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Discover posts that your friends have +1’d

Many of the best photos, articles and videos we find online are the ones recommended by friends. So we're making it easier to discover these recommendations in your Google+ stream. Starting today:

- We'll occasionally highlight posts that were +1'd by people in your circles
- And if you +1 a post, we may highlight it to your friends as well

Circles help you control who can see your activity, as well as what appears in your main stream. So with today’s launch:

- You can visit your settings to decide who, if anyone, might see your +1s highlighted in the stream:
- In all cases: friends will only see +1s and posts they already had permission to see, we’re just calling extra attention to them
- And of course: if you’re seeing too much activity from a given circle, you can always turn down its volume, or exclude it from Home entirely:

We're rolling out this feature over the next few days, so look for the new “+1’d this" header, and let us know what you think!

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Erica Joy
Obvious question: how do I opt out of my friends seeing my +1's? I might + some risque stuff that I don't necessarily want propagating out to all my friends/family.
I'm a huge fan of this feature. It'll help me manage my circles better and hopefully help me find more awesome people easier.
+Erica Joy you have a control under settings / apps and activities. You can choose no one all the way through circles to public.
Any chance there's plans for the ability to flat out browse a specific person's +1 history? I know a lot of users who wouldn't mind that info being public and it would definitely be the best way to go looking for new people to add to my circles.

Pick one or two people I follow closely and follow who they follow closely, etc.
Right now you have the ability to view your +1s (under settings). You can also publish your web +1s on your profile (in that tab).
i like the colors they are so pretty and colorful
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  Is there a place where I can see all of the posts that I have +1'd?  Edit, I see you have answered that above, I will go and see if I can find it . . .
I take my hat off to the G+ team, I find it difficult to distinguish between posts viewed on mobile and posts viewed on the web
+Vance McAlister yes you can find it under settings / apps and activities. We're in the process of launching this feature now.
Does the ability to limit who sees my Plusses only come after the update?  I do not have the option to change it under Settings yet.  
post more pretty stuff plz plz plz !!!!!!!<3
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  OK, I am not seeing an "Apps and Activities" section yet, must not have rolled out to me yet.  Being able to scroll through the posts (as opposed to web pages) I have +1'd will be great!
What I would find helpful is being able to translate a comment in the same way we +1 comments. 
I agree with +hartage mcmahon 110%.

Autoawesome translation! Make it in the language of the poster. The comments could be translated already with the option to view in original language. 

That would be really great... and not related at all to this post.. sorry... 
Is there going to be an option to turn off seeing all Plusses by other people?  Or just not letting them see mine?  
+Elizabeth Hahn you can choose not to create them. If you want not to see them, the circle volume sliders (under gear) apply. See my post above and the links attached.
+Elizabeth Hahn .. when the feature is rolled out you'll be able to set who can see your +1's by going to

and selecting the Google tab .. 

I have mine set to "Extended Circles" .. you can choose your favorite setting. (including NOne)
This is just for Google+ Posts +1 activity ... and will not show URLs we've +1'd, into the stream (just on our +1 profile tab) right? I am just double checking and not sure if that is possibly going to be included in the future but that sounds like if ya did, it could get too noisy/spammy. 
This does sound like it is leading to.. "Show me more of this" / "Show me less of this" which smells like another one of many experiments you are running. Also, this might eventually lead to seeing CIRCLES comments and reshares (although we should see a +Reshare already.. and it'd be nice/interesting to be able to somehow see reshare activity as far as public  (or whatever your privacy on a post allows) comments go on G+ in a simpler way without having to open up a ripple (in which we cannot comment there). :) Thanks +Shimrit Ben-Yair !
+Ricardo Lagos So, to answer +Elizabeth Hahn's question—no? (Or possibly not?) She asked the inverse. Just because I have someone in a circle doesn't mean I care what they like and want to see it in my stream. Some people, maybe. Everyone in my circles? Not a chance.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Thanks for the clarification. If we can't in the first iteration, it would be nice to control that separately. (And expect some feedback. :-)

(That separately being posts and +1s)
So, by default, one who doesn't want their plusses publicly broadcasted need to turn something off in the settings? Thanks
update sounds good, its adjustable and flexible.....keep up the good work G+ Team
+Shimrit Ben-Yair So I need to put everyone I have circled in another circle and mute all their Plus 1's?  I really don't want to see any plusses  by anyone.  
I have - on Facebook.  I detest the stalker feed there as well.  

And that would really suck +matthew rappaport :(  I circle people because of what they share, not because they plus a bunch of stuff.  
Also, this feature will show us content from both people we have circled and do not have circled ..or just people we do not have circled (b/c otherwise the content would already be in our stream?)? 

