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Maybe it's because I'm 5 days from having my own daughter delivered, but this series struck me as the best. thing. ever:
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The dad in these photos reminds me of +Scott Johnson - maybe because I'm listening to TMS right now?
... and VERY much what I imagine it looks like when your at home with the girls. :)
I expect to see a series of photos like these with you and your daughters by this spring.
It won't help, nor be necessary
When it is your own child, it usually doesn't matter, and when it really matters, nothing helps! :) Bwahaha
Best wishes to you and your family, Brian...
I though it was just amusing until the Honey Booboo one. That was funny. ;)
Just about to I believe. 3 little ladies :D
Little children, little problems. Big children, big problems.

Wait until they're 14 and 15 and you'll pine for the days when you only had to worry about if their nappies were dry or not. 
Awesome! Mine is 11 weeks old. These look like twisted Norman Rockwell paintings. 
Girls usually come early, be ready and have fun 
Ahhh, don't worry-after the wipe slips and you stick your hand right in the offending material a few times, you'll get over this fear. You can trust me I've had six!
Sounds weird, but make sure your wife breast feels the little bugger, everyone says if you do it smells like buttered popcorn. On the other hand fomula sh*t, just smells like sh*t :-/
I remember those first days , when my daughter was born .
can't wait! another Brushwood in the world!
Good luck! Just had my son two weeks ago.
Kya baat- kya baat- kya baat...
I got to experience this first hand 6 months ago when my daughter was born. Trust me, in the beginning its not bad. When they start eating solids, that's another story... Best of luck, +Brian Brushwood!
my baby girl is a little over two now.  i have loved everyday more than any day before her.
You might require a full biohazard suit Brain!
If you're still considering....Maine Military Supply has full chemical suits and masks on sale....
I'm sure this is how I will someday change diapers.
I like how he worked the "Worlds Best Father" mug into every picture.
just wait till your kids grow up and build snowmen in your yard holding signs that say, "E-GAD BAD DAD"
Another magical shwoodette. Happy Tues/shwood/first/day wee tyke.
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