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Wow.  This is going to be a HUGE story:  

"Physical assault by McDonald's for wearing Digital Eye Glass" 

Choice quote:  "Subsequently another person within McDonalds physically assaulted me, while I was in McDonand's, eating my McDonand's Ranch Wrap that I had just purchased at this McDonald's. He angrily grabbed my eyeglass, and tried to pull it off my head. The eyeglass is permanently attached and does not come off my skull without special tools."
Physical assault by McDonald's for wearing Digital Eye Glass. Digital Eye Glass. I believe that Digital Eye Glass will ultimately replace glasses, and will help many people see better, and improve the...
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C.J. Land
McNightmare begins today. 
Unreal! At a McDonalds of all places!
apparently McDonald employees are technophobes
Not to troll or anything like it but the guy seems a bit too timid and doesn't seem to have the desire to really escalate this. I find it strange that he has yet to contact any news outlets to report on his horrible experience in France.
He needs to get a lawyer, for sure.  I think McDonalds is now going to fund his retirement.
Lee Haase
WTF! This guy was in Paris and chose to eat a McDonald's.
+Lee Haase He was there for two weeks.  Sometimes you just need something quick and familiar.
I'm from the south of France, if I can help in some ways...
Is McDonalds the problem or is France the problem?
Hmm....might be able to help...someone I know might have connections to McDonalds upper Management. I have to investigate. Edit: Message sent...we''ll see if they are willing and able to help.

+Adam Pennington regardless they were wearing McDonald's uniforms...I'm sure they don't want their employees treating people in this way.
I totally get it. His glasses weren't ad supported by McDonalds. It's all about the subsidies :)
My first thought was that something isn't right in this restaurant and the manager is afraid that Dr. Steve Man was filming it. Perp. 1 does look like a manager. Maybe he hired people without a work permit.
that makes zero sense to me!
They probably thought you were there from the future, trying to warn everybody to stay away from McDonald's before it's too late.
There definitely seems to be a greater sensitivity to privacy concerns in Europe than in the US. I'm assuming the attack is the result of that because to me this appears to be an overreaction.
I hope this guy gets some retribution in this case. Nobody should be treated like that.
They're French the guy should have spoken German then they all would have thrown themselves on the ground and exposed their bellies in immediate surrender.
Thats messed up...but its hilarious that they ate his food first lol
more robots working for the corporate moguls ~ good luck in your endeavours!
+Scott Bourne I obviously can't disagree with your opinion as it's your opinion but it's been my experience that the people of France are very nice. The people of Paris though are a entirely different matter.
This story is so sad. I hope he gets justice for what was done to him.
PH Lee
What I don't understand here is why are people attacking him in the first place? OMGZ he is wearing le weird glasses FIRE ZE MISSILES!

There seems to be missing pieces of this story.
The typical 'big business' response will be to ignore the incident and the victim until it makes the news... then they all swing in with PR crews to say how sorry they are and blah blah blah. This will not make up for the facts. Shame.
It might be a huge story if any of you knew who this guy was.

He has been walking around for years now supposedly being assaulted and threatening lawsuits on everybody.

Back in the day he was notorious for wearing a bunch of wires and crap strapped all over him that apparently didn't actually do anything nor could he tell anyone what it did.  Then he intentionally places himself in situations and gets "assaulted".

Do your research folks.  The guys a nutcase and attention whore.
+Ted Salas did you bother reading this? These digital eye glasses are surgically attached to his head and CAN'T come off his head.
Ken S
I think I missed the bit where anyone had a reason to go ape shit. Are they scared someone might see the food?

I took pictures of what I ordered in KFC the other day and nobody was remotely interested.

This does sound like a troll to me.
Nobody is assaulting him...that's the point.  The guy gets crap surgically attached to his body for no reason.

It's amazing that +McDonald's hasn't responded in any way.  14K+ likes, 13K+ followers, and not a single post?
Do your research before making comments like that +Chris Soares he's not out to help anybody besides himself.  
It's a good thing they didn't try to remove Riddick's goggles!
Seriously who muggs someone in McDonald's 
He's lucky it wasn't Dominoe's Pizza, they might have raped him.
I'm sorry I still don't get this, so that guy get attacked because he's wearing that AR device? or because he was recording using the device? It might because of the latter, and the people at mc donald's object him recording there...CMIIW
I've heard this guy speak. My university paid him to talk about his research and my opinion was -- interesting research; less interesting public speaker. He seemed odd but not malicious nor did I get the impression he was a trouble-maker. 
Most of the crap this guy has strapped and bolted to himself doesn't even do anything.  The glasses....have a camera mounted on records video and/or take a camera.