Or the point is more to show us what content our friends enjoy (amongst other uses).. so we might see a repeat post..
You will see it. Because someone in your circles +1d it. You must also have permission to view the original post.
There is a lot of confusion....I'll just wait and see what happens
That's my point.  I have no wish to see what people plus, especially if I don't have that person/page circled in the first place.  Maybe there is a reason I don't - either because of the content, or whatever.  Just because people I have circled like spinach, doesn't mean I do too.  :-)
This doesn't have to do with this per say but l need help to recover my password as l only have one email account which is gmail but it won't let me use it. PLEASE HELP ME SOMEONE!
How can disable all new features by default? I prefer to opt-in rather than opt-out. Adding a "disable all new features from now on" checkbox would be a great new feature, also assuming the least public option as default would be great. Thanks.
So THAT's the power (value) of a +1.
Great feature, I think I'm going to love this! Thanks Google.
"We'll occasionally highlight posts that were +1'd by people in your circles.
" And if you +1 a post, we may highlight it to your friends as well"
+Shimrit Ben-Yair 1. Could you expand on "occasionally" ? How many highlights can we expect on a daily basis? 
2. How the algorithm decides which of the posts  that I  "+1-ed"  will be highlighted to my friends?  
Once upon a time we had a Friday announcement - this is new on G+. We WOULD try new things, but, we'd like G+ to start with 'this is new, this is how it works, this is where the settings are'. We've been tipped into an unhappy situation where we wander around hoping to trip over someone who has found the latest 'this is new' +Shimrit Ben-Yair
This plus one update explains why I get hit by a little blue text box each time I +1 a post?!
I use #DoShare and each time I have to kill that autohashtag. Half an hour ago I discovered a setting to kill autohashtags.
Sorry to hear about  your negative experience +Diana Studer. We try to keep things simple on the surface but all the necessary controls in settings for those who need them. 
Circle volume sliders apply here +Tiffany Henry. So you can always put the person in a circle set to none and not see their updates.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I will be honest with you, I'm very skeptical at this point and very inclined to opt-out. But I will give it a try, to see if the "secret sauce" works well, if not - I may just stop plussing and will become a "silent reader"  ( with occasional comments :-)). 
I meant what is pictured here +Shimrit Ben-Yair . I don't need to see the posts of people in my stream that I don't have circled, just because more than 2 people in my circles have plussed them. That goes doubly for people I've already un-circled. And was just saying that there should be a way to opt out/turn it off.
Agreed regarding people you've uncircled. But these posts are also a great mechanism to discover people you didn't know were using the product, or interesting content to read.
I knew why the feature was made, +Shimrit Ben-Yair , but it seems as if it's being forced upon me. If I wanted this kind of treatment, I wouldn't have left FB in the first place. I find interesting people by seeing re-shares of their posts, seeing suggestions and talking to people who comment on my and other friends' posts. This new feature is just a bit too much, feels like you're forcing me and I would just like the option to shut it off. Kind of like refusing an invite to a party :) 
This assumes that the people whom I have circled, and who have circled me, are my friends. For the most part, they are interesting strangers on the interwebz, and are not my bestest buddies. "Friends" is so facebooky it makes my skin crawl.  ;-)
  (And yes, I changed settings to keep my pluses private.)
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  Ah, I found it now that it has updated, sort of buried in the settings.  Unfortunately, it doesn't have stuff that I +1'd  before, only going forward.  Still, that is a start!  What would be nice is to have these as the content of the +1 tab in the profile, rather than sites around the web or apps that I have +1'd.  
+Erik Orgell when this is enabled we notify you by tooltip with a direct link to turn it off. For most people it is useful but we still offer the control for those who don't find it useful.
If they made it opt-in only, no one would ever discover it or use it and a potentially cool feature would go to waste.  The current method of popping up a blue box and giving a "heads up" with a link to change the default is the best compromise, I think.
+J.J. Valenzuela  I will second that request!  :0)  I want to use it sort of like a bookmarking feature, if nothing else. 
Please consider adding a setting so that I can exclude '+1d' updates from my Home stream (but not exclude Posts).  I want to see Posts from my Circles but I don't want to see their +1s.
Sometimes I want to plus something.
Sometimes I want to share something.
Sometimes I want to do both.

Please don't force-share something I only plus. If I wanted to share it, I would have. And, yes, I'll be disabling +1 highlighted shares.

Forcing shares is a move I would expect from Facebook, not Google+.
And another great Example of "Google doesn't understand social".

Instead of Oversharing existing Data you should come up with some social Tools that actually bring People together.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair you say that the volume sliders apply. Does that mean we get a separate volume slider just for the +1's per circle, as well as the explicit posts or do you mean we still have a single, combined volume slider per circle, meaning I'll have to mute all activity for such circle?
So, basically, all +1's we make should now be treated as potential "Shares", unless you have it limited to "only you".  That makes every +1 a bigger commitment.  While I like the feature in general, I will definitely be +1'ing less often and more selectively.
I'm not going to change my +1 behaviour at all. If people follow me then they will not be subjected to a large amount of information as to what I'm doing on G+. And that's good, as far as I'm concerned.

But I post publicly 99% of the time.
Sorry for the intrusion ... just commenting so that I can get notifications about additional comments in this topic. (We so need an option to "subscribe" to topics we would like to follow.)
Sean S
I wished there was a volume control for the +1's only.  I don't want to turn down the volume on posts from people in my Circles.  I just want to turn down the volume for the +1s.
Sean S
I both like and dislike this feature.  
For most posts, I don't mind the posts I +1 being displayed to people in my Circles.  But there are a few posts that I +1 that I'm not comfortable having my Family Circle see.  But I don't want to turn this feature completely off.
+Sean S give it a try as is and let me know in a few days if you think its very noisy
Sean S
I'd love it if there was a separate tab on the home stream that displays posts my Circles have +1.  
"Agreed regarding people you've uncircled. "

Yikes. There needs to be nuance to this because some (i.e. me) went a little trigger happy with absorbing shared circles at the start, so had to mass delete/unfollow the circles in order to start over with something manageable and rebuild from there.

