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shubham singh
A proud Indian | A Mistake Maker | A Learner | A Tech-Enthusiast | A Learning Developer | An Engineer
A proud Indian | A Mistake Maker | A Learner | A Tech-Enthusiast | A Learning Developer | An Engineer


#Update #Changelog AospExtended 4.6 September Update! Final Nougat release

-Merge September security patch
-Merge latest AOSP Tag
-Merge latest CAF Tag in respective repos
-New AospExtended bootanimation
-Fixed adaptable storage
-Fix memory leaks
-Add support for more boost frameworks from Paranoid Android
-Improve fingerprint scanner performance
-Allow user to add or remove QS tiles with one click
-DUI: Support for left landscape navbar
-DUI: Migrate from broadcasts to API for some action handling
-Fix few NPEs
-Update all translations
-Update AEX Papers
-Update all pre-built packages
-Performance enhancements and bug fixes

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Osprey joins the Oreo party.All thanks to +Alberto Pedron
Our bird got the cookie!

#Update #Changelog AospExtended 4.5 August Update!

-Merge August security patch
-Merge latest CAF Tag in respective repos
-Add support for Snapdragon LLVM toolchain (SDClang)
-Add support for boost framework
-Add support for fling velocities
-Enable/Disable kill button on notification guts
-Improve SlimRecents
-Fix string derps
-Fix In-Call vibrations
-Animate icon while locking a task
-Fix Lockscreen shortcut icons disappearing after reboot
-Make button long press delay configurable in SmartBar
-Fix layout of system header
-Fix task lock and free form button placement
-Fix Dex2oat
-Fix In-Call timer bug
-Fix reloading of theme in AEX OTA
-Fix theme issues in screen pinning mode
-Disable home button wake on devices with sensitive HW buttons
-Add Paranoid Android Pie controls
-Add check for accidental touch
-Add pocket lock and pocket judge
-Doze Service: Fallback to tilt sensor as pickup sensor for ambient display
-Fix many memory leaks
-Option to block sensor for certain packages
-Fix few NPEs
-Increase sensitive numbers support
-Update all translations
-Update AEX Papers
-Update all pre-built packages
-Performance enhancements and bug fixes

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AospExtended 4.4 July Update

-Merge July security patch
-Merge upstream commits from CAF
-Fix launch of music player on headset connect after reboot
-Music player on headset connect: Add bluetooth compatibility
-Add safe headset volume option
-Optimise HWUI
-Switch to Chromium webview
-Fix wrong peek height of notification panel
-Speed up fingerprint wakeup and unlock scenario
-Fix camera shutter sound toggle
-Fix many random crashes
-Add HW home button wake
-Improve night mode
-Improve QS tiles
-Add ADB Over Network support and QS tile
-Fix network arrows not showing when data save was enabled
-Fix various NPEs
-Fix memory leaks and errors
-Switch to Launcer3 (Pixel UI + Icon pack support)
-Change internal shared storage icon progress bar accent
-Add boot option in AppOps
-Add new smart bar icons
-Add left navigation bar pulse support
-Fix memory corruption on sound trigger
-Option to display disabled data indicator icons
-Add option to enable button backlight only when the button is pressed
-Set GBoard theme to pixel by default
-AEX OTA is completely themable now
-Add support for Crowdin
-Fix icon themeing on Valerie and few more themes
-Fix hiding of developer options
-Fix smartbar DPI updation
-Update all translations
-Update all pre-built packages
-Update AEXPapers
-Update all source-built packages
-Bug fixes and performance improvements

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Wall by: +Sarath EXP​ (Custom Wallz)
Launcher: Nova Launcher
Widgets: Omnijaws and inbuilt calender widget
Theme: Valerie substratum theme
Icon pack: Cikukua icon pack

AospExtended 4.3 June Update

-June security patch 7.1.2_r17 merge
-Remove pixel icons
-Add MicroG support
-Improve AEX settings header
-Add AEX platlogo
-Add AEX settings drawer header
-Add new #BeExtended headers
-Fix battery icon theming
-Update OMS commits
-Rootless SystemUI restart
-Use more vectorized icon
-Add lockscreen pattern grid size
-Screen pinning option in Grid recents UI
-Recents task locking
-Fix navigation bar always showing on the left
-Fix various NPEs
-Add AOSPA Optimisations
-Add Xbox key layout
-Volume key cursor control
-Option to enable/disable home key during incoming call
-Improve expanded desktop QS tile
-Add support for sensitive numbers
-Silent mode is back
-Update pre-built APKs
-Update all packages
-Update translations
-Performance enhancements and bug fixes

AospExtended V4.2 May Update

-Merged May Patch 7.1.2_r8
-Updated Packages and Translations
-Updated pre-built APKs
-AEXPapers is back
-Droped Lock Clock
-Switched to OmniJaws
-CAF Sound Recorder
-Keyguard Status Bar clock and Weather
-Nav Bar Button Tint
-Improve​d Screen Pinning
-SystemUI Restart
-Updated Sounds
-Processor Info in about phone
-Kernel Enforcing and Permissive info in about phone
-Fixed Gap after removing QSTiles
-Custom settings for Power Plug Disconnect and Connect
-Tile for HW keys Enable/Disable
-Center lockscreen shortcuts
-Removed stausbar Ticker fade animation
-Fixed Swaped nightlight brightness
-Extensions QS Tile
-System App Remover
-Grid Recents UI
-Update OMS Commits
-Fixed mismatched fonts in Lockscreen Status Bar Clock
-Updated MusicFX with DSP Modes
-Fixed Bluetooth Receiving issue
-Performance enchancements and bug fixes

Clean flash is always recommended​. Bug reports are not appreciated if not clean flashed. But if you go for dirty flash remove any kind of security PINs/Password,quick unlock and Fingerprints before flashing this build.

AEXPapers will be updated from our server side and shortly all walls will be added. We are a little busy now.

Builds will be available soon when maintainers will get free time. So don't ask for ETAs.
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