what do you collect? :)

we are a collection of our experiences, hopes, and dreams.
so many things are transient,
and collecting is a tangible way for us to capture moments.
seeing them in their collected form helps us
make sense of our memories
through a few objects.
+Charles Lu
thoughts others have shared:

+Chris Wolf it's always good to know what your friends collect, to make them happy when accidentally finding a new item for their collection.
as a child i used to collect matchboxes (real ones, not the little cars) & other stuff. today i collect letters (digital), which I print from time to time.

i just collected matchboxes by cover, espacially from different countrys. i loved collecting and started later sorting and curating the things (like books or collections of letter made to books)

+Serge Ivanov There is some great variety in those shells +shirley lo!

I think many of us would agree that photography itself is collection. We collect slices from our lives, as seen through our eyes at a single instant of time. There's something really powerful about still images, despite the fact we have had the capacity to shoot video for so long. It is a remarkable thing when you realize what we are actually doing.

Time constantly slips through our fingers, but taking a photograph suddenly places immense importance on a single instant; this one frame we instantly infuse with value as soon as we take the shot.

The majority of people document their life as it revolves around family and friends. Photographers on the other hand are assembling a collection of moments that perhaps tell a story of someone or something else. In a way, we are collecting mementos from a world that everyone lives in, but not everyone sees.

...If we step away from that idea for a minute I will say that I do like collecting coins and paper money from various countries. I'm not very serious about it, but even so I have had a decent collection fall into place. It is amazing how you can track history of a nation through what they decide to put on their money. Ideals change, leaders are overthrown, empires form and crumble; yet we naively place the faces and symbols on our money that future generations will not care about. With the digitization of monetary exchange, we may put an end to tangible currency altogether within our lifetimes, but at the same time it will to a disservice to historians of the future.

+Matthew Neason Collections stress the differences between the passions we all have and the question itself leads to a further appreciation of the differences of all people. Here we see a reflection on the beauty of nature, arranged in an entirely human arrangement and unified by the thought that the amount of time spent on collecting is the true expense, everything else is a paltry expense, as the quarter indicates. I wonder then, if the true value of a collection is in the human endeavor to collect, arrange and display it. If the collection is worth the time then it is priceless. I collect ideas.

+Ron Bearry I generally don't like having "stuff" around that I don't use but I have kept a few things that are a part of me. I have a few bicycle frames hanging in the garage that date back to my days as a competitive cyclist. I spent so many painful, joyful hours on them that I can't let them go.

One thoughtful glance at them can take me back to the days when a 7-Eleven Big Gulp after a 100 mile training ride was one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Or the time when I slipped off the back of the pack in an Oregon road race and had to finish the last 70 miles of the race by myself, riding into the worst headwind I've ever encountered...Yeah, that was awesome.

Shirley, I competed as a relatively slow amateur in the Western half of the U.S. but did make some trips further East for a few races. The 100 mile days were during my college years when I had more time to train. :) Cycling is my favorite mode of exercise though and during the summer months it's not uncommon for me to disappear somewhere for most of the day on my mountain bike. It's good to hear that you are getting out there too!

+Benny Sjöstrand That looks like a lovely collection of pretty shells :)

Sometimes I feel that I collect far too much. From my era constructing tube-amplifiers, I got a big collection of vacuum/electron tubes and electronic components. Now I'm in a photography period, I kind of started to collect old twin-reflex film cameras, now having a collection of 4 Rolliecord cameras.

A very interesting topic, almost everyone collect something.

I have an album from my amplifier construction era (year ago now)
They are now in my basement, I still use them the few moments when I play the guitar, they has a special sound.

My first Rolleicord camera was a gift from a friend, now I'm kind of stuck :) I want to learn photography using traditional methods, without using digital technology.

+Sean Cowen so many things, Shirley. Rare books, pulp paperbacks, paper ephemera, antiques, antique toys, anything travel related from 20s-50s, railroadiana, refrigerator magnets, planters, old pottery, and on and on. ha!