It would be unfortunate to have posts I otherwise would have found interesting pre-filtered away from me/irrecoverably blacklisted purely because I had them circled at some point in history and that no-longer being the case is taken as a signal to "scrub them from the earth". 
+Margie Hearron - you can adjust it...  See Shimrit's comment:
"- You can visit your settings to decide who, if anyone, might see your +1s highlighted in the stream:
- In all cases: friends will only see +1s and posts they already had permission to see, we’re just calling extra attention to them
- And of course: if you’re seeing too much activity from a given circle, you can always turn down its volume, or exclude it from Home entirely:"
So, we now have a way to reshare without the need to comment on what we're sharing?
+Matthew Graybosch  Very true.  We could do that by just not filling out the text box, but what this does is create a lot more sharing around of content by people who might not otherwise "Share".  That +1 button is very low friction, and I think a LOT of people will end up unwittingly sharing things because they forget that every +1 is a potential share.  Google is creating a lot more engagement and content sharing.  As +Diana Studer  says, "passive reshare".
Yes, now posts you've +1d might show up in the streams of people who have you in circles.
This is going to get ugly for a while. I suspect my stream is going to be filled with things I'm not sure I really want to know about the people I follow.
We'll see what your G+ secret sauce tastes like +Shimrit Ben-Yair. Nando's had to start selling their sauce. Customers stole the bottles off the tables. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair you said to adjust the sliders, so what if Bill makes posts I want to see, but I don't want to see his +1s? I can't mute him in that case, so?
Not yet, but several people have asked it and it is inevitable. I don't currently have anyone on mute, I see all posts with an even frequency. If I start to see +1s from someone and they annoy me, what should I do? If I mute them I won't see any of their posts.
If they are in circles with the right volume set on, it should not happen. Let me know if you have a specific example. Thanks!
On the "incoming" side of things, I am definitely willing to see what develops, what starts coming through my stream.  It is on the "outgoing" side that I am more uncomfortable, but for me the solution is just switch my sharing of plus ones to "only you".  That way I can add +1's without concern.
I think a "Do not show +1s from this user" on all +'d posts would be an ideal solution.
I mean that all these changes make it to everything I don't like about FB. 
You mean that social network where your privacy settings will get reverted back to the wide-open defaults every so often, without your informed consent? Aside from that, +Raya Ozruso-Cottrell, I find that most of what's wrong with Facebook is the same as most of what's wrong with America: the people.
If this feature isn't for you, you have a setting to turn it off. 
I am okay with this feature if you include the option of opting out of it. Of seeing people's +1, if I don't want to. But in a general level. 
The default setting of "friends of friends" sucks, plain and simple. Please reset this for everyone else to an opt-in default. I was lucky enough to catch it before it put a tremendous damper on my G+ experience.

Personal tracking of +1s - fantastic.
Forced sharing of your activity with others and theirs with you - terrible.
This is already annoying. I have a very limited number of people circled. Because I really don't want my stream to be noisy at all. I carefully put people into circles and adjust the sliders accordingly.

This has worked like a charm for me. A very limited but perfectly customized stream. My stream.

Until today.

Now the posts in my stream almost doubled. Because now i see + 1'd posts from people in my circles. I want to see their posts. But I couldn't care less what the think is worthy of a + 1.

Now and then it would be cool to just browse through what others have + 1'd. But please... make it optional.

Either individually (and separated from posts) on circles or maybe as a separate stream like the nearby stream in the mobile app.

Yeah... that would be cool. a + 1 stream!

But keep your hands off my carefully curated stream.

Until you fix this, I'm keeping my + 1's to myself.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair - I really do not want to see what people have +1'd (this exact feature is why I don't like to use Facebook anymore). Is there a way to block these or turn this feature off without blocking any of their actual posts? From what I've gathered from the articles about it that I've read, there is not. PLEASE prove that wrong.
There isn't +Michael Freeman. You are down to two options:

1) Ask people nicely to turn the feature off on their profile, or

2) Mute, uncircle.

Personally I have asked people in my circles, and if that's not an option they like, I'm moving them to a muted circle until i can gain some control over this feature myself.
I don't mind if other people want to see my +1s.

But I would really like a volume control for how much of other people's stuff appears in my stream. I don't want to turn it off, just down. There's too much right now.

I don't want to turn the circle volume down, because I want to see those people's posts.  I just don't want to see so many of their +1s. There are some circles which I might not want to see any +1s, but still want the circle member's posts.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair There's a wast difference between what people post and what they +1 ...
Having two different things controlled by the same control is just bad design... Since a lot of people +1 stupid things, I want to turn the +1's completely off, but still view the posts as per the slider as they usually post more rational stuff.
For example, I have a RL acquaintance in my circles, and I like to see her posts, but I definitely don't want to see the endless amount of +1 she puts on stupid cat (or any other animal for that matter) pictures!
What should I do? Uncircle her? Mute her?
Mat Brown
+Shimrit Ben-Yair, I've got an example. There's a photographer in my circles, whose work I like. He posts fairly rarely, but his stuff is always worth looking at.

But because he's very active +1-ing other people's photos, now my stream is full of stuff he likes. Which isn't the same. I don't want to see that. It's not stupid stuff, but it's not stuff I want to see.  It could easily be silly cat pictures.

Rinse and repeat in various styles for various people in my circles.

