as well. 
Screenshots below!

Regarding this increment
By some mishap, my Keystore is missing, locally as well as from my backups. As such, I've spent the past few days searching high and low, and preparing a new listing when that didn't prevail. Bear with me on this, and download the new version after uninstalling the old one instead of a regular update. 
Lastly, users, ratings and reviews for the app were lost as well, so spreading the word once again by resharing this post will prove immensely helpful!

Keyline Pushing v1.1
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Awesome Quad HD Wallpapers 3
Like and Share please 😊 Enjoy! 
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