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RUIN is a phenomenal short film. Treat yourself:
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Awesome. Wicked effects. It just makes me want to watch more!
Dann D
A very clever
Like it
very special ...amezing video
Awesome show, love the catch at the end after the credits. Will be waiting for the rest. Exceptionally good talent and keep up the good work.
That was amazing! I can't believe it is only a short film! I mean that was crazy good!
I enjoyed this. It has a lot of detail to the story. Where did the cool bike come from? It doesn't matter it was cool!
im looking to talk to some one
This should be a movie that competes with Avatar movie.
so what's up whith you and tell me you not a man
wowww, lovely. Hats off to the makers.
Jim C
pretty slick
Just like my daily commute on the M4 into London
Bin Mei
that was crazy I wish this was a series
His sword painfully reminds me of Sergey Lukyanenkov's "A Lord from Planet Earth" novel...

That aside it is breathtakingly amazing! I am dying to find out how the events will unfold...
The bike is big twin MT01 from Yamaha, but in this video it sounds like a child bike from honda :)
Очень реалистично сделанный мир. Пейзажи, движение, всё, кроме человека. Собственно говоря только по изображению выжившего человека и стало ясно, что это компьютерное моделирование. Вопрос в другом - это будет игра? Или фильмо-мультфильм? Если игра - то какое железо нужно под такие красоты? :) Ну и совсем уж личное напоследок вопросик: в данном конкретном постапокалипсическом мире что-то произошло? На ядерную войну непохоже - слишком много зелени. На инопланетное вторжение тоже, иначе бы техника захватчиков не была бы ржавой. Так что с нетерпением ожидаю ответов, да :о)
Cool... its worth to watched, its amazing video. √
there was no story line. i kept watching the really long chase scene so i could see what would happen next, and nothing happened next, that was the end
Super Sick!!! Haven't been hook like that since Final Fantasy Vll
Good but lacks a real plot besides the action. Some glaring mistakes like he is accelerating when jumping over the aircraft despite not having his right hand on the grip. Overall a good production with very good "photography".
и без света едет по тунелю... поколению -покойтесь с миром
+Теодор Теодорыч И только от "нашего человека" внятный анализ и бесконечные вопросы :)) От "остальных" только поток сознания ;) Все познается в сравнении. Значит не все еще потреряно!
P.S. С вашими впечатлениями вполне согласен.
Wawwww, So great, we need to add the Seats to watch more, 5 D
I really hope they make a complete movie... Amazing graphics and really well done!
for me this movie = Half Life2 + GTA San Andreas + S.T.A.L.K.E.R + The Witcher
but from 4:12 it's start be good, so
I prefer Tomasz Bagiński movies
WoW this should became an actual film! Its brilliant!
I can't add anything that hasn't already been said there ^ but I REALLY enjoyed that. Good work.
هلو كيفكم شو أخباركم
Reminded me of A Wind Named Amnesia anime
Это очень похоже на теперешний город Припять, только без небоскребов.
Интересно, атмосфера напомнила фильм "Жизнь после людей"
Err..and the point of that was....what? Call me old fashioned, but I like a story to have a point, a beginning, a middle and an end. Last survivor (or whoever?) gets shot at by ...who?... and why? errrr....yes.....well....the images of overgrown skyscrapers were interesting anyway. Great realism, but a chase is not a plot.
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Very good! I do enjoy makebelieve...the motor starts instantly, batteries never flat, good/any reception, no rocks or pot holes hit at high speed in the dark...if only...
love the over grown "gree" city... if only
max max
بصراحه ابداع
Great movie. Fantastic animation!
This is awesome! I wish this could be an open world/action adventure/survival game! This would be amazing!
Fantastic film, leaves you wanting more.....
thanks for the view...
its not that good...has no story..its a chase sceene and nothing else...
It is a cool vedio. I like it.
cool. Love to see it in a 2 hr movie
this was an awesome short film! but i will say i wish it was longer and had more story. other than that awesome job with the animation.
Wow, that was amazing..
awesome animation i had ever seen before ....
hello anitaji how are you
Изумительный ролик! Большое спасибо за его показ!
Gotta say, it was an awesome clip.
Pretty much worth watching it.
Its good but its only computer programing, and i can do it better.Thanks
very nice. Its good to see a human character with no special characteristics surviving in post apocalyptic world. Nice idea looking forward to more shorts.
Technically it showed great skill but I have no idea why men are so attracted to violence. There are other ways to be a hero. Killing things is not heroic.
Mind expanding outlook on the modern veteran and solder!:*)
Are you going to make a full length movie of this Mate it is awesome
Очередной опиум для народа, чтоб не жили реальностью, а сидели у экрана и смотрели небылицы. Одурманивание. В сюжете нет ничего интеллектуального так, сказка для тех кому нечего делать.
Very boring. Worse than watching someone else play a video game.
This is the future of entertainment. This is what we should have had for the last ten years instead of 'Reality' tv and "mostly" terrible Hollywood drivel. In 20 years the animators will be the Tom Cruises and the George Clooneys.
sooo... was that supposed to be the man with no name at the very end... reminded me of clint in a poncho...
Beautiful graphics. But it looks a show off of pictures only. Try to improve the script
So cool I loved it is the main character a girl or a boy cuz it wasnt clear to me which gender they were. 
Fantastic creation ! If it happens so that your hero becomes the only survivor in the world after a great disaster, he will face this thing.
Awesome short !!! Looks like an updated version of battlefield earth. 
мир разрушился а асфальт хороший.. странно
Wow. Just amazing. Reminds me of video games Enslaved and The Last of Us.
Also, the musical score is very John Williams-esque. TBC, eh? Can't wait!
A buddy of mine did the sound for that and is very proud of it. His company is called snap sound and rocks!
Huh? What apocalyptic world?what are you ,jihad?hopefully ur talkin about watching the movie,for real.
Too bad is TOO SHORT,great work congrats to them.
It's a beautiful show case for environment and technical animation but the model for the human character has really bizarre proportions and is very stiff and robotic when moving around. Everything else was stunning though!
Jesus is returning real soon,are you ready to meet your Maker?
why are you people so impressed. it's bullshit with poor graphics and physics.
Great entertainment pre-breakfast
Absolutely amazing ! OMG i wanna see more !
The visualization of a post apocalyptic world was stunning. I could watch a whole hour of just the scenery. Pseudo inspiring as well. :)
How more awesome can the human imagination become? I'm a graphic designer and I want to scream "Wow".