Can't believe this didn't come up during the design process.  Surprisingly un-Google.
a +1 stream, now that could be appealing. Let me CHOOSE to seek out something fresh, curated by the people I have chosen to circle. I so miss the Incoming Stream.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair - Thank you! I really appreciate your quick response and that you're looking into my request.

Maybe I'm just getting cranky in my "old age", but honestly, I have not liked most of the changes that have been added to G+ over the last few months. Up until then, I've always loved the changes that G+ did: subtle, slow, and purposeful changes that didn't copy any aspects of other social networks, but made G+ a unique experience. But the last few months have really made me unhappy here. Today's change is sort of coming up to a last straw for me. Personally, I wish I could go back in time and pause G+ at a specific point. Give me a G+ that looks and works just like it did at the beginning of the year and I'll be extremely happy. I understand that change has to happen, and in most cases I totally love change, if it makes things better. But some of these things seem like the G+ devs were bored and wanted to make changes just for change's sake (which is always a bad idea).

That said, I appreciate that my concerns are listened to, and some the problems I've had with the changes have been fixed. That gives me some hope. And it's still not as bad as that other social network. ;)

Thanks again for listening!
+Diana Studer - Now that is an idea I like. It's like when we had games (which I still sorely miss, by the way), game posts were held in the game stream. As long as I can still block my own +1's, I could get behind having a separate +1 stream. Great idea! What are your thoughts on that, +Shimrit Ben-Yair?
Meirav M.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Now I've seen this thing in action, I reiterate what I said earlier on my own post: we need an off switch on the receiving end, a way of saying: please don't show me this stuff in my stream at all. The circle volume sliders are of no help to me with this - I'm getting this stuff in my stream from people who are in my top volume circle, and they're in my top volume circle because I actually want to see all their posts. But I'm not in the slightest bit interested in seeing every post they've plussed. I don't want to see any of this stuff in my stream, and yet there's no way I can avoid it without missing out on posts that I want to see.
More contemplation, another issue: with the official "sharing" I can choose who I want to share a post with, selecting Circles which I know would find it more interesting  (archaeology to archaeology folks, Android to Android folks, etc), but "sharing" via the +1 feature has no such controls.  Sure, in the settings I can say who will see all of my +1's , but it would be different for each post.  This is what I am not quite understanding.  We had the Share feature to accomplish everything that this is supposed to accomplish, but does it a lot better.  We had the +1 feature to do something very different (let the poster know we liked the post), but now it can't be used as effectively for that purpose anymore because it is doing the share feature.  What is the new +1 sharing feature providing that Sharing was NOT providing?  Luckily, if we like to have each function do separate things, we can still set it to "only you".
I have not seen any of this kind of activity in my actual circles (not stream, circles). None of my circles have been showing in my stream for quite some time due to the abrupt changes that can occur (and have) when new settings (like actual sliders becoming click choices) alter the volume of posts in my stream.

Please don't bother to include posts +1d before this change unless the information is listed by current settings. The post I was plussing when I learned of this new info had to be unplussed then replussed so that it matched my adjusted settings. This is because I would rather delete every single one of them, no matter how long or possibly insulting it might be, than to have G+ "share" things that I didn't expect to "share" in the first place.
+T JW nope. It's all or nothing right now. All +1s are visible to "public", "extended circles (default)", "your circles" or "only you". You can adjust how yours are shown, but not others; you will get them or not depending on their own display settings.
+Ben Rogers and +T JW - you will get them based on what the author has set as his default AND on what circle the person is in. Volume sliders apply here.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair that is what I said. You can adjust how your own +1s are shown but not others. You should not be getting any +1s in your stream from someone who has their own setting at "only you" no matter the circle one puts them in. If they are sharing +1s, you use circle controls (sliders, which don't slide anymore) to adjust the amount of the total circle (regular posts and +1 posts together) appearing in your home stream.

Or did I get it wrong? I don't want to give out bad info.
+Ben Rogers correct. I was referring to your statement: "you will get them or not depending on their own display settings." It's based on that AND your circle sliders.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair then it just wasn't a completely clear statement. I meant that they control whether you see them in the first place.
+T JW 1 - it depends on whether they could see the original post in the first place. If they couldn't see the post, they won't see the +1.
2, 3, 4 - yes.
5- I don't know, but it will be more familiar to those FB users.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Please please please make it configurable so that it can be filtered out of the stream. And not necessarily with the overall slider (i.e. "Do you want to see +1" should be separate from "Volume of posts from this circle"). It's not helpful when you have several hundred people in circles :(
this update is suck !!!!!!
I hate it ..
I believe the late "Incoming" stream provided a better 'discoverability' for people to follow if compared to this passive reshare from +1s.
Sean S
+Shimrit Ben-Yair ,
1.) On the Google tab under "visible to", what is the difference between selecting "extended circles" and "public"?
2.) Will posts that are +1 in a public community appear on someone's home stream?
Sean S
Although I don't' fully like this feature, what I do like is that it could bring attention to the less popular users.   It will give them more exposure and help them gain more followers.  
Sean S
I mentioned this above but I want to add more to it.  
There could be a separate tab on the home stream so that I can see the +1s from people I have in my circles. It would be similar to "What's hot" but with posts from people you follow.
This sounds great. Maybe it will actually reduce some of the "noise" of people resharing the same posts. Sometimes I see the same post over and over as multiple follows reshare. Presumably if they all +1 instead, we'll just see it one time.
I'd love to see web +1's treated the same way, for the same reason. When something's going viral, you can see it popping up over and over. And a lot of sites still have a +1 button that doesn't include the popup share dialog.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair It was obvious when Google +1's was created. It's totally public tool. Not for people who +1'ing but for people who consuming content or who is a content creator. I wrote a lot of comments about this ideology that making +1's not for people who using them but for people who using Google+. It's definitly not cool. Particularly for Google.
By many feedbacks about improving of value of +1's i meant some new kind of sorting, some ability to favorite posts and comments and etc. Knowing that because i +1'ed something and i changed something for sure! But this feature is 'i +1'ed something and maybe someone somewhere will see something..'. Even passive tab with +1's with catalogs would be so much better. Because people could come there and see what i saw in last days about some interests, some fun, some disscuss. Something like social bookmarks. And i don't think it's bad if you will add this and checkbox that will allow to see +1's from someone's +1's tab right into Stream with posts. But without tag/catalogs and etc it's all doesn't useful at all. Even for OURSELVES. Whatever how it's good for someone i won't use it because i don't need it for myself at first place. And you can't do something good for someone without knowing what you doing. So it's useless for other people either.  And also now this tool not contain even stuff from Google+ itself!
I just don't use this tool because i don't want to promote things without controlling who will see them by my +1'ing...
Just that simple. And it's already two years like this...

