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I would be most grateful if you could take the time to listen to this. I worked on it over a couple of weeks, and if you deem it worthy of a reshare, that would greatly appreciated.

To clarify, I haven't sampled anyone else's music in making this.
thank you.
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i love it man. what a nice groove. it flows well and sounds great. easy on the ears. put together well. am loving it
very dj shadow to me, like it, likes it a lot
phew, thats another person who popped up in my head when doing it, thanks guys.
That is very awesome..
The different instruments work great together..
Seriously good tune. Lovely build up. Did you play all the instruments?
I placed every high hat, bass drum and snare where I wanted with a MPC, synth strings and horns and the guitars are guitars.
Sweet. Were you using open source tools to put it together?
I only used a PC for the synths, but yeah, they're open source....... well they're free, anyway.
couple of weeks picking at it, bloody month trying to get a stereo line in to my laptop......... grrrrrr
yeah, and ready for me next ting.
Another question sorry. Whats the mpc like to work with? It looks a lot of fun.
I saw Shadow do Organ Donor live on one and it blue my mind!
I can't express how much i love my MPC.
I.....I don't know what that means.
jesus i'm slow, i just realised, yeah +Christian Dadswell they can cost quite a bit. there is a pocket one that can run on batteries, still costs a fair bit.
Sounds neat. I played with one in a music store in Bristol once. Didnt know what i was doing tho ! I cant remember the price which probably means i balked at it.
Positive's: It has a great melody to it, nice mixed variation and has some nice tasty riffs throughout the song. I felt nice and chilled back listening to it.

Negative's : It takes too long for the song to 'kick in'. Although it's a great melody. the first couple of minutes seemed a bit repetitive and i felt i was waiting too long.

Overall i think it's a great song still. +shmahat ma nice work :)
cheers +Nathan Keen, I know where you're coming from, i felt the riff needed establishing on its own so it could mean more with the groove.
so all of this is samples? I like the drumming. are you playing the guitar? Just trying to discern which parts of this are actual playing and not pushing numbers around on a computer. I dont hate electronic music but if its traditional instruments I'd prefer it to be done with live musicians. Electronic music should, to me, sound overtly electronic and take the medium places traditional instrumentation cant go. which is why I appreciate Drum & Bass, and Dubstep for what they are.

overall its not bad tho. I like the groove, and the drums. what type of vocal would you see over this? I'm getting a Sade vibe.
I placed every kick drum, snare, hi hat yadda yadda on my MPC, where i wanted it, those are my beats, my fills. I played the guitars (in very little takes i might add). I'm just a guy on my own, so i use pc's for things i don't have access to, like strings and horns, i prefer hardware and live input where possible. I have sampled in the past, but not on this...... I wasn't planning on putting any vocals on here.
thanks for going easy on me +Kirk shelton
I take it all back. Kill yourself and burn your guitar!!!!!!!!!!

JK.. I dont know anything about arranging stuff on a computer, but it sounds like you did a good job. It doesnt sound computerry. Have you tried to share tracks with other musicians online and create songs? like, if i had a studio and fancy compootRz you could email me your guitar parts and I could play to them, and send them to a bassist, etc.
that's something me and some others have been discussing, there's varying ways of going about it. I'm up for record along to a skeletal concept track and make sure there's four clicks at the start of both.
oh and, this isn't arranged on a pc, there is midi sequencing involved but, i just don't want you picturing me pushing around coloured blocks in grids, i don't do that.
I imagined that you hooked your Midi to a Dance Dance Revolution game and that you create the beats by jumping on light-up colored tiles. ...while wearing 80's gym shorts and a tank top with a pink head and wrist bands
Dude! You got 16 shares. That is cooool.
well i put some proper slimy work in, i should do. i'm totally having a hissy piss and cleaning out my circles now though.
My circles are redonk. I don't know which way is up. If you have someone in several different circles do they count twice?
+shmahat ma I know you did the drum sequencing on your MPC, but how did you sequence/arrange the rest of it? Was this on the MPC too, or you using some sort of DAW app?
Qsynth on the PC still using the mpc to sequence. Get it all recorded down on the 12 track, then the guitars are recorded live.
What did you record on to though? For instance, did you record the guitars into the MPC and then use that to arrange/mix with the drums, etc.?
akai dps12, 12 track hard disk from back in the day.
ppphhhwwwoooaaarrr! I know of the 24, i've drooled over the videos. you missed out the best bit, the motorized volume sliders, I generally rehearse how i'm mixing for the mix down.
Ah, OK, thanks. I was trying to understand your workflow wrt. the discussion we had about collaborative editing.