C'mon people. 
wow. what a super cool story, bro. can i get my 5 minutes back?
And I mean for reals people... assaulted at a McDonalds by McDonalds employees in France?  For wearing a camera?

Does any of that make any fucking sense what so ever?

Common sense...apparently isn't common.  The guys a complete fraud. 

The only thing he's known for is HEAVILY exaggerating his accomplishments and "incidents".
Yeah I have heard him speak too. Very interesting stuff. I have put one of the prototype glasses on before. Really cool how I could see without my glasses, though a bit strange at the thought of having light shot into your retina...
+Henry Deguara-Pagan I say this with all due respect: You, sir, are an idiot. If you can read a story about how someone was physically assaulted by employees at a fast food restaurant simply for wearing a visual aid device, and not see the story, then there is no hope for you. Please go lay down in traffic and remove yourself from the genepool. Thank you and have a great night. 
+Henry Deguara-Pagan You mean besides the fact that McDonald's employees allegedly assaulted a customer?

Edit: s/apparently/allegedly/
Oh BTW...way to go +Brian Brushwood.

You just single handily gave this guy a platform.

Which is OK I we can all laugh when we hear him try to spin his nonsense.  I assure's entertaining.
+Chris Osborne it's not a visual aide's just a camera mounted to glasses that this freak show had bolted to his head.

+Kevin Norris it didn't happen.  This is what this guy does.

I'm done here.  I don't have time for this shit.
Wow that sucks, it seems unreal that something like this could happen, but I guess that is how things are in Mc Donald's France.
I thought the French were terrible at fighting?
+Justin Krezelak LOL, u mad bro? "I dont have time for this shit" says the man whos left a dozen comments on this one topic LOL 

edit: a dozen comments that span the past HOUR. An hour is a long time for someone to spend on something they dont have time for.
He probably shouldn't have ordered "the whereabouts of John Connor".
There seems to be alot missing here. But i imagine that at any place of business one would want know if cameras are allowed. Are cameras allowed ? Many businesses don't allow photos or videos. Some don't allow kids. Some don't allow music or recording devices. Some places don't allow food from other establishments....or booze. So simply put we need to respect the rules of the establishment and question and complain when they don't make sense but don't think having a camera on your head or phone or pocket should give you the freedom to go anywhere and photograph what you wish.
But to another point...what are you doing at McDonalds to begin with anyway?
+Henry Deguara-Pagan "some dont allow kids" dude its frikkin McDonalds... not the pentagon. I dont care if dude came walking in with an actual desktop computer powerd by a battery strapped to his back, all they have the legal right to do is tell him to leave, not try to yank the gear off of him. 
+Scott Bourne I feel your pain re French.  I grew up on Alderney in the Channel Islands, about 7mi from France, and the island was inundated with french tourists.  Was never treated politely, but of course that isn't to say there aren't any polite French people, I'm sure there are.
Alas, these days the best response is simple: find a rabid pitbull attorney and sue for a bazillion dollars. McD's will settle for oh, five million, three of which goes to the attorney. The other two will more than cover a new set of awesome digital glasses.
+Chris Osborne sorry to offend you. I only saw the picture and not the story. Some restaurants with bars in nyc do not like kids. So parents simply dont go there. I hope your superior mind can understand my inferior though process.
This story is a fabrication. I mean, come on, who goes to Paris and eats at a McDonald 's ?
+Justin Krezelak stop trolling.
I've been following Mann's research since the early 1990's he is legit. He's no more a crackpot than +Sebastian Thrun and his horseless carriage that drives itself. A little odd, perhaps. You have to be a little different to envision and move forward with technology so far ahead of its time. This guy was doing wearable computing and augmented reality before wireless technology was available to the masses. He was doing this before you had internet.
The device that he was wearing is more than just a head mounted camera. If your interested in the evolution of the device check out or and if you somehow believe that he's been able to fabricate all that information then look it up on the way back machine*/  
This and the girl in Kentucky who was strip-searched and sexually assaulted by a manager because some guy called in saying he was a police officer and couldn't dispatch someone because they were all busy. What is this world coming to?!
Even if McD doesn't allow cameras in their "restaurants", isn't this sort of thing more like a seeing eye dog? I mean, blind people bring those things with them everywhere, and most establishments are finw with that...
I blame bath salts for this.
This is intense. Honestly I wanna punch the McDonalds personnel in the face for being rough douches
I really hope that McDonalds is able to help out this man. I'm sure the EyeTap costs a lot of money, and I would be very upset if something of that value were to break. I wear glasses, and would probably get into a major fight if someone were to try and take them from me. Again, best of luck Steve I really hope that you get a lot of compensation for this.
And +Roy Monroe, what do Americans have to do with this story? The article clearly states that: "my wife and children and I went to McDonalds at 140, Avenue Champs Elysees, Paris, France" which isn't in America. 
what they think you where a spy shit
Is it just me or is this guy mentioning "McDonalds" just a little two much in this article? You've established your location, you don't have to keep saying it!