ps: Add sorting posts by activities in Stream and Community or sorting comments by number of +1's and 90% of my time here will be +1'ing.. And in this case +1's from Google+ won't appear anywhere is a good thing.

pps: I really don't understand what Google+ team is doing. I just waiting fourth UI next year. So many promisses about Google+ History adn other stuff. And all we got is stupid Facebook. When you should be dumb or not here.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair you really are being a trooper on this! I guess the feeling a lot of us have is that sharing and +1'ing are used for very different purposes, and this move mushes them together. The content on Google+ is of all different types and quality levels. People will +1 all sorts of things, but what they choose to share is more selective, and that is what I want to see. We have spent time to curate and fine-tune our stream, and we all have plenty of incoming content. This just sort of messes it up. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I'm talking about things that i +1'ed. It can be some stuff from the Internet or posts from Google+ or posts from even myself. And as you said even if someone allowed to see my +1's he won't be able to see the post if it has limited privacy settings. But in general Google +1's is totally uncontrollable and public thing. I can't +1' some public content without being visible by someone who just added me to their circles.
ps: I already knew that by experience. When i +1'ed Youtube videos and people who i don't know saw all my +1'ed Youtube videos just because they added me to their circles.
+Vance McAlister I don't think that Google+ can be more messy service that it is already. More than 80% of my time here is wasting without purpose. I should read everything from everyone. Sorting is dead here.
And with services like Reddit or Google Reader in background this whole usability of Google+ is just a shame of Google.
I should believe that Google's servers know better than i am what i think is important and what is not. In service where i have sources like my little sister or sources like NASA.
ps: I even can't fing some posts that i read yesterday because of this magic sorting by Google. Because even with really huge amount of posts but with stable sorting by time i will find faster what i saw yesterday than with ... i don't know what it's even is. I don't know algoritms of it and even support page doesn't helping me in this question. Just some messy bunch of posts that eating a lot more time to read that 8 year old Google Reader. And even chronological sorting is stupid because i should remember last posts that i saw at last time EVERYTIME.
pps: I hope i won't leave town for a few weeks because then i will lost everything in that Google+ Stream forever. Because i won't being able to keep up it because i can't live so long, i'm only a human.
ppps: And one more thing.. i would love if Google+ be a ghost town. Maybe then it won't be so messy.
My English is awful. I'm sorry.
+Dmytro Zuenko I also have no idea what algorithm they use, but I am actually content with the stream I have curated. Between choosing the right people and communities, and setting my volume levels, I like where things are (and I am not concerned about seeing every single post. I hope this doesn't mess it up. 
Could we not just have a separate section to see +1s from our circles ... like the Whats Hot section. I do not want my stream to flooded by unnecessary content?
+Vance McAlister In ads we see how we should create circles by interests but in fact our circles are "Everything", "Little less" and now new one "Can't share +1's with me". With this fact would be better to have just default circles for certain purposes.
And as i understood new feature we can't even do that. Only no post and no +1's or posts and +1's. 
ps: I don't know i really liked the feeling that yes i spent a lot of time to reading but i'm sure i didn't miss anything from my sources. And here the only way to do it is read it all. Because few times was enough for me to experience when i really wanted to see something as fast as it possible but i saw only posts that i already read but Google thought i should see them again. Because of some 'magic' sorting that will replace my brain.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair It's more like 'Share with a link'. Yes it's public post and everyone can see it. But when someone saw it by my +1' it's means i did it. And maybe i don't want it. So it's not about privacy of content it's privacy of suggestions or advices and etc..
ps: And particularly for me. Just for start using it i need a reason for myself. It should be useful tool for me. And some kind of sorting by +1's i would participate. Or some tool like social bookmarks where i would keep some stuff from whole Internet by some catalogs (read it later, interesting, for friends, temporary saving end etc) and even if it's public and people will see every catalog of it they can choose see this or not at all. And in particular catalog either. So it's would be useful for me and people could enjoy it either if they like what i post maybe they like what i +1'ing. And i can +1'ing just for them but only part of it and only if they will use it if they want. Not because i did it to share to the whole world, everyone, in everysituation and etc. It's more like spam and not like useful tool.
It's really weird symbiosis for trying to rank all stuff in the Internet but with personal suggestions. Why i can't vote for some content but without telling everybody who i know that LOOK WHAT I JUST SAW! I just see as someone +1'ing some funny stuff while he is at work and after few minutes he got a call from a boss.. Because boss can choose what to see from him and he can't deside what to show from his +1's to boos. Or some similar situation.
Because it's public in general it shouldn't be with privacy settings but like with circles we should able to see who can see all ours +1's in their stream and who can see the tab with all ours +1's. yes everyone by their purpose can see some +1's from me because it's not anonymous but not tracking everything (+1's) from me please.
It should be only from the source to me. Or only by myself (by privacy settings of +1's tab and this new feature) from my +1 controlled by me to the source.
Cautiously giving this a go, but will have to curtail how much I usually +1, unfortunately. I understand the settings are there to control who might see the "+1 reshare" of my post, but will likely set them at "My Circles" and see how this plays out. 
Can we expect to see as the next feature that anytime I comment on someone's post, that post is then re-shared into my follower's stream?!
+Matt Hooper I wrote a lot of feedbacks about Comments tab in the Profile page. This feature could kill Twitter. With some adjusts to link comments between themselves even from differents sources.
ps: Particularly when Google+ Comments would be on Youtube and other sites either.
It's annoying. I don't care what others +1, if they want me to knoiw they can reshare. This "feature" makes me wanna throw up ...

