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Cheap oil is bankrupting the financial rationale for building the Keystone XL.
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Americans against sierra club. Real rard working men and women. Working for a living.

Sierra Club sucks
Sorry you feel that way Chris, but keep up the rard work!
So proud our President vetoed that Bill.
Hey sierra club could you hive me info on what you guys do asap 
The Sierra Club is headed by MORONS.  They don't even know that the "Great Pause" is the 18 years without any global warming.  Come on you fools.  Learn the real science about which you profess to claim our planet is "warming" and not cooling.  Also, CO2 is not the boogie man issue you claim it to be.  What about the fact that we exhale CO2 and if it was a hazard we'd all be dead.  How about methane?  Any issue with it?  Any honest opinions in the Sierra Club?  I thought not.
Back at ya fool.  Why, is the Great Pause too much for you?  This is the kind of push back I get from environmentalists.  You don't know the facts and don't want to know them, so you won't read anything that interferes with your ideology.  Go ahead, name the books you've read with opposite opinions of the Sierra Club and global warming frauds like Algore and others. 
We can not allow energy (and thus economic) poverty to stifle both our material wants/needs and ability to address the rising excess CO2 challenge. Therefore we need to frack for NG because it's better than coal. We need advanced nuclear because it's better than coal, and we need to understand that sometimes, it is "energy" backwards to embrace certain renewable energy concepts. Take for example, solar and lead acid could NEVER power the world (and transpo), but that solar and batteries with a much higher ESOI could. That corn to ethanol can't but energy crops grown from water desalinated by (advanced and cheaper) nuclear energy could.
+zadrian miller You can find out more about all the work we're doing to move America beyond oil at, or if you're interested in other work the Sierra Club is doing, visit
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