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oh, this? it's nothing... just a lizard... PLAYING A VIDEO GAME!
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Some games make me want to lick the screen, too. =P

This video reminds me of another classic, the praying mantis trying to catch the mouse cursor: Computer Bug
the animals are more intelligents
Ha ha he's pretty good too. I hope he gave him some real bugs after that. Poor guy.
WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did they make that game for lizards or wha?????
I think I am getting a bearded dragon now...
Brian, is he playing SWTOR? I hear he entered his code in on the redemption page...
its a boy ..why you know thats lizard is a boy
Poor Chameleon......yet a good player!!
hmm so they can also do what we can do - sounds interesting
+Mark Joseph Loba The Australian Aboriginals eat them [eastern bearded dragons] apparently they taste like chicken although I would postulate that they actually taste like Australian Eastern Bearded Dragon. Not that that would be a Known Quantity but anyhoo I digress...
That is hilarious but my favourite part is the disgusted expression he throws at you when he realises he's not actually getting them.
haha. If I was a lizard I would totally wanna bone that lizard.
You can see in the end that his stomach is full of pixel ants ^^
Awesome Man.... It's a nice Share
i used to have a Bearded Dragon, then i took a arrow to the knee
Is that an Australian bearded dragon by any chance ?
that's lovely
Haha, poor thing is properly confused. ^_^
Can not watch the video in china, what a pity.
What game is this? Need to get my
Gecko playing. 
this is so god damn amazing
bet ul have some sticky fingers next time u use the phone lol :P
I assume she's "naturally speaking" to it
I bet you are referring to that cuddly thing as "dude", aren't you?
i bet he thought they were real ants =]
I love the way he looks at you - like for affirmation that he's a really good video gamer!
Priceless! I love the lizard looking up at the camera as if to say "these ants ain't very tasty..."
Love it!!! Wonder what my dog would do with Cat chaser??????
Lol, this is awesome. It looks like the game was almost designed to be played my a lizard.
almost +1'd this over 1337.. that would have been a tragedy.
lol Cute. Don't forget to give it a nice treat afterwards.
Steve E
Not as impressive as a talking geico
I need to get my beardie this game xD She reeeeeeally sucks at hunting down her crickees!
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"OMG help me my taste buds are gone, the first sign of aging"
I love her Brian! There full of such personality. I use to have a male and a female.
Already saw this on reddit this morning.
heheh lizards brain is telling him he is full
Brian, Question - did you post this on my page othoap?

I'm new to G+ and want to understand how it works. Your post above appeared on my page. I don't think I know you. I could be wrong, maybe you have an interest in a LA Fab Lab. How ever your post did not mention it. Again just trying to understand G+. My guess is that G+ placed you on my page randomly. Please respond.
@Othoap You're in the "What's hot" menu... it gives the top trending things on Google+. Has nothing to do with your circles unless you add them to your circle.
dude..!! dats one really sporty Liz you got..!
mmmh... makes me think ... some animals are sharing their human friends affection to touchscreen devices ... eventually, with kinect becoming a reality soon to recognize finer movements ... and from the manufacturer delivered to gameconsoles and pc operation system win ... could it be soon like one can play to do good together with one s animal companion ... both cat and man ... both dog and woman ... both canary bird and child ... move their body to create virtual worlds or go and catch that evil environment polluting boss in games what donate to abandoned animal shelters ?

( i wrote that in a comment to )
Lizard sales have increased 400% this christmas!
My favorite comment on Youtube: "The embarrassing moment when you realize a lizard is better than you at a video game." ROTFL it's true...
That's awesome. It definitely made me laugh.
I am hoping that the midi I heard was not from that gane
You lie, she obviously is just planning the attack on the fly in the right side corner, Gotcha!!!
I like how she looked up @ you when the menu popped up like "Well...Start the game!"
Ant Crusher = Now less filling and ZERO calories!
I'm going to venture a guess that this smart lizard's name is "Puff - the Bearded Dragon." If it's not, it should be.
He'll probably still beat me on Call of Duty... A lizard playing a video game. Awesome!
That is so funny! That lizard has mad skills!!
its so cool ,but at the same time its obi-us thst the lizard is hungry!
Oh man , Lizards can be hired for testing a software now ....
Awesome! Be sure to give him some treats for such an excellent performance!
Presumably she thinks they are real food and is trying to eat them?
We should develop some app for pets seriously now!!
New age, like it cool even lizards are the fans of super Mario lol
Mark Li
haha 真好玩
Ur  name  is  brain  so  she  will be smart
The lizard is not 'playing' hes trying to eat the ants. 
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