We've talked about collecting before - and I've always kept my eye on this thread. What we collect is a part of our social DNA, and it speaks volumes about who we are as a person, and who we are as part of a community.

I've always been an inveterate collector, and it started in childhood. If you're a collector, too, we're going to get along just fine!
+Bill Murray I collect people, places, artifacts, legends, wisdoms,,medicines,arts, crafts, language,music,tools,and not just the scattered and obscure remnants..the whole of their that I may carry it to those who have yet to share in such wonders..and share with them in full color,texture and spiritual presentation.

+anne-marie Janssen I used to collect things like Chinese porcelain (tea cups) but I got tired of dusting them :-) Since I visited Cuba, I got a different look at collecting things (owning things, wanting things, have-to-have things). I stopped stuffing the house with things. Nowadays I just collect shells. I collect them from beaches which have a special meaning, such as Trinidad, California. Or pebbles, shaped by the water. And feathers I find in the woods, on the street, big or any color.

Trinidad in California has a small beach, not a sandy one. It has tiny dark pebbles. I was traveling along the coast and Redwood National Park when I stopped for a short break. There was nobody else on the beach and the sun was going down. That was that special moment :-D
No pictures of Trinidad but some of shells I found on a beach in Portugal. Have a Wonderful Sunday and thanks for the inspiration! +shirley lo

+Suzy Jenkins I collect tarot card decks as I love the pictures. I also collect one-of-a-kind artist bears and limited edition Charlie bears. Also I have a small shell collection and Swarovski glass.

I used to collect "soft toys" when I was younger and then moved on to collector bears about 6 years or so ago. I have been collecting tarot cards for about 12 years I suppose. Shells I have always collected (but they don't always last as they sometimes get broken). The Swarovski glass collection started with presents I suppose about 15 years or so ago. What I forgot to mention are my crystals - probably because I don't think of them as a collection as I have more than one of each (even though they are obviously different) but I have loads and loads of all types of crystals from tumblestones to a large amethyst geode "cave"..
LOL - not that I am a collectorholic or anything but I just like pretty things I guess..

+Chris Summers I seem destined to collect photos! Not only my own which after 50 some years of shooting continues to grow but the collections I inherited from my father and grandfather who were serious amateurs who traveled the world and documented their journeys.

My grandfather who was British went out to China in 1902 and stayed there for almost 30 years serving as a postal commissioner. He did a trip up the Yangste River in about 1908 by river junks and documented what he saw. Rather then just make up B&W prints for a scrap book he had the images made into post cards which was a great idea as most of the old prints have faded with time and the post cards are still fine and contain captions of where the pictures were taken. When I can find the time I would like to make up a website with the collection.

+Mike Hunz Great post...I collect foreign coins, and have since I was 5 when my grandfather came back from India many years ago...(don't ask!). I have a pretty big collection and every trip I go on I look for others from the different countries I visit...

Its a random collection that I still keep in the same wooden box I started with. I have some very old Chinese coins that are my favorite. One of these days I will get around to cataloging them. Of late, I have also been collecting pieces of art from the locations we visit...its sort of "our thing", but its fun.

+Pete Song I used to collect glass coke bottles from different countries. That was before they went plastic. Now I collect mugs and useless electronic gadgets.

Yes, some I got while traveling but I'd also ask people I knew who were going overseas if they could bring me a bottle. The mugs don't have any particular theme - some are from places I worked or visited. No photos-yet!

+Robby Bowles Great post +shirley lo, I'm pretty late to the party on this one. I collected baseball cards as a kid but have not done that in quite some time. I guess now I mostly collect knowledge. I have an insatiable appetite for learning and understanding how and why the world works. It comes out in my job as a scientist and in my spare time. I have to say, I enjoy it quite a bit.

+Chris Hoffmann I like to think I 'collect' humanity.My collection includes ideas, thoughts, images, and objects, both tangible and intangible, as well as many other 'quirky' things that make us who we are collectively and me who I am individually. People like you, who ask such incredibly wonderful questions, as well as the many others with whom I interact on a daily basis help me better appreciate and understand this sometimes crazy, but always amazing, world. And for me, there is no better collection than that!