One of these days I will have to do a Hangout run through of Ardour, which is the software equivalent of your DPS12. That, and dropbox or similar, could be one way to share arrangements.
yeah, i'm thinking make sure we've got synced clicks at the start of every track, keep it real simple. and seeing as everyone on here has a drive account now, best use that.
My thought is it makes it easier if we standardise on a multitrack recording app for format compatibility, which is why I'm pushing Ardour.
The advantage is you have all the tempo and bar/beat data there which makes it really easy to sync with midi or to mix in separately produced audio files (assuming tempo match). It means that people can use other tools as a source for tracks.
There's also shit-loads of open source plugins as well as some pretty high-end commercial ones if we want to go that far (e.g. )
The disadvantage is we all have to learn that tool (and the associated stuff like Jack), and whilst Ardour isn't that complex, there's a lot going on and there's a learning curve.
It also only works under Linux and Mac.
but how do you get a vocalist, with no experience and little equipment to lay a track? i'm thinking a mic and audacity. and like you say, everyone has to learn it. I reckon working with and sharing bog standard audio and midi, leaves everyone to use what they have and know. not that i'm not up for learning new shit.
As long as individual tracks are recorded with roughly the same tempo, then it shouldn't be too much of an issue to import into Ardour as a track.
Obviously the issue is making sure everyone is using the same baseline tempo which is why I suggested Ardour, as this stores and manages tempo data along with the track. Audacity is a great tool, but doesn't really have any concept of tempo data.
Of course, we can also use other tools (like Hydrogen, or even Gtick) alongside something like Audacity. That helps even if it doesn't completely solve the issue. A better approach may be to export partial arrangements from Ardour into WAV and then that can be used to provide a backing track for a vocalist. If that's played back via Audicity and the vocals recorded to a new track, that should be importable back to Ardour.
The Hangout demo is kind of on hold at the moment due to workload and travelling. As soon as I get time and get my shit together with the other guys, I'll try to work on it. I'll certainly let you know.
in my mind its, send basic audio track with a beat, chords and the old 4 clicks at the start. the receiver records a track whilst listening to that, making sure the original four clicks are on their track. lining up those clicks is a piece of piss. i know its not highly technical, and limits you as much as it helps, but i know its something i could do right now.
We could certainly use that baseline track, and that's similar to my thoughts on the "backing track". The difficulty I foresee is aligning audio tracks with MIDI clocked stuff. That's easy if you start with the MIDI and add the audio after, but the other way around can be hard.

For instance, if I lay down a wicked drum sequence in Hydrogen at 110 bpm, and you record some funky rhythm guitar at the same tempo. When we combine them the chances are they will drift out of sync.

So, if we use something like Ardour, which understands tempo data and audio together, to create this baseline then even if we export the baseline as WAV and use as a reference, any audio that is digitally recorded with respect to this should easily fall back in line when combined back into the DAW.
And if the Ardour track is also available, those that want to do more sophisticated stuff on MIDI can clock-sync via Jack.
ok ok, i send someone an audio track to record next to, i send someone else a midi version to record next to, they come back and are unified using both methods. theres no rules are there, and its not a linear process, it can go off both ways and come back for the final mix.
also, I wouldn't ever suggest anyone try just playing at the right tempo, you got to record along with what everyone else is.
That might work.

I'm not suggesting people should focus on the specific tempo, but that the track will normally have a baseline tempo which needs to be maintained and distributed. That's easy for recording live playback of audio as humans are good at picking up implicit tempo from the music and adjusting to that.

Sequencers can't do that. They need a clock (e.g. MIDI clock) to align to or they will drift with respect to the rest of the music.

So I'm suggesting the baseline track starts of with inherent tempo data embedded somehow. If this gets exported as generic audio and midi to be use as reference tracks for others to play/sequence along to, that should probably work.
experiments need to be performed.
The trouble with Drive, by the way (for me at least) is it doesn't currently have Linux support.
still have web access though, init?
21 shares though, not bad.
thats just the reshares, sorry.
Its full of restlessness and drive. Makes me want to do something about bad things and make them better. Which of course is pure Shmahat!
Sounds great. I just think the drum is a bit too loud.

Other than that, pretty awesome. :D
I veer toward hip-hop and funk and i can't test the mix on other speakers, so between those 2 things, you maybe right +Bruno Bernardino, thanks.
I didn't like the drums either +Bruno Bernardino . I'm not sure if it's the level or the actual drum samples which felt a bit too "punchy". I get the feeling a brighter, less full-on drum set would sit better in the mix.
but i wanted punch! wah ha ha ha!
ha ha, anyone else want to have a go?
that one is tinny. was it remixed in an old kettle
oi! mixin ain't easy, I bet it sounds well good on his set up, thats the tough part of a mix, other peoples stereo's.
If I had the original tracks (and more time) I might do something better. Anyway, I'm not a music producer, I just made it sound better for me :)
Whoa ho ho ho, slow down +Kenya M, I probably should have said, me and +Bruno Bernardino were chatting in gtalk about it first, I was interested in what he was saying about it, he sent me the link first and then asked me if it was cool to out it up here. Its all good input bro. No need to get mad bro, bro.
+Kenya M what the hell was that all about? To me the drums sounded a bit too loud, so I fixed it. Since other people agreed, I shared it with +shmahat ma's consent. His work is awesome and I didn't say any different. Chill!
i'm totally turned on by how quick you were to defend me though +Kenya M
..... a pink bullet, if ya get me.
he is, he's crazy chilled.
if we could only choose one tone in text, i'd still choose sarcasm over sincerity
Amazing Tune, do some more!
I wasnt in the subject!! :)
I just want to say I love everyone (just not equally, sorry)! :D
I've got my own music on, why nobody comments that? So I have to e hip and post it on soundcloud also??

Damn hipsters with their new social networks for their new musics... I didn't have any of this back in my days, you know??
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