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Did you know that facebook will take your personal posts, transform them into ads, and then run them?
On March 14th, I recommended that everyone buy Brian Brushwood's Scam School Book 1. I am a huge fan of Brushwood, and he wanted to try to “scam” his way onto the Amazon best sellers list for that...
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Cool... if you have a book to sell and you are popular :)
+Leo Laporte was ranting about that a few weeks ago :p

Best part is that facebook doesn't bother to tell you that it's doing it <_<
There's got to be some great example of them doing this with a negative post. If not, it's only a matter of time.
+Glenn Rubenstein I was thinking that too. Maybe a competitor of Amazon can hire some robots to write fake recommendations on Facebook and make Amazon pay for useless ads.
+Glenn Rubenstein agreed, they'll botch this soon enough! Especially given how poor computers are at sensing sarcasm & irony.
+coby hung but any traffic Amazon receives would be actual traffic.
yes, its true, but.......we just cant leave fb cause lots of my fds are still using it, how can i do?
Dav Bob
My four favourite words spring to mind: Yeah? And? So? What?
Seriously, you are typing words on a site which is owned by a big corporation which is in business to ,umm, make money. While it is nice that they can connect you to your family and friends and also let you build farms, they still want to make money. Go ahead and sue them for using a handful of your words and your picture. A picture which is all over the internet anyway and was the very minute you posted it to facebook. I hope you do sue and the judge takes one look at the case and laughs then bans you from ALL social networking sites for being so pissy and pedantic.
So I assume that Amazon paid for this ad? If so, I wish I was the one paid for the "creative thinking" on that ad!

But that does bring up an interesting problem with a limited time special - you can post it and they make it an ad, but then there is no specification for the promo period such as this. The concept isn't really all that bad of an idea on Facebook's part, but there are obviously implications of this at the same time.
I started a one week strike of FB today, due to their forced switch to Timeline. They're fascists who think that because they're so large, their users' preferences don't matter.
+Tonya Trummer In the regard that Facebook doesn't think user preferences don't matter, look at Apple as they do that same thing (tell you what you want) and its made them very successful. Facebook has also been very successful as well, and if it upset so many people, they'd leave -- and they haven't.
Dav Bob
+Tonya Trummer Do you really think they care what users think. Facebook is too big now for a handful of people leaving to make any difference. They could put in the T&Cs that it is their right to come round to your house and steal candy from your children and millions of people would still use it. Even if it did eventually go the same way as Myspace and Bebo then so what? The owners are billionaires already.....
It's true, but at least we're trying to get their attention. At last count, I had over one thousand people joining in and if even half of those spread the word... I'm a cynical optimist. I expect the worst, but hope for the best.
I like the lawyer's comment always willing to sue. I find that kind of offensive. I know they want to make money it is there idea they are providing a free service to us leave them alone.
I don't mind them using advertising. I do, however, take issue with them using us, our words, videos, etc. without notification or remuneration.
You would think that a big org like facebook would be to big to help the little guy. They noticed you wanted to get the word out and they helped you. They are such good helpers.
And this is why I abandoned my facebook account.
And add one more reason why I don't use Facebook.
You mean.... this service we pay NOTHING for, has to pay for their massive number of servers and bandwidth?

Holy crap! I never knew!!!!!!!
Oh Derek, you pay for it all's just how much you're willing to give up to be popular. Facebook is desperately trying to be the de facto social networking medium. Just like the fly to the spider's web they will trap you and leave you powerless to resist.
They like for everyone to think that resistance is futile, but I'll go down fighting, before I let them assimilate my ass into shutting up and just taking it.
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