+Melody Migas Lovely collection! I collect shells, too, they are my favorite thing to collect.
My husband & I also collect art pottery including Rookwood, Marblehead, and Roseville. Vintage dinner & glassware, barware, old military guns, signed NFL gear, and a whole lot of dust, lol. We use to buy & sell antiques, now we just collect here & there.

+Kathy Dawn well, I don't actually collect anything tangible , but I do collect precious memories every day with my children! does that count? I know, kind of "cheesy" or "cliche" , but true none the less :)

+John Freeman Shirley, the image of the collection is without words to describe. Is there some reason that money is the beginning or source of the collection? My collections are the thoughts of Life & Experiences of my life of the past and how these relate to the future! Peace, Thank you my wonderful friend of life. I love your image of symmetry (The Yin & Yang) around the money symbol.

+Joe Vallee I collect my thoughts nightly for over 13 years in a journal...... you may be in it ;-)
It may make for a wealth of interesting information once I get the time to put thoughts to a story in the future. I have a real life who done it that needs to be written......

+Pasquale Di Dato i've a collection of shirleys, but i see, i miss one :P

i collect perfume bottles...WW2 memorabilia...old cameras and signifcant literature

+Daniel Chen That's a wonderful collection of shells (and that one coin, hehe)!
I like to collect macarons, though they don't sit around for long after I acquire them :)

I have this impulse of getting them whenever I see them :) Yep, I'm an avid macaron 'collector' :)

+John Wesche I collect old, rare, and foreign films and coins from around the world

+Amalia Pedemonte I collect lapel pins from all over the world... I Love them :)

+Jorge A. Wong I collect books...:-)

+Mark Esguerra Well, I haven't really collected anything since high school. But what I collected back then was comic books. I was a big comic nerd. he he. ;-P

He he, I always read them first, then they went into the baggies never to be opened again. ;-P

+Sumit Sen Lovely shot! I collect books :-)
Essentially books on information and especially wildlife and nature-related books. I have one of the largest collections of bird books in my part of the country for sure :-) also collect old books, especially illustrated books.

+lavina street i love to collect anything that has to do with cats. pictures, ceramic,stuffed,i even have my own collection of ferals that come around every day...they have their own names...and i also collect ceramic bunnies...

+Brandon Oh I collect fallen leaves every autumn and classic old camera and lens.

+Mike Hunzeker Great post...I collect foreign coins, and have since I was 5 when my grandfather came back from India many years ago...(don't ask!). I have a pretty big collection and every trip I go on I look for others from the different countries I visit...

+Meg Rousher Nice collection Shirley ~ I've got a collection of family photo's (starting in the 1800's) , seashells, coins, candle holders, old rock n roll records and Wildlife/Nature photo's :)

+Jun C I used to collect Starbucks cards... but not so much anymore... I still try to collect rare ones tho... the last one I bought (off eBay) was the Olympics one from Canada...

Oh, I also started taking photos of Chinese cookie fortunes... :)

+Olivier Malinur Apart from troubles, I collect minerals, about 300 specimens with a particular focus on silicates, especially quartz. I was also collecting science books older than 1900. I had 12 only.

+Rogier Rood I can be short on this question; due to shortage of space I started to collect all kind of interesting things with only one restriction: they have to be digital. That are mainly pictures. :)

+Nimesh Patel Excellent image, and thoughts to go along with it. Thanks, +shirley lo and Charles Lu. I collect images.
I used to collect material things, but now trying to cut down on that habit as I get older!
I used to collect fountain pens!

+Klomwang Hwang Good stuffs are posted here, what I wish to collect is now hope. and you ? o_o

+Kean Damien I collect people thoughts,hopes and dreams then enable them to sculpt me into a life size person through understanding people better. :0)

+Serena Ruiz I collect dolls...since I was a young girl I have been so fascinated by them. From franklin mint to barbie, to special collections...

