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Absolutely extraordinary: "Sand Flea Jumping Robot" -

I'm sad this existed for 48 whole hours before I saw it!
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Wooow !!!! Brian I NEED one of this
When 11lb remote control cars start jumping onto and off of rooftops is the day I start getting back into RC toys!
can you say.... "New Mars Rover's scout drone"?
So where can i buy one those...
What's the cost for this toy? It's a cool thing...
You should have friend-ed me a long time ago then Brian :)
Very cool, how soon until it can/will be weaponised?
Wow maybe they can use it on moon rovers.
wow the best small robotic thing i ever seen marwolus
I think that is wonderful!
Gen Lay
Boston Dynamics are the best!
I wish this can be bought, its fun having your own jumping robot
I see an amazing toy, but so many huge applications for remote monitoring or surveilance
This is definitely amazing and its very durable for its size and capabilities.
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that is so cool I want one
imagine a full size car doing the same thing.. just saying
cars like this is a pretty gud idea ... but i dont like the way robo tosses around :P
The design is superb and its very sturdy.
I saw this from the headlines. And It was so awesome!
That is awesome. Wonder how it keeps from breaking?
That is awesome. Wonder how it keeps from breaking?
This is a real dynamics.... scientific evolution....
AMAZING, but what is it good for ??
very nice! have you got problems with those powerful shocks during design?
that thing is really cool whats the design
Класс! Ну и прыгун!!!
Awesome...would love more information
I'm against war, but this could be used in battle or even better in disasters zones to help people in need!
The only thing I don't like is that there's an edit-point at 0:17 - 0:18 , right before the big jump to the roof.
My son shouldnt see thıs wooow
The main design of that RC is based on Tyco's RC "Rebound" from the mid 90's. The jumping technology it utilizes has been around for years just never implemented in a consumer RC... for obvious reasons.
Really love it . . amazing jumping capacity!
Amy hii
That looks cool! WhT is is it?
is there any where i could buy one or evan a web site?
extraordinary.i want to try to make it herself if possible. good job
Is it wrong of me to want to try and aim it at somebody's face? Probably...
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