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What is Project Sunroof?

The Sierra Club and Google are teaming up this summer to raise awareness for moving to 100% clean energy! The mapping tool helps you easily figure out your home's solar potential by quickly estimating your roof's position, shading, and usable hours of sunlight.

It's the #SummerOfSolar. See what your house could generate by using Project Sunroof -->
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All the emails I'm getting, I think everyone is really over reacting over Trumps victory. Jumping the gun on judgment don't you think. Alot of people also object to Obama ' s presidency as well as everything that Hillary Clinton stand for, all her lies and obstruction, mishandling classified top secret information,and her pay for play, connections with big oil companies in foreign countries. Let's not forget Benghazi! So.... we need to understand that yes, people use oil, yes people drive to work,school,the store,and elsewhere, and no not everyone has a Prius. I have outstanding respect for mother eart, and how wonderful God's creatures are but stop putting the Carriage before the horse. Trump could turn out to be a outstanding leader and get America back on track!
Keep up the posts on Google+, +Sierra Club! You have an audience here if you want it! I see you haven't posted since June '16! Keep it up!
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