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Designing Wonderland: Eight Unexpected Illustrators of Alice in Wonderland...

To mark the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll's classic, here are some 8 surprising illustrators of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, including Salvador Dali, Beatrix Potter and more...

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The Bloomsbury Group lived in their own artistic creations. Our guide to Bloomsbury Interiors

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Got Netflix? Can't decide what to watch on it?

Here are our suggestions for the 9 best things to watch on Netflix this Easter holiday - from drama box set binges to family entertainment...

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Van Gogh was born #onthisday 1853. Here's the dark, dramatic tale behind his chair portraits

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Need ideas for family days out this Easter in #Bath?

Here's 5 fun things to do this hol...

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There aren’t nearly enough songs about sofas. Sofas are very important, very beautiful (at least, ones are), and we (rightly) spent an enormous proportion of our lives on them. Yet musicians will insist on harping on about love and suchlike.

Thankfully, there are a few sensible songwriters who appreciate the value of the sofa as a song subject. Here's our complete guide to songs about sofas, including the Kinks, Ed Sheeran, Supergrass and Frank Zappa ...

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This is Renoir's painting of Monet's wife Camille reading a newspaper on a sofa.

It looks innocent enough, but...

...Find out why it's important, and why Monet kept it hidden away in his private collection, not to be shown in public...

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If you’re spending a good deal of this Mother’s Day on your mother’s sofa - or if she’s spending it on yours - you’ll want a decent film to enjoy together.Ffor something slightly different, why not try one of these fine Mother’s Day-friendly films?...

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Looking for something seriously good to listen to on your sofa?

Laura Marling releases her fifth studio album this month. Here's our culture ed's guide to why she's already one of the great singer-songwriters...

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Ahhhh - bless! That's David Hockney's wee daschund Stanley sleeping.

Funnily enough, there is a surprising number of paintings of comfy dogs in the history of art. Here's our culture ed's illustrated guide...

#comfydogs #PetsOnSofas
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