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I'm Jennifer (aka Dr. J), full-time Googler & part-time travel blogger. An American expat in Dublin.
I'm Jennifer (aka Dr. J), full-time Googler & part-time travel blogger. An American expat in Dublin.

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10 Packing List Essentials for a Safari in Uganda if You're a City Person
I've written a lot about our safari in Uganda over the last few weeks. We're naturally city people and thus are most comfortable trekking on the sidewalks of European capitals. For our 20th wedding anniversary, we decided to take a once in a lifetime trip t...

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Looking forward to a night at the opera.

#Dublin #Ireland

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The Birds of East Africa: Why Uganda is a Birdwatchers Paradise
Uganda is the premier birdwatching destination in East Africa. With over 1000 species of birds calling Uganda home, a trip here is simply a delight for opportunistic birders like myself. Read on and discover 50 of the birds that we saw and photographed on o...

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Things to Do In and Around Entebbe Airport in Uganda
Entebbe Airport is Uganda's main international entry point for flights so most visitors can expect to spend a day or two in the area around Entebbe before heading out to see Uganda's natural wonders: mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, impenetrable forests, and...

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In Search of Shoebill Storks in Mabamba Swamp: Uganda's Ultimate Birdwatching Destination
Uganda may be known for its 1000+ species of birds but for us there was just one star of the avian show in East Africa: the shoe-billed stork. From the moment I first saw a picture of a shoebill in the pages of a wildlife magazine, I hoped to see one with m...

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Uganda's Bird Whisperer of Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary
The Bigodi Wetlands Sanctuary near Kibale National Forest in Western Uganda, for us, was like The Little Engine That Could . When you just say "I think I can!", there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Set-up and run by the local community, we couldn't...

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A Boat Cruise on Uganda's Kazinga Channel: Hippos and Elephants and Crocodiles, Oh My
Uganda's Kazinga Channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) is a wildlife-lover's dream. A narrow stretch of water connecting Lake Edward and Lake George in Western Uganda, the Kazinga Channel is home to a wide variety of land-, air-, and water-based a...

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What It's Like to Spend the Day On A Chimpanzees Habituation Trek in Uganda's Kabale Forest
Tracking chimpanzees in Western Uganda's Kibale Forest on a day long habituation experience is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and one of 12 reasons that I think Uganda is the most awesome place to go on safari in East Africa . Read on for details about ou...

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Tracking Uganda's Mountain Gorillas: Hiking the Path Less Traveled to the Remote Nkuringo Family
Tracking mountain gorillas in Uganda is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and my husband and I made the journey to East Africa and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to celebrate our 20th anniversary (December 17th), another once-in-a-lifetime experience. I never would...

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Our Top Travel Experiences for 2016 Told Through Instagram and Measured by Miles Walked
2016 was another great year for our travels and for wearing out the soles of my shoes! I've made a habit each year of recapping the trips we've taken and the distances we've walked (see past installments:   2009 ,  2010 ,  2011 ,  2012 ,  2013 , 2014 , 2015...
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