Maybe he's getting paid by McD's to write a crazy story about McDonald's so it starts some subliminal viral McDonald's cravings.
This guy may be a nutter but he is also a pretty heavy engineer. If he was mistaken for a street loony and mistreated, he deserves to tell his side of it.
I just love how he has photographic evidence of everything.
What's the reason why Mcdonald's crew did that???
Sooooo..... no one cares that there are Borg walking around AND apparently they like ranch. Assault isn't the issue 
Ben P
french resistance is futile
I wonder what would have happened if it would have been a McDonald’s in say, Bagdad?
Well, you can tell the French have finally gone past their usual rudeness.
it's France. I've heard worse. lol.
Wow this story is unbelievable 
or maybe people who go to McDonalds..
What about Obama? Self-rightous, sent here to destroy America. He is a terrorist, supercedes all of our countries systems of checks and balances to get his way...AND HIS WAY IS KILLING AMERICA! How can you take away the American dream and expect people to want to create jobs? He is a communist. He must be stopped at any cost. He had already cost us everything. We have nothing to lose by getting rid of him. ANYONE OTHER THAN OBAMA!
Its not the 1st time as the article stated and I hope The Dr. files a lawsuit with McDonald's since they're a global icon and this isn;t the 1st time that's happened at a McD's in France. its not right and is highly immorale and I hope to god that someone or ones give those 4 morons a sound thrashing for their idiotic behavior and IF they have a system there employment wise? I hope its documented in there they lose their jobs and any hopes of getting a new job any time soon. MAYBE that will teach those those  &@%@$!# not screw around with someone's vision, and what makes it worse was they knew what the device was and STILL acted they way they did.  %@#!@# morons.  @ +Jef Beres Please don't sideswipe the conversation with something TOTALLY unrelated please & thank you. 
Hmm, ..... Something isn't quite right with this.

I have read the persons story and viewed the pictures. He ask for help getting justice from Mc Donalds in Paris. Stating he does not have the money to go after them.

Holes in story:
1) No police report. That means there is no legal records.
2) Took his family to Paris for a real fancy vacation, also states his children are in private schools. Then states he has no money.
3) Any lawyer would take this if it was true for no money at all. ( I asked 3 separate Lawyers myself.
4) If a police report was filed, it would of made the news. And McDonalds would be tripping all over them selfs to contact this man.

It's a scam. Trying to get some sucker to step forward with a check
You know that whole "you can't have cameras" thingy is eventually going to be outdated.  It's just a matter of time.
+Bill Coyne Definitely possible...maybe he's hoping someone will set up an indiegogo online benefit for him....that seems to be the trendy thing lately.
I once had a margarita machine strapped to my chin but then I was attacked by a bunch Mexicans...anyone interested in my story?
... Too much alike those glasses... Hmmmm
another reason to stay away from pink slime...
I like the part when he states the device is permanently attached to his head. Also he has been wearing something like this for like 34 years.

Notice how the author writes. He is the inventor of the technology but doesn't know how it works at a technical level. Just tosses a few general statements that don't explain anything.

