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I can't get enough of this .gif of +Tom Merritt
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Is this the real Merrit or a look-a-like?
I think I'm being... tised...

...What is thy bidding my master?
He's either got a Sherlock on speed or Penguin from the Batman TV series thing going on.
That is what it will look like when he finally goes over the edge . . . :0)
I thought we all agreed we wouldn't post animated gifs to G+ anymore.
R.J. I thought the point of g+ was gifs.
Once you get past the 10 minute mark the eyes really start to burn into your soul. Help...
Ok, just take it out of your mouth!
The "alter-pose of toe-mas Mah-reet"!
"baa baa map mapmap"

why would he say such a thing? the monster
G+ is just shorthand for those who don't want to spell out GIF...
Looks like my grandpa watching Two Girls One Cup.... OMG....
Started hearing the sounds the martians made in Mars Attacks!.
haha... Ellen should watch this. :D
That's funny and creepy all at the same time. :P
OMG! Tom look like an angry Steve Job with a pipe :) frightening sight !
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