Where is the opt-out for that?
+Shimrit Ben-Yair The term "stupid +1's" is in my context, i.e. things I don't have any interest in. For an example, a +1 by the person I mentioned just showed up about OSX (I have no interest in Mac's). This person +1's everything!

As I said above, there is a wast difference between what most people post, and what they +1. Just because we might be interested in someone's posts doesn't mean that we want to see their +1's.

This is just another example how you're diluting the home page... I've already disabled most of my communities since you started spamming from them (the photo communities are high-volume) a couple of months ago (totally overwhelmed the posts from people I followed), and now you dilute the home page even more from what I have an interest in seeing. G+ used to be a focused experience, you followed exactly what you wanted to follow, but now you seem to go towards the facebook mess :-/

Also consider this... You're confusing your interface... The posts we see have a '+1' and a 'share' button. The '+1' is to indicate that we like the post, and the 'share' is for making our followers aware that it is there.
Now however, the '+1' button also mean 'kind-of-share'...

Just give us an option to turn this completely OFF on the receiver side...
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I'm liking the change, but you guys really need to tune the algorithm. I'm seeing lots of people complain about how they're getting posts that don't interest them because ONE of their contacts plus oned them.

If I plus one a post it could be because it's related to my hobbies or even to my particular life, but it doesn't mean it's going to be interesting for my followers. However, if I and several other people without connections to me plus one it, and another person is following all of us, THEN that person is probably going to like that post we all liked too.

So please, please. Change the algorithm so that at least several of the person's contacts have to plus one a post for it to appear in his or her stream. You're killing this feature by only requiring one person.
Well, I really like this update but I agree with +David Prieto on the lack of "Turn off" setting for The receiver. Right now, people freaks out in my stream. I think they just don't get it, but I'll be glad to tell them how to not ne bothered by +1 from others in their stream :)
This is great. Been waiting for it...
+David Prieto Autosuggestions won't work without any tags. Would be better to have some catalogs in regular user profile and ability to follow only some part of posts of the user that you interested in. And similar thing with +1's, tags for being useful and privacy settings for access to whole +1's history of the page.
+Sebastien Defrance I'm not even sure there should be a setting to turn it off (why not, though) but this "you get it if just one contact likes it" thing has to end.
Turning off in this context means deleting the person from the circle. Because he knows that he sharing posts and his +1's. It's like how to turn off some posts in your stream.
ps: It's good that people can control their sharing of +1's. Would be good to have the same in +1's tab.
Currently the posts and comments around my circles about this is:
1. How to disable sharing your own +1's
2. How people who don't might/will be de-circled
3. Why the <four-letter-word> you can't avoid seeing other people's +1's
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Does anyone still have volume sliders?  I realize that is what the description used to be, for the option to adjust the noise factor from specific circles, but the visual "volume sliders" don't exist anymore, do they?   Or, are they being added back, for those who now have this new feature.  (I don't have it yet.)

I realize that those of us who previously knew about volume sliders will understand what is being discussed, but what about those who don't know the history?
cool new functionality +Shimrit Ben-Yair ! Just one thing: I'm fine having many of my plusses shared publicly, but I'm also manager of some pages, meaning many people share their photos with me. Out of politeness I plus most of them, but I really don't want to spam the stream with these. What would help would be the ability to define not so much who sees my plusses, but rather, which posts I plus.
Could there be a setting do define that my +1's for certain circles get shared?  Otherwise, I fear that instead of increasing engagement, this might actually work the other way.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I'm seeing things I don't want to see from people whose posts I usually do want to see.  My stream is now full of political junk from people who've been careful up to now not to post or reshare politics in whatever circle they have me in.  I know this because anybody who I've circled who routinely shares their politics (or animated gifs, or cat pics, etc) gets thrown in a silent circle or uncircled.  

G+ users have developed a whole protocol of announcing their posting circles, soliciting what circles followers want to be in and then posting appropriate content to those circles in order to organize streams by topic, and this just blows that out of the water. I don't want to have to silence every person who +1's something outside of the usual subject matter they post to me or learn to live with the pollution.  

