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Im gunna see them in my dreams now...thx alot shwood! Haha. Hella weird.
At first I didn't see it but then I did. That's pretty damn awesome.
What!? My mind has been blown!
What am I supposed to see? It looked normal to me. Seriously. I don't get it. Can someone explain please?
ummmm... that's hilarious!.. and freaky!
Ever seen pictures where the eyes and mouth are photoshopped 180 degrees? THAT is grotesque. But the cool thing is, flip the shopped image 180 and it looks okay.
After some time they give impression of cartoon face like messing with the mind and when you focus on pic on left or right they look all good but concentrate on + and don't try to focus on pics and after some time they faces will appear like they are cartoon.
+chris currence Stare at the small cross in-between the two images. From the periphery, you'll see that the images will distort. The key is keep staring at the small cross in the center.
I started laughing 10 seconds into it. This is great!
Ok, I kinda see it now. Gotta look at the cross in the middle. They could have said that.
Can't help checking the pictures to see if they were deformed. Great visual illusion!
I have unlimited text.. But i need my sleep now... I now many of you make your living out of this.
what are you talking about?
All I saw was a lot of faces that looked like they came from area 51
Holy crap, Oscar gave me a -1? I didn't know that was possible. :)
Retouched and distorted quite a bit, hence trying to make you look at cross in the middle to complete the illusion.
It scared the hay out of me when the faces changed. I felt like I was being watched in a creepy way :O
Roy Cui
Mind blowing optical illusion/trick. They look like they torn from the pages of Mad Magazine.
Most are already ugly-ish but it still freaked me out. XD
This must be the overlap and persistence optical illusion!
Hubby is putting our son to sleep, and I am sure my cracking up in the other room is not helping. Pretty neat trick! hah
Who comes up with this stuff??????
Still, pretty amazing.
my vision got blurry about halfway through
I watched it like 10 times and I still don't get it. Can someone like explain this?
I want to sell kidney
that serious call to 087895385381
they look like freaks....when it works that is!!!
That is the weirdest secret I have ever witnessed.
omg weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Yeah, kinda hard to see it because you see the fun house effect then you want to look and, boom, celebrity. I don't generally judge people because I'm no prince, but those weren't all "pretty" to start, though. But point taken and neat effect.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think it's probably because your peripheral vision is great at catching movements, but not so much at picking up details.

When the pictures change rapidly your eyes pick out just the changes and it sort of flattens the other parts, turning the faces rather creepyish.
lol.. :D
Now there is sudden pain in my forehead.
Is my vision not quite right? I see both sides perfectly clear while looking at the cross in the middle.I don't get it.
Cool! Real-life cartoons! They remind me of the political comics where a person's face is all distorted :)
Imperceptibly small distortions in the image, I think...
I didn't see anything out of the ordinary. What's the illusion supposed to do?
it was amazing seeing their faces turn so ugly,,,,
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