He states the device kept pictures in it's memory from being handled roughly. Yet the photo's he shows are crystal clear, the lighting is excellent and the subjects look like there posing. Shouldn't the pictures be blurry and at odd angles.

Last of all....... Read all the post here from all the knuckle heads on this sight. They believe anything they read. Talk about sheep to the slaughter. Just hand this guy your life savings and get it over with.

<troll>Someone in France was rude? Good god, that's shocking.</troll>
why were they so pissed at this dudes eyewear? thats dumb
I would expect this kind of behavior at a Denny's but not at a McDonalds!
I'd love to walk into that McD's with a group of ten bodybuilders all carrying cameras and frantically photographing everything in site. The staff's response faced with ten rather large gentlemen might well be entertaining.
Inexcusable behavior to say the least. McDonald's, or any other company, employing such individuals acting in such a way must be held accountable, and the individuals held responsible.
McDonalds has a 'no photography' type policy - I was shouted at in Italy for taking a photo of the board showing a 'pistachio McFlurry' (just thought it was unusual!!) So it's entirely possible that would get arsey...

I do wonder tho, is this an attempt by this doctor to try and claim ownership of his unpatented piece of tech? It seems like he is back handedly putting this out there: "I have worn a computer vision system of some kind for 34 years, and am the inventor of the technology that I wear and use in my day-to-day life..."

Should've patented it then mate!
jeis g
Not a good experience as they simply should have asked him to leave or call the police on him rather than being assaulted. Though there is no info posted about a police report being lodged or an attempt to contact a lawyer for advice and so on. How about in store video evidence as that has probably been written over by now so get the ball rolling (before you leave). Lawyers are a last resort.
A secret Apple employee in disguise. :)
+Justin Krezelak  and +Bill Coyne  I'm not sure why you dislike this guy, the links you provided only support his version of things. Even if, as you claim with no evidence, he is some trouble maker that purposly wore a camera and antagonized the +McDonald's employees they shouldn't have risen to the bait.

Unless you can show some proof that he is lieing (or heck even the other side of the story) we have to give him the benifit of the doubt.
Having a "no photography" policy is one thing. Physically assaulting the guy even after attempting to prove the device was for medical purposes is another. If it was the former, politely asking the person to leave would have been the extent of their responsibilities.
smells like "lawSuite" Good thing the Eye technology glasses was able to record some of the events that took place during the scene.
Lots of far-fetched things have happened. This story comes from the blog of a person widely-recognized as a pioneer of wearable computers, and the assault wasn't by French police, it was by McDonald's employees.

I don't know about France, but here in America, I have frequently been accosted in stores when I attempt to use my smartphone to read UPC codes and compare prices. Fortunately, I'm apparently scary, so I usually don't get manhandled, although a manager at a Kroger in Georgia did try to snatch my phone out of my hand once.

In any case, people do all sorts of stupid, obnoxious, ignorant and unkind things all the time. I was once accused of being a counterfeiter because I attempted to spend a two dollar bill (and yes, there were real two-dollar bills printed here years ago).
those kind of people should be fired for misbeheaving!!! >:(
It seems genuine to me. The guy has enough other web presence to establish his credentials as someone who builds this kind of stuff. He is careful to spell out the when and where of it all, So he uses 'McDonalds' a few more times than he needs to, and some people find that suspicious. I think it is just careful and he doesn't have an editor. For the people who suggest he is after a handout, read the whole article, esp the second to last para where he says he just wants his glasses fixed, which seems fair. To the people who think this thing is 'surgically attached' that isn't what he says "The eyeglass is permanently attached and does not come off my skull without special tools." That seems more like it is clamped into place. He also doesn't mention injuries and he would have them if this was a surgical issue.
He doesn't have the resources to take on McDonalds even if he can afford a holiday in Paris. Well, duh! I imagine McDonalds could throw many millions of dollars at a lawsuit if they felt like it. A holiday in Paris is thousands (maybe less, if you're careful), not millions.
He doesn't seem to have gone to the press yet, and that's the bit I don't understand, but maybe he's still hoping to get an amicable settlement from McDonalds.
BTW lots of people in France, including Paris, are friendly and pleasant. You can meet unpleasant people anywhere, probably including where you come from yourself. We have three specific individuals who were almost certainly not carrying out McDonalds policy. It wasn't 'all French' and it wasn't 'all Parisians'. Don't make this into a different issue.
Ok. So what happened to him is pretty crazy. As if they thought he was some kind of spy and McDonalds was running some type of covert operations. Also, where is the part of the story where it explains why they tried to rip off his glasses? So this dude just ambushed him out of nowhere and went straight for his glasses without any escalation? I don't get it. There's a big gap in his story and it doesn't add up. 
WTF is wrong with ppl. I hope justice gets served on those McDonalds employees.
Lol mcds staff at the Olympics are getting guns to apparently help out with security. Crazy fools.
this just proves that nerds will get beaten up no matter where you go
What could he have possibly been snapping shots of at a McDonald's in France anyway? Do they have some secrets that aren't known to the McDonald's in the US? What the hell were they hiding? Are cellphones not permitted in this McDonald's either? They all have a camera now you know. This is just plain bizarre.
HOLY F*CL THE GOOGLE "eye glass" thingy looks way better..