I want an option to not see any +1's in a stream at all, or at least for the +1 button to grow a drop down to let you pick which Circles that specific +1 gets potentially shared to (including none).
+Shimrit Ben-Yair - this morning I am seeing behavior which seems like a bug. 

I got a "X +1'd this" post, showing me a post from someone who is in my circles already.  I'd even plussed the post I was being shown myself earlier in the day!

That doesn't seem right.
+Sebastien Defrance Yes ... I understand where to find the feature that is being referred to as a volume slider.  

My point ... for +Shimrit Ben-Yair is that new users to Google+ are likely to be confused by seeing people refer to volume sliders instead of a more accurately descriptive explanation of the way the feature is now presented.
Hmm, I thought unchecking "Occasional updates from people outside your circles" was going to allow us to turn this off but apparently not.

While I like the new feature, I agree there needs to be a way to just universally shut off incoming +1's.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  Please don't.  This is one of the things I hate about facebook.  If I WANT to share something with my followers, I will click the share button.  Please do not also 'sometimes' share posts that I only +1. That means YOU are sharing on MY behalf.  I understand that you are trying to build engagement, but this is a very facebook/marketing kind of way to do it.   Note:  Thank you for giving us the option to turn it off.  I do like the idea that people can look to my public +1s o look for content, but please don't spam them in my name.
I've been defending this feature as potentially interesting but now that I've learned that my friends can't easily filter these posts out on their end, I feel I have no choice but to turn the feature off on my end, out of respect for their wishes. 
Big Minus 10 on this. I disabled it but still it's affecting how much I plus. Before I was more free and happy with giving +1s but today not so much. I've become picky and less active. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair the amazing community that we have come to love and respect called Google+ has spoken,
Now please do what Google is best known for... listening and adapting to the needs of its loyal users.
+Dmytro Zuenko I don't know if you have been there already, but on your settings page, click on "Manage apps & activities" to see your internal +1s in a list. They do not appear on your +1 tab on your profile. Those are only external to G+ +1s.

+Shimrit Ben-Yair first, please start using the term "volume control" instead of slider. It doesn't slide, it is a check box and it only appears after checking another box. Google News still uses actual sliders, G+ does not. It is a confusing term for newbies.

Second, put a control on the receiving end that is more specific than reducing the volume of all posts from a circle because that is really just a "too bad for you" response. I am lucky in that my disappointment with the algorithms that choose "activity" over chronology and don't always give all the posts even when the original sliders said "all", as well as the sudden intrusion of communities one morning (a number of which I would rather have not had showing up without advance notice), left me with a dismal view of the home stream. None of my circles are allowed in my home stream and I'm just glad that these +1 posts do not make themselves visible in the actual circles.
+Dmytro Zuenko Say a company, Acme Anvils, has a website and a G+ page. If you +1 the website, that shows on your +1 tab on your profile. If you +1 a post on their page, that +1 shows on your "for your eyes only" apps & activities log. The post +1 will be visible to others depending on the original setting for post visiblity and then your setting for +1s. 

Another example: you have your +1 setting to public - all of your +1s have the potential to be seen by the public. Jane, in your circles, shares two posts to you, one public and one private to you alone. If you +1 both posts, her public post might be shared to those who have you in their circles. The private +1 will be shared to Jane only because it is her post and she will be notified, but she won't be shared back her own post. So her private post setting overrides your public +1 setting.

Here is the settings page:
click on "Manage apps & actvities"

Here is the +1s page:
+Ben Rogers You mean it should be as it is?
As i previously said i just want to control privacy of my suggestions and not the content that is +1'ed. I don't care that whole world can see some my +1's on some sites or posts. But i don't want to allow to everyone who can add me to his circle track all my +1's in realtime from +1's tab. Only source to +1's is acceptable. Or tab under mine control. Now i just can choose 'don't show tab' in my profile or show. No other options. It's cool. I guess it's start of adding some parts of Google+ History.
But would be good to see +1's from Google+ comments there either. As the Comments tab in the profile either.
And being able to see my +1's doesn't mean people can come to some place where all my +1's will be. They just can receive suggestions from Google with my +1's. It's not particularly what i want. But still it's good. Bad we don't have similar privacy settings to other +1's.
How does it know which of my circle to share out a particular +1 to.

Like, if I plus a post about Spider-man, how does it know to show that to people in my "Comics" circle instead of to my "Broadway Show Tunes" circle?

If the answer is that it doesn't, it shares that plussed post to everyone, then that is a problem. Because now it is spamming irrelevant content to a curated circle. That will get people uncircled. Seems counter-intuitive. to the features stated intent. That is kind the whole point to circles in the first place.

So this new feature basically circumvents your circles. If I choose to share this my plusses with "My Circles", then the plussed post goes out to every person in all of my circles regardless of the content plussed.

So in essence, the plussed post goes out as spam to people who were never interested in that content.
+Scott Jordan you have it mixed up (unless behaviour has changed radically). It is not sharing those posts with anyone in your circles. At least it is, but only if they have you in their circles. I mean your posts are visible to people who are following you (unless they are public postings) but they will only be seen by others if they visit your page. You will see the plussed posts of people who you are following. Not the ones who are following you. So the reverse is true.
What is really bad about the whole idea is that you could end up recommending posts to people you didn't mean to, I have 3 main groups of people in my Circles, Friends, Family & Colleagues.