Keep up the great and amazing work...
Fabulous. More of that, please, and keep it dialogue-free.
Best eight minutes of my weekend so far... brilliant
yo tht was fudgin amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That was the best thing I ever seen in a post apocalyptic world to date. Thank you
i wood play it!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is awesome but not that was awesome but i really dont like it a lot sorry
holy crap that looks so bad ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Top marks for the animation, but otherwise very unoriginal.
I wish trees would grow that well in my house...
This Animated Rocks Im So Stoke For This Hahahahaha! Ya showed The air craft The Y I Otta Hahahahaha walk Away Wit That strut At The End Hahahaha Crazy Just Crazy I Love This
I like it, It is so great Country
Who ever recorded this from in the future, there camera must have went dead because i know this is or should be full length.
Фантастично сделано ,-походу Лос Анжелес!!!!!!
Круто, я так понимаю TERMINATOR. игра скорей всего, вот бы фильм сняли)
Замечательный ролик !
хорошо бы сделали MMORPG ) и онлайн был бы сумасшедший ! )
использовать опыт The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Метро 2033, Dirt 3, Crysis 2 и подобное. Только мир проработать под пост апокалипсис. Добавить немного Cyberpunk... и конечно же на десерт обнажёнки (немножко) ;)

Будущее за MMORPG и симуляторами !!!
Но ребята ;) не забивайте на РЕАЛ )!!!!
Поди-будущее мира.
Maxim Z
прикольный, но на ролик будущего не тянет. нету особого смысла
"Руины" больше похоже отрывок из мульта....Блин кто-нибудь знает , как его добавить в записи ....?
Americantsy! You all will die.
Рашены, вы, кстати, тоже. У китайцев тоже шансов нет.
Это если честно говорить.
Короче, все люди умрут. Все.
modo, bitches. modo. There's a reason I love it so much. Granted, the animation was in LW, but that was prior to modo601.
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