(even though that they were 13 years apart from design)

Anyone try and share the article on Facebook? I tried, and it would not let me. A message popped up stating that the article had been "flagged as abusive". What gives? I have never seen this before. I smell damage control....
Facebook won't let me share this link because it has been 'reported' to be 'spammy' or 'unsafe'. WTF. Really, Facebook (and/or McDonald's)?
This story doesn't make any sense. Why would someone voluntarily eat at a McDonalds ?
Those guys need drop kicking in the face!!
That's the London 2012 ©™® Olympic spirit!
This is really odd, he says he doesn't have the resources to take on McDonald's in court. I don't buy this. I assume he's fairly well off (he's a  PhD engineer from MIT with 15 years of experience and can afford to take his family to Paris) and he has actual photographic evidence of everything that happened. It seems like he could pretty easily lawyer up and win a case quickly. It doesn't make any sense to keep trying to get into contact with a defiant McDonald's to try and get them to fix his eye glass.
Lame Canadian attacked by French McDonald's employees. That is what the article's titles should have read. I want my 5 minutes of my life back after reading this dribble.
Isn't the replacement cost just $1500? Buy the dude a pair of Google Glasses and call it a day McD's. 
A more serious note. Regarding some of the inconsistencies, the fact that a PhD in Engineering might not be the world's best writer should come as shocking to no other engineer. These are very smart people in mathematics and science, not Pulitzer prize winning authors.

The part that stumps me is that no one, not the Paris police department not the Canadian Embassy would take any interest in this matter. Hell, I would try the US Embassy just to see if they can offer advice in a matter such as this.

There is a huge gap in the post, which to me appears to be the entire section that would determine whether something else occurred first that led to stated assault. Either he is already lawyers up (or at least received some counsel/advice) or he just understands legal matter (likely) that he would avoid the lead-up to the incident.

The other part that really bothers me is that no one in the restaurant (I've been by the McD's in question and know it is constantly full of people) bothered to step in or call the police. Really? In Paris no citizen would stand up to help a fellow person against tyranny from an authoritative boogeyman such as a MNC? Was the French Revolution that long ago?

Anyway, the man's credentials are beyond reproach. Hope he smartens up and hires a lawyer if this is real. Regardless of his personal desires to only be compensated for the device, this type of mistake should be more costly to McDs, especially if there is an apparent history of such assaults by the staff at this particular location. 
+Rafael Farias if you read the story fully you would see that his were not a pair of Google Glass glasses. He has been one of the primary pushers of wearable computing for a long time and his was of his own design (you can see this from the photo under Brian's post).
The digital glasses were probably displaying the fat and calories in the seemingly healthy snack wraps. The McManager realized this and went ballistic :)
Sounds like this guy is promoting micky d's more than anything.
I took my kids to McDonalds once, because the youngest was in his dinosaur phase, and they had an inflatable one outside. They didn't finish the food, and never wanted to go back. Viva decent food! Viva!
Bill Bi
I have no idea what the glasses can do. Is there anyone tells me about that?
From McDonald's France reaction, FaceBook page.(french)

We were informed that day, a complaint about a Canadian consumer who claims to have been the subject of a personal altercation with McDonald's in one of our restaurants in Paris on the evening of July 1.

