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Simon Williams
Copywriter & major story addict, but also a man who thinks art and sport can live together. Seriously.
Copywriter & major story addict, but also a man who thinks art and sport can live together. Seriously.


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A storytelling space I love as well. +Teodora Petkova The About Page is not an explanation of your history, it's a conversation on how you can help others.
A formula for an About page... and a heart

It's been a long time since I haven't had the pleasure and the luxury to just write because I am in the mood of writing and not, says, editing my book's essays, or coming up with ideas about blog posts for semantic technology :)
The result. A bit of a different, I hope, post. About About pages and ... hearts :)
And other things you-me.
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Two minutes of summing up how to work with people in such a connected environment. This is my business mantra!

Thanks for the share, +Teodora Petkova!
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Her amazing course is now out and online. If you want to take your writing into the web content age, this is for you.
Content Writing in the Semantic Web (Course)
Building networks of texts within a web of people

I am finally done with something I started creating 6 months ago: my course Content Writing for the Semantic Web. The course is now live on Udemy. In a sentence, it is about approaching content writing from the perspective of the more and more interconnected web.

On this page that I am sharing you will find a bit more about each of the sections in the course. 

These lectures, the thinking and the writing involved in them, would have never been reality if it weren’t for all the knowledgeable and inspiring people I met on G+.

Thank you

I will skip pinging people by name and instead will send a signal of gratitude that I am sure will be received by everyone who knows and feels they have been nudging and supporting me all the way along this journey.

A journey that is yet another thread on a web, woven with "elaborate care" :)
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Semantic search performing its magic

In this article +Simon Williams takes us by hand for a walk in the semantic search wonderland :)

Lots of examples and great advice.

My favourite takeaways [number two sounding like a piece of advice by an nice alien from planet … hm, say Semserch North :D]:
1. Having remarkable content that meets (and exceeds) user’s expectations is something that Google and other search engines take notice of.
1. Publish content that has awesome value to another human being
2. Whatever topic or area you write about must dive deep into that space and fish out as much great information as possible.
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Snapchat's growth as a business platform is very interesting. Check out this awesome guide diving into it through your business.
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Web Writing: Whys and Whats
A tiny companion for weaving texts in the web

Few months ago I was impressed by the article Sharing, Gifting, and the Moral Evolution of the Social Web ( This coincided with a suggestion from +Udemy for me to make a free course as to popularize my paid one (available here: They've suggested a video, which I found a horrible way for me to talk about writing :)

I wanted to use the rhythm and the magic of the written word to share the way I approach web writing. A tiny companion felt just right. A small beautiful ebook (thanks +Canva!) with what I know and have experienced when writing for the web.

So here I am, happy to be falling in the gifting activities on the web, sharing this Web Writing Guide I’ve been working on in the last couple of weeks.

It has been put together in the hope to show you a world where web and text are powerful tools for exchange and intricate networks of words, things, people and the relationships between them.

✏ Download the guide from Slideshare: or
✏ Read it online on my website, as a plain text version:
✏ Additionally, save it or download it from Google Drive here:

I really hope you like my tiny companion to web writing and use it to pave your own road to approaching web writing, making texts a tool for growth, connections and more business.

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A quick impact on shares.
Twitter Removed Share Counts on Nov. 20th, and Sharing Activity Declined Right Away

According to, Twitter sharing as a percentage of social shares is down ~11% since the change.

The craziest part to me is that you can't buy sharecount data from Twitter or GNIP. They've removed the ability to get the numbers at all, forcing companies like Moz and Buzzsumo to come up with our own unique methodologies to sample and create synthetic metrics. Why not just charge us!? We'd be happy to pay for the data.
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Nail on the head, +Kate Toon 

Clients saying it needs to 'pop' must receive a meringue pie straight to the face to stop them talking further.
** 17 ways to piss off your copywriter **

We copywriters are generally a friendly bunch. Well us Australian Copywriters are anyway, those English ones are a grumpy lot.
But there are ways to make our blood boil.
There are buttons you can press.
And there are plenty of utterances that make us utterly crazy.

So, if you want to keep your working relationship sweet, here are 17 sentences you should never say to your copywriter.
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AI development from Facebook's side of the fence. This one's also for you, +Teodora Petkova 
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Prioritizing your SEO goals - how to delegate, project and assess them. #SEO
WB Friday on How to Prioritize Potential SEO Investments <----- We've all got dozens, if not hundreds, of ideas we could invest in to improve our SEO and organic site traffic, so how do we decide which ones to prioritize? That's the topic of this week's brand new Whiteboard Friday video.

p.s. Yes, I'm still growing my beard back after shaving it for Halloween.
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