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Look.  It's 4am.  

You're obviously not up to anything, so why not watch the single greatest rock opera ever written ...about milk.

This campaign was written by my pal Andrew Bancroft, and is utterly delightful.  So much win in here!!
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actually am up to stuff, but commenting so I'll be alerted when I get up tomorrow... uh... afternoon... heh. and I can check it out then.
Im not high enough to fully appreciate this right now
Actually, being high doesn't help, we couldn't make it through 10 minutes of it and we're completely tabled.
Bizarre and well done.  Narcissism, milk, rock, a muscle anatomy lesson, "Nasterious", plastic sea, psychedelic meltdown, "bad hair" monsters . . . hilarious.
Can't believe i just watched the whole thing.
Very Funkalicious !
you know. i STILL haven't watched that... i'm going to fix that right now.

half an hour later: yep. that was awesome. 
And now,  a funny joke from my four year old.....
Where do cows go for fun?
They go to the Moooooovies.
I watched the first 10 minutes on my break. Currently craving milk.
That was without a doubt the 7 th strangest thing I've ever seen.
That was retardedly halarious!
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