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If male superhero costumes were designed like female superhero costumes:
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Leo D
They'd spend far more time fighting a cold than fighting crime.
Ewww gross man. I'd hate to see what the incredible Hulk would look like in that outfit. 
To be fair, the female superhero costumes RARELY have exposed nipples
Wonders what kind of superhero costume Scamschoolbrian's wife would get for him :D. Pleeze none for JURY.
i'll take my superheros with a little more testosterone thanks... male superhero costumes are already designed to attract the female mind while still maintaining their dignity (a little) if a girl doesn't understand why men think female costumes are attractive, then she's clearly not living in the real world
I'd pay to see shwood dress like this batman at comicon
true i would like to see that to
ok but u shloud know u power wher!!!
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