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The most beautiful sword in the moonlight

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So... Who's your winter date?

Mikazuki: Ah~ There you are!
Levi: Oi... You're late! Don't make me wait too long!
Kogitsunemaru: Well now... Take my hand...
Armin: Ehh~ How long have you been standing there?
Kashuu: Ya~wn... What took you so long?

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Uhh... Raiden, what do you think you're doing?

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Kogi wants to hug a fluffy Jiji! ヽ(〃^▽^〃)ノ

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It seems like Jiji is hungry and he wants to eat the Christmas tree!

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Ahh~ Kashuu wants to decorate the Christmas tree but he's sleepy...


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From Kogi and Jiji~ (*^U^)人(≧V≦*)/

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The party has now ended and we're all tired...
No one wants to move an inch anymore...
All we want is to sleep...

Levi: Oi! We're not going to clean this mess?
skipmilk: Eh? B-but Heichou, I'm tired... Where are the others? They should clean with you...
Levi: Those brats disappeared right after I said "It's time to clean!".
skipmilk: /sigh/ Fine... I'll help you...

Ahh~ It was really fun! What a memorable party!
I hope we can do this again next year!
Maybe we should invite more Nendoroids and more games and more foods and--

Levi: More cleaning!

Ah right! More guests means more cleaning!
Geez... Heichou sure loves cleaning!

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Part 9 of my birthday party celebration~

After all those games... The boys presented a dance number!
I think this is the highlight of the party!
Aww! Just look at how adorable they are!

It's like the TouRabu boys are enjoying this more than the SNK boys, don't you think?

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Part 8 of my birthday party celebration~

Dun dun dun~ I bet some will say... "What a waste of tissue!"
Buuuut this is too fun to pass! We shall play this in every celebration! lol!
You know this? It's called mummy wrap!

Now place your bets! Who do you think is the best looking toilet paper mummy?

Chitoge: Faster! Come on! We're gonna lose if you're too slow!
Lingyin: Eh? Wait! I'm still fixing it!

Kashuu: /concentrating
Jiji: /giggles

Umaru: Looks like we have a winner!
Colossal Titan: Umaru-chan, your potato chips and cola...

Levi: Oi brat! What are you doing? Do it faster!
Mikasa: I know that.
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