Like any consumer complaint, it is subject to a thorough internal investigation to shed light on the facts. Of course, if the facts tended to involve one or more members of staff of the facility, we will take appropriate measures.

For now, we call for patience to allow the collection of information about an event would have happened there over two weeks.
Everyone is not geek... Most of the geeks know this. So even if we feel like taking the law in our hand and punishing those non- geek freaks... We choose not to.
I for sum reason can't shake the feeling this is not a real thing that happened, but a joke article
+Derek Thorson, I was being facetious. I'm an engineer. We tend to have this type of humor. Anyway, that's why my subsequent post started with "on a more serious note"
I didn't read all of your comments, but what I find incredulous is that someone is eating at McDonalds, on vacation, in Paris, France.
That Google glass really changed him. From white guy to younger Asian guy in just 13 years! Amazing ;)
If its true you should play back the the digital copy of video footage stored on your glasses memory so we can see this happening.
If its true you should play back the the digital copy of video footage stored on your glasses memory so we can see this happening.
That's not right but leave it to frogs to pick on people with handicaps stupid cowards I would blow up that mcdonalds then find out where those punks live and torture them to death but that's just me
If its true you should play back the the digital copy of video footage stored on your glasses memory so we can see this happening.
OMG so sorry to hear this story I hope that there was no permanent damage to your skill fixings or your eyes sending you blessings all the way from UK 🇬🇧😌
🇬🇧McDonalds should post the latest updates on this brave chaps story

I represent many folk that are disabled some mentally disabled and I would hate it if they were treated the same way in the Paris store which I know well

I will be watching for mc Donald's actions - which will speak louder than words

Please offer the man some trauma sessions as he must feel emotionally drained

Do the right thing

+Justin Krezelak Gee thanks, You'll let us dig for it at a radio site with audio interviews. Forgive me if I don't listen to 30 minutes of a interview with Dr Steve Mann so I can hear about some assault blurb. Thinking you might be a troll here as well.
This guy is gonna be rich for walking around for years with the dumb looking glasses. When he gets it all together no one will think his glasses are dumb then.
It could have been a racist attack
I guess Terminator had just come out in France? Dude thought it was a real cyborg come to destroy the planet
The glasses remind me of the first terminator....badass
Come with me if u want to live
I'm always astounded at the extreme actions of others for almost no reason whatsoever. It's also astonishing that the authorities haven't got involved to apprehend the assailants. What's up with the world?!
are they serious???maybe mcdonnalds have something to hide
Maybe the french guy thought the glasses were being used to xray his pants
I want one of these, seeing how one of my eye has poor sight, both close and far, and there is not much that traditional glass can do.
google glass, wear with caution. 
Maybe he should carry the tools needed to M-C-D-O-N-A-L-D-S MCDONALDS, mcdonalds - McDonalds....
There is something strange about the head line.  Do you mean "In" McDonald's.... or "By" McDonald's employees. The Restaurant itself is not a person as such.
Lucy J
how disgusting!
Those glasses remind me of Geordi from Star Trek! :)
It won't be a huge story because Macca's will keep it quiet.
Is this a joke? The guy has a doctors letter for the eye glasses,  I understand something like this being needed for TSA or the Police, but he showed it to a McDonald's employee for "Review". Seriously??? Really??? He didn't just tell him to piss off, leave and write a formal complaint? LOL
Guess they were afraid you would see what is in the special
If you are going to assault someone wouldn't you make sure that person doesn't have a camera attached to their skull? Talk about evidence against a person. And yet another reason not to eat at McDonald's.
They mite not support blind peapole now but they will when u get dun
Note to self: Do not walk in to Paris MacDonald’s referencing “L’Big Mac” from movie Pulp Fiction, do not call lady at register “Lady Marmalade” and do not order “French toast with English muffin, covered with German sausage and American cheese”, also, do not remind them that “French fries” are Belgian.
Maybe they didn't want their pictures taken, in which case I understand them being a little pissed. This type of thing is unavoidable.
One thing i don't understand from his story is: he said that the device records the imagery when it is damaged, dropped etc... Then how comes the device recorded the first McDonald's employee as well as the guy who was at the till into the memory. Surely he met them before the perpetrators assaulted him. 
This story makes no sense. Seems to be some major gaps...
Well I think you handled this very calmly,I would have gotten physical with these friggin idiots.
Also the fact that they did this while your daughter and family were with you.
Actually, based on the wikipedia entry about this guy, it explains he is working with other professors to study the "Ethics, Law & Technology of anonymity, authentication, surveillance, and sousveillance, in addition to issues related to cyborg-law." How ironic that this incident would occur. It all sounds a bit hoax-ish to me.
I don't understand why the didn't just leave...
And this is why I do not eat at McDonalds...
I had the same thing happen with my eye glass contacts that are capable of recording 900 hours of 1080p imagery..
McDonalds is concerned with his secret recipes more than technological advances. Well, McDonalds prepare yourself from now on because not far away many people will be using the digital eye glass. After all, what do you expect from a junk food merchant! +Joshua Crawford I agree with your point.
Its the food at Mc Donalds... It Makes people more Violent
This story makes no sense. Some guy just comes up to him and tries to rip off his glasses, without saying anything first? The post gives an unnecessary amount of description about what he ordered from the restaurant, but virtually no context about what was said during the course of the altercation. I have a feeling there's more to this, or maybe nothing at all to this.

