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I am so excited to be a full-grown adult and still have a Saturday morning cartoon that I'm giddy to watch every week.  #LegendofKorra
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can't believe the first season is almost over, but it was chock full of awesome.
I watch Walt Disney practically every morning
Any cartoon that combine steam punk, magic, politics and carry in the great Airbender storyline is on my DVR record list. 
Disney XD has a new Tron cartoon out... haven't been able to check it out yet tho
you should add young justice to that list bri.
It started slow but its finishing strong!
Meh I really liked Avatar but i have not been a fan of Korra so far.
Have to say that Disney has some of the best written (Korra) and best animated (Tron) cartoons right now. 
Young Justice got a lot better with the new season. 
sorry i was referring to young justice not the original post mike. :). season finale for korra next week? 
In four seasons of Avatar we never had a good sense as to what the non-benders felt. Now we know. Good social commentary on the "haves" vs the "have nots"
Great now I'll have to see if I can find past episodes of this.
they cancelled Thundercats!.... that sucks
It's good but I still miss Aang, Katara, and Sokka :(
The season finale is going to be so damn good.
Since there's no more Teen titans or Justice League, guess I'll have to catch up
OMG, I cant' wait for the finale! Why the hell is it called "The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra"? There are at least 4 airbenders at this point, possibly more considering that Tenzin is the youngest in his family.
Its called "The Last Airbender" so that people would know it was part of that universe.
Is that all? Thank you for clearing that up.
I see I cant just post on your page, if you see this, I would like to ask for a favor ??? and it isnt for me personally
Been watching Thundercats 2011, pretty good
All I have to say about the last episode is HOLY CRAP!!  Although I must have said it more than a dozen times during the episode.  #LegendofKorra
Yes, I am starting to really enjoy that series. 
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