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Filming on location in Estonia with Allfilm

Estonia’s AV sector is growing fast and more production houses from around the world are realising the country’s potential as a great location for shooting both commercials and features.

Estonia is full of surprising and undiscovered locations. Starting from magnificent natural locations such as bogs, different type of forests and wild seaside beaches, Estonia also offers capital city Tallinn which has remarkable historic urban architecture as well as vibrant contemporary buildings. Tallinn’s unique characteristic is its dense and compact mix of buildings and urban spaces from different eras.

Estonians are well known for their great work ethic and are proficient in several languages. The most widely spoken languages in Estonia are English, Russian, Finnish and German.

Allfilm is one of the oldest production houses in Estonia, located in the heart of Tallinn. The company has provided professional production services for features, documentaries and TV commercials to companies from the Nordic countries, the UK, Ireland, France, Russia, the US and Asia, but also produces its own films and local commercials.

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There are so many wonderful and unique people out there who create some of the most amazing spaces imaginable.

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Filming period miniseries Indian Summers on location in Malaysia

New Pictures is to film the period miniseries Indian Summers on location in Penang, Malaysia, which will double for early-1930s northern India. The production will be set in Simla, a “little England” at the foot of the Himalayas, and the story will chart the decline of the British Empire in India.

Multiple filming locations in India were considered for the shoot – including the real Simla – as well as Sri Lanka, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The production team was eventually drawn to the colonial architecture of George Town on Penang Island in the Penang region of western Malaysia. Filming will begin at the end of April.

“Unlike Simla, Penang Hill has been beautifully preserved, George Town is rich with historic buildings and the island is somewhere I felt confident that a large international cast and crew could happily spend a year of their lives,” producer Charlie Pattinson told the Malay Mail.

Added Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng: “The producers will be working closely with the state to create a sustainable filming infrastructure for returning future series as well as ensuring the present filming locations will be safeguarded and properly maintained throughout the filming duration.”

George Town is rich with historic buildings and the island is somewhere I felt confident that a large international cast and crew could happily spend a year of their lives.

Charlie Pattinson, Producer
Indian Summers is a co-production between New Pictures and Masterpiece in the US, and is being serviced locally by Biscuit Films.

Malaysia offers a 30% filming incentive and the Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios facility was recently chosen as the production base for the upcoming Netflix miniseries Marco Polo. Cable network HBO Asia will also be filming its new scripted series Grace on location in nearby Singapore.

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Nautical Themes ... check it Out

HT +House Beautiful 
Rooms that prove seaside style is chic
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Getting your Film’s Production off the Ground
Even if you have a limited budget and not much experience, with a good script, a dedicated crew and some decent but affordable equipment, you can create a professional looking movie. At the same time, there are still quite a few challenges when it comes to producing, financing and distributing a film if you’re not well connected in the industry. A lot of this comes down to successfully negotiating with all of the players in the process.

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Our Favourite Films featuring Rabbits and bunnies

With all the talk of Easter and with the chocolate egg-fest that is Easter fast approaching, we thought it might be fun to focus our attention on that other staple icon of the season, the bunny. Here we present our top 10 films involving rabbits in some shape or form, with a little artistic licence taken…

1)   Harvey.  The incomparable James Stewart plays Elwood P Dowd, a heavy-drinking, amiable social outcast, whose best friend is a man-sized imaginary rabbit, Harvey.  Romance and comedy ensue when Elwood introduces his friend to the tolerant but sceptical townsfolk in this dark but very funny classic.   

2)   Donnie Darko. The Jake Gyllenhaal-starrer swiftly became a cult hit, as well as scooping multiple awards. It follows Donnie, a troubled teenager living in Virginia, who is woken by a giant rabbit figure. Going by the name of Frank, the rabbit warns Donnie that the world will end in just over 28 days.

3)   Fatal Attraction. The worm turned in this thriller, which starred Glenn Close as the wronged mistress set on revenge. The bunny famously came to a very sticky end in a large stockpot, as well as introducing the phrase ‘bunny boiler’ into the public consciousness.

4)   Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Bunnies got sexy with this acclaimed animation/live action hit, with Jessica Rabbit (voiced by Kathleen Turner) sashaying all over the big screen in a killer frock that displayed her extraordinary curves.

5)   Bambi. Proof that the cinematic appeal of the bunny is enduring in the much loved 1942 Disney feature. In this tear-jerker, the rabbit, Thumper, was a cutie, with a pink nose and a strong sense of fun and loyalty.

6)   Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. Our favourite pair of clay-mation heroes came up against a mutant rabbit while trying to solve the mystery of disappearing vegetables.  The feature was seen as an affectionate, comedy homage to cult B-movie horrors.  

7)   Watership Down. Adapted from Richard Adams’ worldwide bestseller, this had audiences reaching for the tissues as they witnessed the rabbits’ struggle to survive as they fled to a promised land. The film also spawned the Art Garfunkel mega-hit ‘Bright Eyes’.

8)   Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog played a major role in a battle in this 1975 comedy from the ever-controversial Pythons. The rabbit also went on to appear in the spin off musical, Spamalot.

9)   Alice in Wonderland. The White Rabbit, one of Lewis Carroll’s many creations, had a serious timekeeping problem. His film appearances include the 1951 Disney animation, as well as the more recent Tim Burton version, in which he was played by Michael Sheen.

10)  And finally, here comes the artistic licence - Pulp Fiction. Admittedly not an actual rabbit, but we think Jack Rabbit Slim’s needs a nod. The 1950s themed diner was the backdrop for the now iconic twist performed by Uma Thurman and John Travolta in Tarantino’s seminal feature.

