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oh, this? just polar bears checking out a submarine.
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Don't see that everyday :)
Forget about Snakes on a Plane. Bears in Submarine!
wow,,,, cool!!
it's polar bears???
Holy shit man we better watch out! The Russians are training polar bears to attack American submarines!
no they are under cover polar Bears.
yue lu
i want to go
@Paul, they are probably saying, that's one hell of a seal. :o)
Or maybe the Environmentalists are training SOPMOD(special operations modified) Polar Bears to attempt to take over America because of Global Warming
Those Polar bastards.. they knew where Captain America was all this time!
This could be a great game concept "Polar bears VS Submarines"
That's one big ass seal
awwww look at the cute little submarine.
Great photo! That is something you do not see everyday.
It's no yellow submarine though. :(
They're planning on making it their own Yellow Submarine and looking for the 4th Beatle
"Let's hitch a ride guys!"
Been There and done that it was cold -15 degrees
Stay away from the WLR-9 fatty!
I was curious so I checked, that's the USS Honolulu SSN 718 Submarine "a Los Angeles-class fast attack submarine". It surfaced 280 miles from the North Pole. Says "the bears investigated the boat for almost 2 hours before leaving" What else I googled it ;)
oh come on ...............its photoshoped
roxie roxie ....its not wow....he's just trying to catch our attention
no ways....why would he carry a camera with him...or even a mobile can be a satellite phone WHICH DOESNT HAVE A CAMERA
They were just being optimistic, may be thinking "wow, a big dead whale!!"
hi dear nice image so sweet
what a pic! A machine that can destroy many things v/s nature!
Yeah, those darn polar bears! =)
The sub was there because it "collected scientific data and water samples for U.S. and Canadian Universities as part of an agreement with the Arctic Submarine Laboratory (ASL) and the National Science Foundation (NSF)." How is that destroying the planet?
That's impossible, how can polar bears examine a submarine?
Crunchy on the outside, soft and squishy on the inside, yum!
Mamma, come here... there is huge "whale" can last for us whole family for winter. Worth to share and reshare...
from inside the boat--hey cook, throw out the canned food, lets have some fresh bear meat.
Those sneaky whales, hiding in a submarine costume like that so they can eat their furry marshmallows -- shame on them!
Father of TITANIC...I can break every bergs...C'mon U...
awesome it is a coincidence which happens rarely.
made my day,great,very relaxing to the heart
woow, i wish i cud c dat wit my eyes, so sweet
nature is wonderful.......c how curious the polar bears is
I just hope that the people in the sub stay inside or things might get messy.
very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are good at the photos
wow i would much like 2 visit
awesome picture bears must be thinking that some big fish has arrived for their supper
nice picture...............
Not for long they won't be, jack the nuclear sub, few nukes latter get a nuclear winter going, and then they rule the world!!
Wow, that is amazing, thanks for sharing the photo.
That is awesomely bizarre!
Watch out for those Soviet snow troopers! Those are just cold (war) weather uniforms! I guess that just like at the end of WWII, not everybody heard that the war was over.
If you cropped out the one polar bear on that one chunk of ice, wouldn't it make a great support shot for the GW pushers? Hmmmm, maybe that's what they've been doing.
Why are they bringing submarine to their ecosystem..
Your f'n funny mofo's stupider you couldn't be, russia speak of a bigger beast.
Giant seal, we're gonna need more bears.
Beautiful and the first time for me to see such a picture!
where are the rest of the pictures? where are the ones with the polar bear cub?!
Submarine getting "attacked" by Polar Bears.
another encounter of the unexpected.
Those polar bears are soooooo cute. I just love them!!!!!
Wow! This is fantastic. I love to see wildlife this way.
A few days ago, I went to Sandy Hook Bay in New Jersey to see many large seabirds, gannets, diving from 100 feet in the air at very high speed down into water to catch fish. Please see photos and stories on my Travelogue web page at:

Sing Lin
This is Rare an Cool in a Command & Conquer kind of way, this gotta be pic of the Day..
They fancied their chances of being Marines...
Wonder if they are working with the CIA?
That Nuclear submarine is going to be all fucked up :)
Just be grateful the polar bears don't have can openers!!!
the ice doesnt need any more help breaking up the poor beast can bearly get to their feeding grounds as it is
Great!!! Amazing!!!! Belos, lindos!!!!!!
we all live n a polar submarine a polar submarine a polar submarine lol
u take that urself? a huge submarine...
all U.S. submarines have the ability to take photographs through the periscope so although this encounter with the bears may or may not be common the ability to take the photo is quite normal for the Navy.
maybe they have heard about navy seals? thought they better take a look! best get some signs up "no feeding the wildlife"
Wow did you find this on google or you took a picture of this?
Oh sweet, google maps put the streetview camera on a sub!! gtfo!
One of my favorite hobbies is posting stuff from Reddit to I mean google+
it,s amazing to see polar bears coz i come from part of the world where there is none.
Is this the Red October that the US wanted to find,but never could...............
they are so cute.... really
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