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Scientists across the world are giddy with the prospect that the final piece in the puzzle emerging from Einstein's theory of general relativity will fall into place on Friday.
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Author JK Rowling has announced an eighth book which will follow the next generation as they set off for Hogwarts.
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Billionaire businessman Donald Trump has won New Hampshire's Republican presidential nominating contest, and Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders has beaten Hillary Clinton.
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Larry David FTW.
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Australia's own Greg Hunt has been singled out as the "best minister in the world" by a high-powered international conference.
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You dribble too much Warwick, anyone who says white you say black just so you keep your ideological viewpoint, if you were given an enema they could bury you in a matchbox.
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Hugh Jackman has once again taken to social media to discuss a serious issue.
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+Hady Gichuki people abuse food everyday and its still legal.
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A widespread interruption to Telstra mobile service is being felt across the country, with thousands taking to social media to complain that calls are unavailable, as well as 2G, 3G and 4G data.
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Telstra... Making things easy for u...
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Kim Wilson is jumping ship to take the top job at Bauer Media's The Australian Women's Weekly, following the resignation of long-time boss Helen McCabe in January.
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Sydney's most scandal-plagued council has been suspended ahead of a public inquiry into the planning decisions by its councillors.
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"The culture on Auburn Council is one of mutual assistance, mutual benefit,"

reminded me of the Terrigals
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The US presidential primary season moves to New Hampshire today after a nail-biter of contest in Iowa. Follow the results as they come in, with reporting from Fairfax Media's Nick O'Malley who at the scene.
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Emergency services have worked through the night to unload 20 tonnes of cheese from an overturned truck.
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Gets damned not in Australia too
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Peyton Manning's Denver Broncos have proved too strong for the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.
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Karen A
Don't care.
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