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This is utterly and completely wonderful. By the end I cried with pure joy.
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This kid needs props on NSFW. That arcade is killer for a kid to think up.
I agree with Brian, completely and utterly wonderful.
Wonderful is the right word - thanks for the share
If you build it....they will play.
So amazing. I think I've watched this 20 times since Wednesday.
Awesome. He is going to go along way in life.Great role models he has! I hope this inspires all parents to let their child explore there ideals.He reminds me of myself when I was a child, and well ya now also. I am always inventing something to make my life easier. I have one invention now in preparation for an patent and out to market. Wish me luck!.
I sold Dew Worms, and mowed grass, and ran off fishing. To the displeasure of my Momma., she's GREAT This is GREAT , Bro. Peace, love and prayers. For your children and mine.
If you go to the official Facebook page they have made $100000 for his college fund. Really amazing story!
Thanks Anna I will keep all posted on the progress. I am ont allowed to say what it is until its a done deal. It will be big I believe.
Sqrt() function as a verifiable encryption function for his Fun Pass numbering system?! Genius and he doesn't even know what a sqrt() is yet!
this kid is an inspiration and a millionaire in the making.
good thank so much.god bless to you.
I love the creativity of this child! Yes, he is a genius and a believer!
social media has just redeemed itself. The world just got a little nicer...
What a kid! Hope he never looses that spark and vision.
Also, kudos to Nirvan for knowing a great thing when he sees it and sharing.
OMG !!tat kid is a genius!!! at 9 yrs i couldnt figure out hoe to peel an orange!!!:)
That's so awesome. Reminds me of me and paper doll house.
HAHAHAHAHA! this is my favorite person under my age! (Exeptmy brothers)
Absolutely wonderful. Congratulations, Caine. You are the same kind of person who built this nation. Creative. Resourceful. Generous. Brilliant.
That's so cute! He is so smart :)
if adults can't help children growing up, at least Caine was able to help himself. What about the others?
wow this is so cool the power of vision. Well done Caine you have just given me another good memory to help inspire me when things seem to be tough. Kind regards Jayson from New Zealand
Wow. Thats the only word I can think of to explain what i just witnessed. The boy's a genius!!!!!!
This boy is going to go places. I can't believe he made this all out of cardboard, what an inspiration to all young kids. Who needs XBOX anyway. Way to go Caine, I would love to see this in person someday. Take Care and keep up the good work. Shawnie at
This kid is a genius. I hope if I have a kid, he's half as cool as this kid!!
that...was...pure awesomeness!!! he is soooo super smart!! i wish i could of played at cains arcade!!
+Bryce Royal I thought the same thing about the square root as a verifiable keycode for a valid Fun Pass. He refers to it as hitting the "check mark" button or something close to that...boom - smooth move. Such a driven and endearing child. Makes me wish I was five again.
a small boy with big dreams came true, its so sweet!
beautiful, intelligent and creative child. Think about what this individual could accomplish if allowed to grow up to do it without IRS and government getting involved in things? You go little big man you have my support.
What a great post. I've always enjoyed your stuff and seeing this posted by you... my estimation of you ..200%.
hes very bright child..thumbs up!!! =)

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Thank you for sharing this +Brian Brushwood .It makes me smile , not just becase of boy's success, but also that there are enough people who did supported him and his creativity !
It's show me that my thoughts are right that "by investing in and helping children to feel good abut what they are , and help them to develop in this direction , we can make satisfied adults and then also an better world around us"
He's so young and to build an arcade. :)
I have no relation what so ever with Caine, apart from humanity, but I am so proud of him!
Thanks Brian - a shining moment in the world we live in - and the college fund is a great reward for Caine's ingenuity.
Wow that just has to be the smartest little boy ever
Wow really amazing what people can do !!!
hey every one im new to this site how do i work it? like do things
OMG, that made my day! That is AMAZING, I am 10 and I can't make that ♥ but I would LOVE to go! xx ♥
I can't though because I live in the UK, :( ♥
喜欢little MR.Brushwood 活泼的眼神和聪明才智
Thank you for sharing it 
We cannot nuke you guys after that video!
He really, really deserves that scholarship! He's really going to be great someday (well, greater than he already is).

I wonder if he has a PR team yet... I'd really like to hire him to build me an arcade. ;)
Dreams DO come true if we believe and act on them. What a champ very inspiring.
grate ! we need to search this type of champ in society. i try my best to get at least one champ.thank u
I love that idear at such a yong age !!
why i live in europe :(
i would definitly visit him at his arcade^^
Proud of ya Caine! You made my day here in Australia!
All it takes is a grown-up who remembers what it is like to be a kid!
I am just a loser to the tears! This is friggin' awesome!
yep, seen that days ago and it just brightens the day
Boon S
Feels great to see dreams come true
thats so nice... very cute and inspiring to see someone like that to make something that he has always wanted to do
Truly inspiring and heartwarming. Caine's investment in his arcade just proves it again. Kids are true to what they believe in. They don't think and their imagination is always inspiring to me. I can only speak for myself here, as I'm always inspired by my two nieces' imagination. And the world is really a better and more honest place seen through kids eyes.
I had seen it posted but didn't take the time to watch it until you posted it. Thanks for that! It was great!
That kid has gotta get a noble prize for perseverance
That's brilliant! If one person turning up made his day, everyone turning up must have made his year! Great story
this is just the coolest, smartest, creative kid, who is just a kid...wants to play...fantastic!
They featured this on the news yesterday. It's gone viral!
Wow, always good to feature something like that , thanks
I saw this too. Yesterday. Very moving.
is he stuck? i didn't watch the video but he looks stuck
Lovely! Wonderful story! Good luck to Caine and thanks to Nirvan and his team!
Applaud the father, too. It's an awesome father who raises a kid who'd do something like this.
Just goes to show you that kids CAN have fun without cell phones and gaming systems. All they have to do is use their imagination. This kid could be very well off some day with that kind of brain power.
That must have made his day'!
What an amazing story, the whole setup is brilliant but the PIN code system just blew me away, simply genius!
mylinh are u?
tanks for u
He built it and they came!!
This is what happens when kids are not preoccupied with electronic gadgets and a parent takes them to work.
The latest news I've read is that he has made $140,000 from the arcade to go toward his college fund.
it surely amazed me! how he can make those arcade box games and how peoples react... just wow.. :)
I love that kid!! Genius!
P.S. Power of Social Media.
This video is amazing. I love a kid with a dream!!!!

Also, I want one of those shirts.
Hey your kid some toys, douche-bag !
@nick vespo it's already over 150.000$ in donations for his scholarship. this whole story is pretty nuts
melhor que sonhar é traze;los a relidade atrave´s da imaginação.,
parabéns garoto também sou um sonhador, vivo hoje o que sonhei.,
quando era menino como vocè.
He is genius! My job is to sell our arcade game machines. I think that he is creative enough to make unexpected machines.
I heard NPR do a news story on this the other day. ^_^
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