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Travel Blogger, Social Media Addict, Digital Media Consultant
Travel Blogger, Social Media Addict, Digital Media Consultant

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My Next Adventure? A Solo Trip to Discover Pakistan!

In a few days, a dream comes trues.

I'm off to Pakistan, to discover a little-known country, definitely not on the radar for most travelers.

I can't wait to explore Pakistan, it's beauty and culture, to get in touch with the people, and I suspect there's a lot of misconceptions about this country.

Follow me along in the coming weeks!

#DiscoverPakistan #Pakistan #PakistanTravel 

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9 Instagram Photos That Will Boost Your Wanderlust
I am a much visually driven person, and what feeds my travel inspiration are images. How about you?

#travel #travelinspiration #instagram #wanderlust 

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Christmas Gifts with an Italian Touch

I love giving presents – spontaneously buying a little something that I see and makes me think of a person dear to me – but Christmas often makes me feel in distress. We all have plenty of stuff and often end up buying one more useless thing or adding up to the already long list of ordinary presents.

As an Italian, and knowing how all over the world people usually like everything made in Italy, I gathered a few ideas for Christmas presents with an Italian touch.

#christmas   #christmasgifts   #christmas2016   #italy   #italianfood   #italiandesign  

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Is Zurich one of the best cities to live in?

I recently spend 3 weeks in Zurich and had such a great time that I couldn't help wondering if this is one of the best cities to live in.

Which would be your favorite city to live?

#zurich   #switzerland   #bestcities   #travel   #switzerlandtravel   #switzerlandlife  

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21 Photos That Will Make You Want to Visit Corsica

French call it l’Ile de Beauté – the Island of Beauty -, and when you visit Corsica it doesn’t take long to understand why.

#Corsica   #travelphotography   #travelinspiration   #visitcorsica  

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Lake Como and Picturesque Bellagio

Bellagio is enchanting and therefore a very popular spot, especially for tourists coming from abroad.
I hadn't visited for years, thus I had forgotten how pretty the town is. 
If you're not yet sure why, click on the post. There are plenty of photos (besides a story) that I'm sure will convince you! 

#Bellagio   #lakecomo   #italytravel   #traveltips   #travelphotography   #charmingtowns   #travelideas  

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A Fabulous Cooking Course at the Malpaga Castle

The idea of a cooking course in itself is exciting, but having it in a medieval castle is just a fabulous and unusual experience.

Near Bergamo, the stunning Malpaga castle, whose interiors are covered with beautiful frescoes from the 16th century, hosts events, guided visits in medieval costumes and fantastic cooking classes.

#cookingclass   #cookingcourse   #bergamo   #malpaga   #italianfood   #traveltips  

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Discover Bergamo, Beautiful Medieval Town in Lombardy

To many travelers visiting northern Italy, Bergamo is just an airport, a gateway to other Italian cities. 
Only a few people decide to stop and discover Bergamo, and I bet those who do get awe-struck once they start wandering this charming city on the foothills of the pre-alps.

#bergamo   #inlombardia365   #italytravel   #traveltips   #travelinspiration   #lombardia   #italy

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Sailing Komodo National Park

Sailing Komodo National Park, home to the Komodo dragon (the largest lizard living on earth) and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was one of my best trips in the last fifteen years.

It's been a long time, but this area of the world is still in my mind. That's why I wished to create a wallpaper... to remember... 

If you like it, click on the post and feel free to download the wallpaper.

#Komodo   #komodonationalpark   #indonesia   #sailingkomodo   #landscapephotography  
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