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Happy Birthday solar cells! Bell Labs unveiled the first solar cell 60 years ago today.
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I had know Idea it was today?
I think you meant "Happy Birthday Solar Cells". Solar power has been there for quite a few billion years ;)
It is still expensive for the poor masses unlike other devices like mobile phones
kat a
+bola tad Prices have been dropping exponentially over the past ten years, though. I've been wanting to get solar panels for my mother's house for ages, and I'm starting to be hopeful I'll actually be able to do that in the next few years. Especially with the innovation that's been going on recently. (The greater the innovation, the better the prices.) Think about how much cheaper flat screen TVs are now compared to ten years ago. Same will happen with solar, as long as particular vested interests stay out of the way.
Nice. Solar Cells Probably prevented us from making the Ozone layer Hole any bigger.
Kind of sad. Bell Labs was incredible, this was before Carly Fiorina destroyed it for an executive bonus.
AND the Sierra Club, if you knew what they were really about....
+Stephen Glasskeys and how did the <DELETED!> of get involved there? Bell Labs was largely before her time. That was when Bell Telephone was hitting its stride. Now that   <DELETED!>  might have been involved with AT&T when they were running the same research facility, and even when Lucent had it. But its sad end started well after she was at HP and made a mockery of it.
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