Also, the guy comes across as kind of a douche from the outset by passive-aggressively accusing Google of copying his ideas. Not really a good way to paint yourself when you're looking for help.
Wouldn't it be a lot easier to put fake sunglasses on both sides of these sort of glasses and not make yourself into a potential target. Not just by footpads either I can see local police pulling you over if you are wearing Google Glass because your vision would be "impared".
Just for my information can this person see properly without these glasses ( within the scope of eyeglass ) or is it a way of helping poor sight beyond the reach of opticians. 
Ask for donations to sue them. I'm sure lots of people would help contribute. I've read that article a couple of times and still cannot fathom as to why they would try and pull it from your head?!

Am I the only one having a hard time believing or vetting this story? I'm skeptical.
Loving the pointless French bashing.
Do you mind explaining the reasons, I'm curious.
I haven't looked into the tech in detail and it seems that some people believe that it's just a video camera attached to his skull. The digital eye glasses are a visual aid that processes real time video in order to enhance his vision. Computer image processing is an intensive task and it usually cannot be done at the same rate of video capture.

The time it takes to process each frame is variable so it is not guaranteed that processing will be done in time. Frames can be lost in that case so a queue is used to prevent that. This is known as a buffer, a queue assumes first in first out order. The eye glasses make use of a circular buffer which means that a fixed amount of space is allocated and old data is only displaced when the buffer is full. Depending on the way things are sampled, data in the buffer may not be removed immediately after use, for performance reasons.

It is certainly possible that frames of the till and other perpetrators, captured before the altercation, remain preserved in memory which would otherwise have been displaced by new frames from a working camera. The remnant frames may span a period of a couple of seconds or a few minutes depending on the size of the buffer.

Some people have commented on the clarity of the frames, implying that they are fake, a setup/fraud, etc. Processing algorithms need high quality images to put out high quality results that a visually impaired person would rely on to navigate the space around them, so a hoax sounds like a moot point.

After all if I bought a camera that costs quite a bit I would expect that it is sensitive enough to shoot at a fast enough shutter speed and expose correctly, putting aside that his visual aid shoots with a High Dynamic Range, motion blur shouldn't be an issue.

My two pence, not affiliated with the guy just my view as a CS student.
According to Wikipaedia he is an activist against surveillance ! 
Well Kevin, by the posts above, one would assume the French hold a strict patent on being rude anuses, unlike cordial and very friendly Americans who would NEVER assault you for being different.
Priestess Kandi Ranson: “Unbelievable! What happened to humanity and peace among people?” LO-F’n L!!!! What happened to The United Federation of Planets?

