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On NSFWshow right now, we've just discovered the next "Friday" -

(it's even better)
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I think I need to kill my eardrums with q-tips now...
................... was there an 18 year old with a camera and some sound equipment trying to get laid? cause that is the only reason I can think of to let these girls sing.
I think the main difference between these girls and Rebecca Black is ... well, Black can sing, for a start. Watching this, I must admit that I'm reminded of the "friends" in the back of the car in the Friday video, with that "some of my chromosomes are damaged" look....
Gustavo, would you agree that this pair are beyond auto-tune's capabilities? :)
AGREE.. it would have made it softer on the ears.
the body made of water? waving softly as the wind
> "Hot girls have problems too, We're just like you..."
> Implying they have man-parts downstairs.
It's a Trap!
+Brian Brushwood, I hate you for bringing this video into my life. And yet, I love you for letting me share this with all the friends I hate.
Kill yourself regardless.
Hey Shwood, just watched Play On for the first time today only to find out it was the last episode. Too bad cause it looked like it was an awesome show. Sorry I didn't start sooner.
I don't want to have a daughter. Gently Says , I agree with you. Thanks.
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
I was so conflicted between finding it funny, and the pain it brought me . . . so yeah, calling it the next "friday" is accurate.
ooowowoowwh...very u are must be carefull if u drive with your car.hehheh
I discussed this post with 2 people in a hangout.
This video would have been SO much better if it was two fat, middle-aged guys.
These girls could have used a little autotuning...
Why did i listen to the whole song...... maby i thought it would improve
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
beautiful...i like it
I need an ice pick to gouge my ears out...WTF?!!! The thing is that those girls are barely cute, certainly not that hot... and oh, god,please make them be silent!
I can't believe i'm saying this but MORE AUTOTUNE!
Just please tell me they haven't been autotuned yet. I'm scared to death of what they must sound like if they have.
No way this is not a joke and/or made specifically for the sole purpose of going viral.
Nothing about it seem plausible as a serious production.
halo....? i from indonesia
+Eivind Husby I don't know... the camera work seems fairly serious (obviously can't afford locations)... in fact, the cameraman seems to be the only one with any talent.
Eva Nur
the bes't song
I do not like these things appearing in my feed.
Last year people told Rebecca,It gets better.
Please stop making talent-less people famous by sharing there crummy home made music video's.
+Christopher Martin That is true. Then again: That would kind of make it more probable that it's all a joke, would it not?
I'm thinking: If they have some actual talent there, this video would not exist in it's current form.
The singing and lyrics are so incredibly bad that I have a hard time believing that someone could let this out on the general public without the specific purpose of being hated by all.
Word to the wise, do Not listen to this song with headphones on as it may cause inflicting pain in the ear canal and can cause permanent effects and damage your ears.
What the? Who let sonic the hedgehog on my Google?
whats up baby can i know your name
O_o WTF absolute useless video ....
the only reason i continued to watch this was because they were super hot... and there is no way this was serious, if it was i will sell my guitar on ebay and give up on music
OMG her voice is soooooo terrible.. Can't sing!!! MY EARS ARE BLEEDING!
I can't believe it's serious. It looks like a big goof
lagunya keren juga tpi nggak ngerti....apa artinya...
Ken Hua
I want to shoot my foot right now
Seriously hope this is a joke. It has to be - right? I mean, why would this be real. Nobody can be that ignorant of their own abilities...
Oooops it's really hot............................. problem..... :P
Beauty is very very common these days..I like them girls who's less cocky
eL Bee
i want my 3 minutes.... and the hundreds of brain cells that committed suicide.. back.. please?
Poor girls. I'm glad that YouTube wasn't around when I was their age. Adolescence is hard enough without having bad decisions go viral.
That was really awful..
I thought there was a joke at the end!
They might be like us, but the problem they have is that they can't carry a tune in a bucket to save there lives. Why are all of these people becoming famous because of how many people hate them? I miss the good old days where hard work and actual talent made you famous...
This makes Rebecca Black look genuinely good..
If you clean the wax out of your ears you might just hear the message.
Kevin V
ashdkajsda that was greate, haha i mean the part when it stops.
what the fuck have I just watched. Understood the message, but come on, it remains a wtf video... especially when it's 8:30am
The lyrics are better, but Rebecca at least sang in key...
a little too grating, it's kind of low budget. not inspired like "friday"
there's a certain artistry to horrible stuff, it needs to resemble good stuff on a superficial level in order for the humor to stick. this just looks like a 6th grade talent show.
creative but r u rapping or singing it kind of sounds like rapping in the beginning no offence but u guys are pretty
+jamie xiao they're just reaping :)

