green monster

what are some interesting facts about you or your favorite animal? :)

the animal below can:
run across a ceiling without falling
use his tongue to clean his eyes
be found on all continents except antarctica

+Charles Lu
some thoughts others have shared:

+Barbara Sarmiento - Love it! Interesting Fact: My dog used to love to eat carrots next to our pet bunny (we miss our rabbit so much)

+Eliyahna VanKurin - my cat & bearded dragon cuddle up & nap together sometimes :)

+Michelle Torio - It's incredible! I love the intense colors!
Interesting fact: Butterflies taste with their feet. :)

+Matthew Neason - It seems so alien but there is still that human fragility to it...

+jonas eggen Mine would be a rabbit whit a waistcoat =:x

Yes, but I must hurry now, haven't got much time. "Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!" ; P
I like stories about interspecies relations. I had a girlfriend once who had a dog, cat and a bunny, and they used to chase each other in this order, rabbit, cat, dog. And then after a while, turn around and it would be rabbit, cat, dog. I see now while writing this that the cat wanted to be in the center of things....

+Darkside Kl - Nice..I love reading animal facts....! My fav animal is the Blue Poison Dart frog.....! I love the colour . The Poison dart frog has amazing toxicity , the powerful venom can kill around 10 to 11 grown men sounds wicked cool. Well not only that there are medical research communities exploring more about this animal , so do I wanna explore. This animal was even used in a weapon by the people of Colombia for hunting on the tip
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