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As brought to my attention by +Laurent Castellucci, a fantastic use of the Songify app:

"I went to a conference a couple weeks ago where I attended a workshop on cognitive defusion techniques; the presenter showed us an iPhone application called Songify that he uses to help his clients defuse from thoughts. The app records you speaking, analyzes your speech, organizes it into a chorus and verses, and maps it to your choice of melody, adjusting your pitch and syncing your words with the beat. He played us a demo of a client saying 'I'm a loser.' It was impossible not to laugh at the electronic but melodic 'I'm a loser' song and it really made the words seem like just words. Apparently the client felt the same way."

Hey +A Mandible, is Songify powered by the Echo Nest API?
Cognitive-behavioural psychologists encourage clients to not believe everything they think. One way to apply this suggestion is to imagine your mind as an email inbox and some of your thoughts as spam...
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thanks for sharing! that's quite cool. to answer your question - Songify is powered by a patent-pending "speech-to-music" technology developed in-house by Smule!
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