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Hate to say this but.....Meh.....Not that into the whole Dark Knight thing....
Luke you are so right, forget see a doctor see the movie
An other Special_effects based movie hourrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa !! :D
Here's another shocker for you guys....I didn't think Inception was that good either..... :-)
why must be stop everything??
maybe,, everything gonna be oke??
that my friends is gonna be hot.
Looks good. BUT Idk about Anne Hathaway's accent? voice? Idk what she is trying to do.. or her acting for the role. Catwoman should be more like the Michelle Pfeiffer crazy insane, trying to seduce Batman to give up on Gotham:

As In:
Batman Returns - Catwoman Kills Shreck
I like this very much
Thanks to Nolan's team for rebuilding the image and franchise. Now, hurry up with Superman. Singer's Christ-like metaphor needs to be erased and forgotten. An embarrassing attempt to attach a quasi-pt 3 to the late great writer's Superman pt 1 and pt 2, Mario Puzo. Hint. Godfather 3. Rise of the Nepotistic- Niece.
Nope, sorry but that did nothing for me. Found the entire thing boring, if not a little laughable.
Sigh, he still has the stupid Batman voice... :(
Why so serious , son ?? .... buahahahhaaa.......

Nolan and the crew ..!! Superb !!
I've just watched it, nothing ecxeptional....
I prefer wathing the Prometheus trailer again..
great collection i like it.
+Sarah Lane would wait this to make huge cash so she can win this summer moviedraft
sorry, i am from europe and did not realize that you are mostly powerless in the things that you do. i have now been given to understand by a few of my cronies from europe that you must always try to be decent. manners are their own reward. forever.

And I'm not just saying that because I don't have it in the NSFW movie draft...ok, maybe a little! :)
Anthony Hopkins makes it a must watch for me!
yeah anthony is brilliant...
yes, i am putting my day off request in now for the 20th of july.
It started out slow and then got pretty good. I bet the movie is the same way. Looks good though.
After Superman IV, X-Men 3, Spiderman 3, and pretty much all the odd numbered Star Treks...

It is so good to see a series live up to it's potential! All early reports indicate that Dark Knight Rises and The Avengers are going to do that. So looking forward to this!
I prefer to go into the movie with low expectations and get blown away.
Brian Brushwood what a relief, kinda looks like Sarah Lane will win the movie draft...
The best Batman movies had the Joker as the villian! IE: Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger!
If anyone can do Bane the justice he deserves as a villain it's Tom hardy and Nolan directing. I can't wait.
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