not bad, but creepy. and they're average, nothig special.
I'm surprised I even watched this's bad rapping or singing.
nice i do like Josef doesn't know good things but any way every body has his taste.
Ok remember a few days ago when I said social media redeemed itself with the video of the little kid's cardboard arcade? Yeah this just blew that up, it's worthless again.
apaan tuh..???? I don't know cz I don't care xixixixixixi pissss>>>
keuntungan hangout htu apa pak klihatannya saya ndiri begitu awam dengan masalah jnj
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That was bad. Really bad. Really really bad.
if people who are saying the like this are being serious ok WTF you are messed up!! this is ridiculous the girls were pretty but no where near hot!
omg, I think I need to check my hearing now
I watched about a minute in and stopped...
First the girls should learn how to sing. horrible!!!!
i hope that end of the world comes this year...r they def???
adam k
Wish there was a -1 button
oh they were singing? I had it on mute. All i saw was boobs lol
More autotune AND more cowbell please
kehehehe...are they like for real? is this like serious? like no BS?
Ohh God, wheres the Autotune, the AUTOTUNE!!!
I don't want to live in this ecosystem anymoar...
nice but it can be better than this!!!!
where are the singers nowadays...
This is a parody clip right? Cause seriously. SERIOUSLY GUYS.
Er Vin
O god pls no
Hot Problems are solved with a... rusty screwdriver through the necks of this fine geniouses!. (Then again... at some point (and at some level) we all have taken advantage of low self-esteem princesses like the ones)
It would help if they were actually attractive....and could sing...oh, i get it.
i hope this is not serious music... i pray to the high heavens that this is a parody...
oh God. This is not real, right?
Dave -
all i can say is LOL
Intro music was the glitch mob bad wings; you guys should check it out it's an amazing song. 
Fuck! My ears! At least that Friday girl could sort of actually sing, even if the song was crap - these two are tone deaf!
GAAAAAAAAHHHH! My ears are hurting. Please make it stop.
why did i listen to it!!!!!!!!!!???????!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
I can only say they were charming but absolutely they never become American Idol :)
That's a parody, right? Please, tell me that's a parody!
they can be only fucking idol...nothing more than that..
There's an old saying that "Children should be seen and not heard"... In this case, I suggest NEITHER!
Ell Tee
Wow, that's fucking terrible.
better seen than heard! they went from 8's down to 6's with there terrible singing
Wow! I cannot believe I started my day watching that! I didn't have enough coffee yet. Horrible!
3:01 mins of my life I will never get back
Problem: someone told them they could sing
Problem: they believed that someone
Solution: arrested someone for child endangerment and sent the girls back to school to learn a trade that they might be good at, looks aren't everything.
This is why we can't have nice things.
two girls in one picture.Gr8
Please tell me that this is a joke and they are not serious.
I couldn't finish it. I couldn't even make it halfway. This makes Friday look like Hey Jude.
My god this is terrible. This video will haunt these girls for the rest of their lives...
diffident but new
pretty sure they're joking everybody... pretty funny.
I watched 20 seconds of the video, but I watched the whole spartan race ad.
oh my godddd .. plz dont make dis viral .. d world is goin to end on 21st dec .. not now ,, ter is still time
My ears.....they bleed, oh Cthulhu why!!!
That was so bad I feel guilty giving it a view....
Just cause I'm pretty I must be stupid. Well yer that's clear listen to the song your singing 
Someone give these girls a copy of Auto tune, maybe a Disney contract, that is horrible.
Discovering the next "Friday" that's something you're proud of is it?
I dog just ate her own shit just to get me to stop playing this song.
They aren't that hot, the only thing that would make this bearable again is if they were nude.
... well should I put it ....not exactly my style...but who cares :D
This video is very stupid....a waste of time!!!!
That one girl is ok, the other one is neeeh. Oh, and they can't sing
were just like you exept were hot (hot hot hot)

PS that was truly the worst vid i ever seen
Their problems are so hot it turns me off
I don't think "better" is the right word. I feel sorry for the poor camera used to shoot this trash.
This is honestly embaracing. I really wonder why people do this to themselves? And yes they can't sing.
So bad I couldn't even finish the video. Fuck these bitches...and I mean that in both ways
I hope they got it out of there system, at least untill they have had more singing lessons .
I'm also in a blunder if this video is a joke or not. It HAS to be, right? Or at least I'd like to think that people have some sort of sense. If anything, they are successful in making the video viral (I mean, it is a hot post on G+). Dammit talentless fame.
Why?! Why even give them any acknowledgement at all? You should of just watched this and left it with that. Quit spreading your shame around...
so mayans were right after all, the end of the world is really coming up
LOL, the horrible vocals HAVE to have been intentional
Hot or not those girls have no business singing. I didn't make it 30 seconds into the video before I stopped watching.
oh please dude you watched the whole thing.
i dont know why everyone is complaining.... they obviously said at the end they were kidding.. THEY ARE PERFECT....!
Think of the worst music you've ever heard... That's nothing compared to this BS. If this is what the "music" industry is turning into, kill me now and do it quick!
hey sexy how yal sexy to my name jw im friend
Joking aside, they still failed miserably. Don't understand why people get mad over this LOL
That was fantastic! I loved it! Oh wait, I forgot to hit play...
In all fairness, +Melissa Miller , this wasn't produced by the "music" industry. The video itself was produced by a production company, but the music and lyrics were not (I'm assuming "Double Take" is responsible for at least the lyrical portion). Also, I'll take this over "My Humps" because these are just teenage girls who don't know any better.
As soon as you say you're HOT... you're NOT
i made it to 0:57 before stopping it
This is WORSE than "Friday"!!! Scary to say the least....
is this supposed to be this bad on purpose? there not even hot.
Oh no...the tune...its stuck in my head...except its hot!
I was less shocked and disgusted after watching 2 girls 1 cup. This is a prime example of what is wrong with the world right now. 
лучше им петь на Хрещатике по выходным! больше фанатов будет)))
... At least Friday was quotable..
This just sucks...
Just like Friday, I'm sure this was meant to be two girls having fun with a few dollars and a shot of vodka or three. But, as with Friday, this will undoubtedly go viral under the pretense that they're serious. Lets hope these girls do what Rebecca Black did and pocket a huge chunk of change from all of the haters that will watch and insult their video.
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