+Lupe M. Luevano That is a nice collection of shells ... I used to collect shells from every place I had ever been to that of course had an ocean that I had found....It was a big collection... But in the move after my Mom died the movers dropped all my shells and they all broke... I stopped collecting them... Now I seem to collect antique jewelry boxes in which I store my "Jewels"... :))

+Kerry Murphy Wow! This is a great collection, +shirley lo! I am a shell collector too. They are not organized at all but we bring some home from the beach every year. My son is a rock collector. I love it. :)

+Robin Griggs Wood What an amazing post, +shirley lo!! I love it! I love your shells image, too –– I have a collection of them as well (you've reminded me that I've been meaning to shoot them ... ;oD)

+Marilou Aballe Wonderful post +Shirley Lo ! I collect U.S. stamps (sheets) in mint condition. I've been collecting them since moving to the U.S. more than 25 years ago :).

+Paras Shah I collect +1 love +shirley lo :D
Well, I used to collect stamps at one point but that is in India now. Also collecting some currency notes from various countries... that's about it +shirley lo :)

Yes +shirley lo, stamps i kinda stopped now as major chunk was inherited from my grandpa. But currency notes i still do. They are from different countries i visited or been to while in transit :))

+Vivienne Gucwa I am not much of a collector of physical objects. I do collect dreams though. :)
I actually started writing them down last month because I wanted one place to go back to whenever I needed to feel inspired (made a post about it too!). Some of the ones I hope to make come true one day: Travel the world with my camera, Take a photograph in the center of every major city on earth, Visit every continent and swim in every ocean.

The image in your post stood out to me because my mother collects shells!

+Anderson Santiago JR I have a big collection of anime dvd and starting to collect anime art book soon.

+Diwakar MRao I try to recollect all my thoughts.... which i missed without capturing them in photos or in art form... going forward trying to capture everything possible

+Toshi Lin I collect classical music dome downloading...over two thousands XD

Every night I picked a music video from youtube to say goodnight to my facebook & plurk friends.
I collect all the links to the list:

When I was in college, graduate school, I love Mahler most. Recently I feel like Schubert most.

Maybe another collection is photos? I went out quite often to take photos. Here is my photo album:

I traveled to these places quite often. In 2008 I bought my very first camera in my life and started learning photography myself. I took all these photos within 4 years. (Except the first 9 photo albums: Yosemite, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Glacier, Waterton, Banff, Jasper, Oregon, SF. I took these by my friend’s camera in 1999 during my camping trip to the States & Canada)

I love Mahler’s symphonies no.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 & Das Lied von der Erde. Especially no.1-3, 4 movs, no.2-1, 2, 4, 5 movs, no.3-1, 6 movs, no.4-3 mov, no.5-4 mov, no.6-3 mov, no.9-4 mov, Das Lied von der Erde-6 mov. I think I am lucky I can listen to all the music I like in my office too.

+Andreas Kaspar I collect joyful moments

+Serein Lee I collect photography books :)

+Sudipto Sarkar i collect coins.. :)
i even love to collect movies..

+Sara Olinger - I collect US quarters - Kansas - w. buffalos on them - they're all over my apt

+Heinz Udo Zemlin ich hatte Erfahrungen gesammelt . Einige waren nicht gut . Danach sammelte ich Eindrücke und Fotos aus vergangenen Zeiten .Alte restaurierte Bilder aus Japan kannst du in meinen Beiträgen finden . Das hat etwas mit deinen Ahnen zu tun . Ich bewundere die handwerklichen Fertigkeiten dieser Kultur .

+Jerome Berruer j aime la diversité des couleurs et la paix qui règne dans la férocité des océan ou la libertés prend tous son sens quand les bateaux sont quai

+Shakirah Faleh Lai bottle caps

+Tiffany Henry +shirley lo collects circles and people! No wonder I got close to 800 adds in the last hr! Thanks for collecting me in a collection! :-)
for those that collect circles:

+Scott Jarvie 239 most interactive photographers

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