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Love Google+? Vote for us in the webby awards! We're currently a very close 2nd place, so every vote helps :)
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Oh wow, last time I checked, we were 6% away from Pinterest! We're so close!
I voted for Google+ - but to be honest - I like Pinterest also ;)
I voted...Love Google+
looks like a tight race :) Go Google+
Not sure if my vote pushed the balance to G+ but it is at #1 now.
I'll have you know, i just voted and it's now winning!
Wow, that's awesome. 10 hours ago G+ was behind by 13%. I love how people take pride in and rally around the community here. r u...
ranju m
good rohit..... hw a u ? sorry do u knw me!!!
no....want to b ur frnd....
hi to everyone....salam...
ranju m
wokay intro plzzzzzzzzzz
ranju m
@ rohit : abe saale tera ............
ranju m
tumhne bathaya na ki frnds !!! tho esliye poocha chalo chod dho.........
kyun chd....pucho intro me kya puchna hai....
heloo..adhithya....ask me
Update: 46% Google+ 41*% Pinterest. The tide has turned in a big way!

Google+ is AHEAD of Pinterest now by FIVE points!! Well done, Google+ community! The numbers have been turning in favor of Google+ all day! vote is wid U dear...
Lets take Google+ at the first position now...
Voted for G+. It seems, main message have posted long back as i am seeing G+ on 1st place with 48% following Pinterest on 2nd place with 40%.
I wonder how much you could stuff the ballot if everyone voted via their respective individual oauth providers?
Heyy, could any1 explain me what Pinterest is..??? m not getting it..
First place now :) Keep it !
Its already on the top of the world now.. :-) :-)
Voted. G+ is first now :-)
Voted. 50% and the 1st place for Google now! :D
I'm guessing Pinterest is winning at the moment. Google+ gets my vote!
Voted for Google....Google plus is first place!!!!!!
please stop to killed the muslim people
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it's only second place out of lack of options. i dont get it, why vote for g+?
Funny, the overhyped pic sharing tool Pinterest is now on 2 and Google+ on the place it belongs: 1
Neha Pd
Its in the 1st place already! :) :D
G+ simply rocks. But, why isn't Facebook among the top 5? ~ Coz it sucks.
Just voted.. Hope Google+ wins.. (They obviously will..)
Geeks that use Google Plus UNITE!
[PRO TIP] Vote using different social network sign-ins! I voted with my Google account, Facebook account, and my Twitter account.
Yesterday morning, pre Google+ voting initiative:
Pinterest ahead by 8%
Today post Google+ voting initiative:
Google+ ahead by 19%
This = Awesome
Posts like these made the difference +Shimrit Ben-Yair!
I have a ?. I only voted in 3 categories or topics. Are you able to discern? Rodney
Hi +Shimrit Ben-Yair, I just cast my vote for the #webbyfor +Google+ which was first with 55% at the time of my casting my vote with +Pinterest 2nd with 35%, +I Had Cancer with 4%, +CNN iReport also with 4% (placement using pre-rounded numbers I assume and +Storify with 3%. Go +Google! Looks like Goolge+ has a handsome lead indeed! Good luck on taking home the webby award.
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