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New Quirky & Unusual Locations, april 2014
SHOOTFACTORY Location Library & Location Agency offers a vast selection of Quirky & Unusual Shoot Locations for Hire. These Quirky Locations are suitable for Photoshoots, TV shoot locations, Film locations, Product launches and Music videos.

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Marco Polo feature film
Paramount Pictures has partnered with China Film Group for a feature film based on the life of the 13th Century traveller Marco Polo. The news comes days after China Film Group’s announcement that it will be co-producing Warcraft and Seventh Son with Legendary Pictures.

This production of Marco Polo is separate from the drama miniseries of the same name that The Weinstein Company is currently filming for Netflix at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios and in Italy and Kazakhstan.

Paramount is building on its relationship with China, having filmed scenes in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the country for the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction. Securing co-production status in China enables films to bypass the country’s strict annual quotas on international movie releases, giving them better access to the lucrative Chinese market.

China Film Group’s deal with Hollywood-based Legendary Studios to co-produce Warcraft and Seventh Son was the group’s first arrangement with a Hollywood studio.

In September this year the inaugural US China Film & TV Industry (UCFTI) Expo will take place in Los Angeles and will offer information and panel discussions on how best to navigate the production process in China.

Paramount is building on its relationship with China, having filmed scenes in Hong Kong and elsewhere in the country for the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction.

The sudden popularity of the Marco Polo story follows on from the success of other historical dramas filming in global production hubs around the world. While HBO’s Game of Thrones is loosely inspired by England’s 15th Century dynastic clash known as the War of the Roses, History Channel has produced Vikings and Starz produces pirate drama Black Sails in South Africa.

Rival pirate drama Crossbones is underway in Puerto Rico and a miniseries based on the exploits of Carthaginian general Hannibal Barca is also in development.

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Fantastic Shot

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Thurne sunset

I have not been back to Norfolk since I was a schoolkid, but I did remember though it is a very flat area, it did have some beautiful scenery. To all those wishing to travel to the UK, I would highly reccomend a visit to Thurne in Norfolk, it has a very charming windpump which has been restored to working order. If you are lucky, the sun will set behind it and illuminate and bathe the area in its warm light.

Happy Earthday!
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Crouching Tiger prequel

The Green Destiny, a prequel to Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, will start filming this July in Auckland, New Zealand and China.

Stepping into the director’s chair this time round on the Weinstein-backed film is Yuen Woo-Ping, who coordinated the martial arts in the original movie. In front of the camera is Malaysian actress Michelle Yeoh, who reprises her role of warrior Yu Shu Lien. Donnie Yen will also star.

Principal photography is expected to take place at Auckland Film Studios in New Zealand, with a two week shoot in China.

New Zealand offers attractive tax incentives for filmmakers, including a rebate of 20% of local expenditure if feature films spend more than NZ$15m (previously 15%).

A prequel has been planned for some time, but was delayed due to rights over the books by Wang Du Lu on which the film was based. The Green Destiny is based on several of Du Lu’s books, including Silver Case, Iron Night, the fifth in his series of novels.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - which used several stunning locations in China - is the most successful Chinese-language film to date, banking £127m at the global box office. The movie also earned an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2001.

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SHOOTFACTORY is a London location library and location agency and represents locations across the UK
SHOOTFACTORY is a location agency and represents locations across the UK and offers a vast selection of international locations. YOU will find stills, photo shoot locations, TV locations and film locations. In addition YOU can look at locations for press events, product launches and music videos.

YOU can call or email us for all your photo shoot, TV and film location needs. YOU can register your email address for updates on NEW locations as we add them and YOU can register your property free of charge to be considered as a location for commercial hire.


London Apartments

London Apartment Locations for Hire & Film Location Library In this section of our location library, YOU will find London apartments and flats, which can be hired as a location for photo shoots, TV and film.

London Houses

London House Locations for Hire & Film Location Library

In this section of the website you will find all of our London location houses. We list them as follows, new houses that are added to the top of the site. Updated location houses follow and the rest are alphabetically listed

Other UK Houses

UK House Locations for Hire & Film Location Library Other houses are location houses that are not located in central London. Typically a client is happy to travel up to 50 miles from central London but if you have the right location then the client is happy to travel across the UK. 

Quirky Locations

Quirky London Locations for Hire & Film Location Library We can help you find quirky, unusual and unique locations across London and the UK for hire.

Photography Studios

London Photographic Studio Locations for Hire & Location Library
A few of our photographic studios are both a workshop AND GALLERY. In addition to hiring the space as a white blank box, many clients use it as an artist’s studio, but providing space to take, develop, print and duplicate PHOTOGRAPHS. 


London Events & Venue Locations for Hire & Film Location Library We are one of the most established free venues finding service in the UK for individuals, agents or corporate clients. We offer diverse venues as featured on the site. Our experience of events and venues enables us to take the stress out of your search. 

Commercial / Industrial

London Industrial & Commercial Locations for Hire & Film Location Library We represent a varied selection of commercial property, factories, industrial buildings and large studios that can be used as they appear or dressed spaces to emulate a set. Our comprehensive range of industrial and storage areas from all periods. Whether a small lock up to a modern, medium size industrial estate, we have units of all shapes and sizes for both exterior and interior shoots. Including engineering, forge and blacksmiths, assembly, construction preparation - even a 6,000 square foot clear site that can easily be adapted to a sound stage. 

International Locations:

International Locations for Hire & Film Location Library International locations library with photo shoot and film locations for commercial hire. We have a huge database of international locations across Europe and further afield. Villa locations, castle locations, beach locations. Your script is the guide for our activity. 

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