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I am going to post my account numbers, passwords and passport details here. Since there is no chance anyone will notice here on Google+.
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post your colleagues' passwords too ;-)
SSN, DOB and mother's maiden name will be useful in the american context. :D
Well, don't trust your facebook "friends" on that.
We are MANY here.
Aren't we?
can you please let us know the time so that we dont have to check this stream very frequently.
Binu E.
ouch* google+
Hey Sidin.. You get followed as much on G+ as on Twitter..the difference is you have more tweeples than plusers..
+Sidin Vadukut Good joke. 
I had seen your "visage" so many times but never felt like following you. That was because I had not seen your blog. Basically you are ignoring Google Plus (and its potential). Not that you are not doing well in follower numbers but that is not the whole point. Google Plus needs, nurture and passion and rewards you according to how much effort you give in. You are a busy man but post only good stuff (even if rarely). You are using G+ like twitter, which does not get you anywhere unless you are a celebrity. I forgot you are one .BTW, I am adding you to my "collection" just in case you start taking this seriously. 
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