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Apparently security at PDX airport is even tighter than I remember it...

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Everyone should show up to airports naked from now on.
I am sure that gentleman will be labled as a terrorist after that.
A weird naked indian is one thing, but a weird naked white guy is just over the top/
Everyone should practice random acts of nakedness!
Qu Tao
oh my goodness!
At least the dress code has lightened up. And it is about time America!
What happens if he goes through the body scanner?
Did he still have to go through the millimeter/backscatter scanner?
good idea, surely there will be a follow.
And I thought taking my shoes off was bad!
Tony A
Being nude but not lude is a protected form of protest in Oregon. He may "get off" (lol) with just a fine or maybe even less.
the security guys have the courtesy to turn their face away...then who'll keep an eye on the naked might-be terrorist dude?
If it's legal for their machines to show me all but naked anyway, why should it be illegal for me to be naked? ;)
see how many tray`s are thier ,he`s in for a good time .
Is it a prison or an airport?
Joe Tee
that same photo of you was taken and posted , don't you remember?
Wow! Is that a new app for the iphone? "UndressCam"?
As in, people are really asked to totally undress and get stark-naked???
He got arrested for his protest. Shame. The TSA is not helping anything.
Aww I didn't know it was going to be THAT kind of party!
This is so unreal , talk about being humility!!! What next ?
I recognised this a s PDX before I read the description, must be the carpet. Portland is the easiest, least stressful airport to get through security. This guys is an idiot.
My buddy had to cut the evening news for that story and he uh... was a little scarred.
This reminds me when a while back I went to the airport and the full body scan(not normal metal detector) saw a black dot in my crotch area, so the security guy had to frisk me to see if I had a bomb.
Brian your not supposed to do that at the airport! We talked about this!!
Frequent fliers ask yourself, would you fly naked if you could just skip the TSA hassle? I'd probably fly just to see the flight attendants. O.O But getting the middle seat between two large people would be worse than usual.
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