Joshua Crawford: “I don't understand why he didn't just leave...” He was too busy eating while they were kicking his ass.
I'm still wondering why in the hell you would be bothered for wearing your gear...? I don't know how law works in France, but the first person to have intruded on my personal space (let alone touch me or try to take something that belongs to me) would have gotten their fair share of physical retribution.
I find that ur story shows the ugliness of what society had become. We preach all these freedoms and everyone had the right to... But the sad truth is there is so much ignorance and hatred in the world. We as a human race claim we have evolved but I wonder?!? What have we truly evolved to? I hope u can find some peace along with ur family and know there are still good,decent people left in this world.
French law will punish mad men... I've heard it's not the first time in France or in other country, Fast foods' secrets are well protected :/ 
If it were me I'd upload the video to YouTube.
The 10 minute or so buffer sounds a bit much for a real time visual processing system- I call BS or at least provocation and entrapment
Jay Tee
Unless there's an actual video of this happening, it's hard to get anyone to do anything.  Post the video on Youtube.  Then post it in G+.  It'll go viral.  Then McDonald will do something about it when it is criticized by millions of people online and the news makes headlines in all newspaper.
It's McLibel all over again ... hopefully...
May be I missed it in the article somehow. What exactly got them to be angry and start assaulting their customer?
First off show there faces leak them online a few google image searches let the internet find there personal life online and pastebin it on 4chan. 
I say we start a crusade in the name of the one true burger
+Camilos Rubinos I'm going with the theory that the number of assholes in France and the US is proportional, but since France is tiny in comparison, you get more dense clusters of assholes, while they are spread out in the US.
My conclusion is that you have more chances of meeting assholes here than in the US, especially if you never get out of the cities.

And If the story is legit, I'm leaning toward the point of a previous comment saying that McD might have been employing people illegally. It's a pretty big deal here.

(If you say "I went to France", and never actually got out of Paris, you didn't really go to France, you just went to Paris. ^^)
Kevin Maillet-Contoz+ It's the same thing here in New York City - too many people packed in one area like sardines, then gullible tourists go to the Time Square area, eat at the McDonald’s there (paying no attention the “B” rating on the door, which means they failed a sanitary inspection from the Health Department), deal with stressed out, underpaid, barely literate help in an already ridiculously overcrowded, noisy establishment and then lament how “rude New Yorkers are” when they are yelled at, possibly by another tourist.
The guy in the story might be a victim of a random attack by an unstable employee, he may also have instigated it in some way, either inadvertently or he's not telling the whole story, who knows? There was a case right here in NYC, where Rayon McIntosh, a McDonald's worker, beat two unruly female customers with a metal rod.
+Kevin Maillet-Contoz I take exception to your assertion that the number of assholes in the US and France is proportional. There are way more assholes here in the US than anywhere in the world both per capita and by sheer numbers. Of the assholes here, we also boast the most assholish assholes that have ever breathed life. I expect a full retraction of your statement.
Also, this story reekes of BS. I am having a hard time believing it.
+David Wood I'm in a tight spot now, my experience and opinion mostly comes from interacting with people online, where I believe they tend to be more honest. We need the opinion of someone who has lived a long time in both countries and moved around a lot.
Or maybe we could just analyse youtube comments and other verbally colorful places and come up with statistics.

Until the balance clearly tips, I'm sticking with proportional. ^^

(I'm writing the YT comments idea down though, if the api allows it, it would be possible to have a assholeness heatmap layer displayed in Gmaps, better than any travel guide XD.)
Well, I do respect your scientific approach to this issue +Kevin Maillet-Contoz so until better data is provided, I cede to your point. 
Burger King in Mayfield Heights, Ohio: a photo of an employee with his feet in the restaurant's lettuce bins hit the Internet. Initially it appeared on 4Chan, a website which allows users to post images and participate in discussion anonymously. It was captioned, "This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King."
Bryson Thornton, director of global communications for Burger King, confirmed that the photo was indeed taken at a Burger King location, though he clarified that it happens to be "independently owned and operated by a Burger King franchisee."
See? That’s the kind of loyalty you get back from all these places (and its not even in Paris).
As a person with hearing loss... err fellow cyborg with augmented hearing... I do hope that this will get resolved cleanly. What if places like McD's think my cochlear implant is a audio recording device and attempt to forcibly remove it.. And me?
Oh look....its turning out to be a bunch of crap. What a shocker. The last time around this guy was supposedly assaulted (that I heard about) was when he was getting on a plane. Mann was threatening a lawsuit and meanwhile the airline had no effing idea what he was talking about. The guys a joke with obvious mental issues.
The world is so interesting and beautiful it's just plain straight-up outright effing freakish. Oh; yes... .
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