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this is unreal. Also: legendary.

Amusement Level: Crazy!
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Holy Crappin' Mackerel that looks fun.
I wonder how many phones and loose change are on the ground? lol
that is awesome ... though I feel motion sick just thinking about it!
+Tim Wiltshire If the inverting pirate ship ride at six flags is any hint... a hell of a lot of cell phones, pocket change, sunglasses.
I actually seen a ride somewhere in Canada that was quite a bit like this (can't remember if it was at Paramount, La Rond, or Marine Land). This one has quite a few more axes of rotation though.

Btw +Jonathan Slater and +Robert Stuhr IV -- I think our perception in that way is more due to Youtube than that ride. With Youtube, seeing a ride like that break is definitely plausible.
I think in Canada it was either Canada's Wonderland or at the CNE both in Toronto. I've seen it live and it's a yard sale of phones below.
Yeah I thought it was Paramount... could have been the other two -- but apparently not.
Wow, when it switched from symmetrical spinning I was sure this was going to be a horrible accident video. I am sure this ride will be at every State Fair this year.
My stomach is in a knot just watching that.
I almost lost my lunch just watching.
this bastard Adab is making such harsh speech
at first i thought evryone was gonna die pretty cool
Heh. At first I thought "hey, I've been on that thing oodles of time, that's really a bit tame". Then it started spinning a single arm :-D

WANT :-p
Wow! what a great ride. A brilliant work of engineering
yeahhhh... I really like to try that kind of ride...
woooow!!!!!!!! amazing i also want to ride just once:)
hello. sorry. whats your e-mail address?
Feck, hands sweating just looking at this.
that would scare the hell out of me!!!
I wanna ride it now!!! Where's the location :)!!!!!!!
all in Russsia are astronauts. Just 3 minuts and they are ready to make trip around earth
OMG, don't want to try this out. o.O But I'd gladly take a role of spectator! Really, I also wonder where such a crazy thing is located. Probably Russia, considering language they speak in a video.
this is crazy! do you know how many things could go wrong at any moment

wese taraaaah kad dita ae ina da....
This is a punishment, right?
You can't call that entertainment, surely?!?!
Ah, the legendary "Pocket Emptier" machine :)
It looks like fun, but I'm glad I'm not on it!
Completely boring. No speed, just inversion. I want a coaster that does 100mph and more.
this is also available in indonesia, it's called TORNADO, sooo coool! try it sometimes....
We have these in the sta...wait, ...whoa.
holly mother of freak'n god, that is so cool i wanna ride. not available in australia damn it....
wow what a ride
I am surprise we don't see vomit flying everywhere.
@ Benjamin I thought that was funny too.
Wow!!!! Simply wow! Wonder where this one is!
HOLY!! Talk about loads of funn!!!
We have something called 'Cliffhanger ' here and does the same spins back and forth and sprays water from underneath you lol.....but damn I think they forgot to add the twisting part!!

I wanna go next! 
Oh my god. Just watching the youtube video makes me nauseous.
Theirs a traveling version in the us called flipping out. Its as if a Huss Topspin and a Mondial Super Nova had a baby. I used to operate a Mondial supernova called the Surfdance. Its pretty cool and im sure this works in a similar way. You have two joysticks and you engage each motor separately with each joystick.
+Jd Norton It has hinges just outside of the central turning points. Pretty crazy looking, Although I prefer rollercoasters.
not that awesome, a ride like this has been in vienna, austria (europe) for a very long time in the so called "Wiener Prater" Theme Park
been there a few times and rides like that are not that special O.o
I bet there was a lot of vomit all over people lol.. Great video.
russians are the BEST at rollercoasters PERIOD
nice music in the background. Sort of like being tossed about like a mouse in the hands of a not-yet-hungry cat.
holy shit. O.o one ride certainly not for people with a weak stomach.
Okay, Why!!!! That is a sick ride. What country is this?
They have one in Ohio called Tomb Raider,& these rides have been around since 1990.I don't know why all of the sudden I'm reading about it everywhere.I mean they've been around 22 years!I think the place in Ohio is called Kings Island..The company that makes them call them the topspin.
Matt V
Doesn't seem scary it moves too slow.
not that scary,but a little fun looking
Just nice to see but the sensations must not be there... doesn't move very much, just does special effects.
I did not know amusement rides could bend like that. What will they think of next? Think anyone got sick? lol
i was just wondering how much will they pay us for being seated there::xD::
Can't imagine if I'm seet there....:(((
+dale linhart Those didn't have articulated arms and knuckled pivots, so while the same class of machine this is different.
how much change do they collect eveyday on the ground around that thing?
It's like some sort of industrial mass chiropractic machine.
They have had this ride at Kings Island in Cinn, Ohio for a couple years. The only thing different was that it was indoors in total darkness, and you didn't know what exactly what the ride did until you rode it. They would ask if like going upside down on roller coasters and if you said yes, then they would suggest that would like this ride too.
And can you tell me where it is in russia?
My lord, I thought the ride was breaking down the first time the other arm started moving independently...
I'd be the guy shouting "STOP... STOP.... STOOOOP!"
thats retarted you all suck big dicks
Dang. I bet somebody puked!! Hahahaha
Omg! Totally thought it was crashing set first
oh my goodness, i want to go on this
In NASA's constant need to cut cost... private companies competing for spot to provide new training simulator
Steph M
Fucking awesome!! #adrenalinejunkie :D
lots of blood going to the brain love it!
Not sure which would be more nauseating - the ride or the music?
It's not very often I visit amusement parks; this would change that.
Don't see any fun in this! Could be an endurance test for military or astronauts but not for normal people.
Its very scary but a lot more crazy
omg i feel sick just watching it lol =D x
ooohhhh feel sick looking at this!
It’s all fun and games until that 69¢ bolt breaks.
Lot of people saying it looked at first like it had broken down. The Wipeout on the Gold Coast Australia, which is my favourite ride yet, is quite famous for breaking down frequently. Just makes it more exciting.
I've been on some crazy roller coasters, but this one is by far the craziest ride I have ever seen! lol
Damn... i thought the ride had broken. Couldnt face that blurgh!!
The topspin,as it's makers call it has been around for 22 years &there one in Ohio at Kings Island called The Tomb Raider.
australias 'wipeout' is much faster than this.
A friend of mine was the supervisor on the Tomb Raider ride at Kings Island, which is similar but not as crazy as the video. She once had to ride it with out the restraining harness because her idiotic coworker started the ride while she was checking the harnesses - she had to run over and bear hug a rider and hold on through all the loops and hangs. Now that's scary.
lolol ^^^
that IS mad scarylol /:l
Been on one like that at Six Flags over Mexico City. It's awesome.
omg tht is od and tht would have git me disy or how ever how you spell disey or maybe its diseyx
Wow, not like those I seen, that soo different! I thought it was a normal one which suddenly broke, but when I saw how the machine work in the video, then I learned that it made for all those move which make it unique! Awesome! But I think I would like to stay on the ground! Ooh, wait, I have been on a similar machine which is like a hand that move you everywhere, it was fun and a blast, once I thought i was going to crash into the ground! There were many lvl, but I went straight to one of the highest lvl! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ooh, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! XD
I think I would of had pee'd in my pants if I were to be on that
holy crap where is it i want to try it
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