There may be things that I like that my mother may not appreciate, or even worse, colleagues who will judge you on what you recommend to them.

When I +1 it is to let the person who shared the post know I liked it, when I share the post, I am recommending it to the people I'm sharing it with. I +1 posts a lot more than I share and I am careful about what I recommend, I don't need google to mess things up for me, that's what Facebook is for (Which is why I ditched it)
The people following you are the ones who will see it +Jon Towler - if the ones in your circles (your mother for example) are also following you - but only IF - then they also will see these. But not the people in your circles necessarily. You have no control over who sees these as you cannot control who follows you.
+Ellie Kennard not 100% true. Users are in control of who these goes out to. By default it goes to extended circles which you have an option to change.
Sean S
+Shimrit Ben-Yair ,
I want my +1 to appear on everyone's home stream as they do now except for one particular circle.  How do I do that?  In the "Custom" option, what do I choose?  
+Scott Jordan only if they could have seen the post in the first place. If they couldn't see the post in the first place, they won't see it after you +1 it. You may choose to not share at all by selecting "only me". Otherwise, yes they may see those +1'd posts.

+Dmytro Zuenko you have 2 separate places to store +1s. The outside G+ get stored on the +1 tab on your profile. You change the settings for who sees that tab on your settings page. Inside G+ as a list are only visible to you on the apps & activities page. The actual posts will be visible in others streams depending on which setting you choose. "Only me" means that they will only see it if they stumble across the post by themselves while on G+. "Your circles" means that those who circled you might see it in their streams, no others streams. "Extended circles" means that people who are in the circles of the people who circled you might see it. "Public" means any stream might see it. But at no time can anyone see a complete list of all of the posts you have given a +1 to.
What do you mean by "appear on everyone's home stream"?
Sean S
+Shimrit Ben-Yair ,
What do you mean by "appear on everyone's home stream"?
By default it is set to visible to: extended circles.  
I want to change this so that it shows my +1s to the the same people it shows my +1s to now except for 1 particular circle.
I don't want to disable this feature completely.  I just don't want one particular circle (my family) to see my +1s.
+Ellie Kennard Well, that was clear as mud.

If I +1 a post (not share, just plus) by PersonA, then PersonB (who circled me) may see it in their stream, even if PersonB did not circle PersonA. My plussing PersonA's post could make it jump into PersonB's stream. This has problems.

Scenario 1:
Let's say that PersonB really dislikes PersonA even though PersonA is in my circles. so PersonB simply chooses to not circle PersonA. But PersonB circled me. So now, PersonB may start to see PersonA's posts because I am plussing them. This leaves PersonB with a choice, uncircle me or block PersonA completely even though PersonA really did nothing wrong.

Scenario 2:
I have two circles that are totally unrelated to each other. The things I share to CircleA are of no interest (maybe even hated) by people in CircleB. So I go to settings and enable my plusses to go out to "My Circles" because sometimes I plus posts that CircleA might like and sometimes posts that CircleB might like. But ALL of my plusses that the algorithm chooses will be seen by ALL of my circles regardless of who is interested in what. This greatly impacts the quality of the posts that I carefully curate when sharing to target those circles.

This basically negates the need for circles completely because posts are going to be automagically crossposting themselves everywhere.

I also do not see the need for it. If I want to share something, the "Share" button is right there next to the "Plus" button. This saves me all of one click for public sharing, which is what this is since I cannot control the target circle it gets shared to.
 - yes, true. BUT ONLY IF they are following you. They CAN see it. But if not following YOU they will not see it (except on your page). I see no postings in my stream from anyone other than those I am following. I do not see the postings of those in the circles of those I am following. Unless they are in my circles.
So: I am following John. John is in my circles. I am not in his. He will NOT see my plus ones (if I allow them anyway, which I do not). Even though he COULD.
I will, however, see John's plus postings even though he doesn't know I exist. If the post I have plussed is also plussed by people he is following he stands a chance of seeing my name. But otherwise he still will not know I exist, nor what I have plussed. +Sean S 
+Ellie Kennard
This is Exactly why it is a bad idea, and shows that they didn't really think things through fully before they released it.

+Shimrit Ben-Yair 
If it was an opt in then you have no one else to blame for opting in, but to have it forced on you leaves you resenting it, a lot of people I know are not very tech savvy and would not know how to turn it off, and I may not appreciate a lot of the things my friend like.

I left Facebook because I lost control of my posts and feed, the privacy is what makes google+ really stand out, and it is what compels me to recommend it, so to take a bit of that away from me loses some of my respect for google.

And I am proved wrong now.
I am seeing posts in my stream from people I do not follow, plussed by people I am.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair 
+Jon Towler user privacy is critical for us here on G+. We provided a very prominent notification, nuanced controls and an activity log. Users who don't want the feature can turn it off, and the rest can benefit from great content and people recommendations.
+Ellie Kennard circle controls apply, if you're not interested in a person, make sure he or she is in a circle with the volume set to low. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair But the problem are still there. I cannot control which post I plus is seen by which of my circles. When I use the Share button, I can choose which circle can see it in the Share dialog.

Let's say I plus a pro-choice post. That may be promoted to my boss in my coworkers circle. That is a problem. I could exclude that circle from seeing all plus data, but then my boss will never see the work related posts I plus.

I think you are missing our point +Shimrit Ben-Yair we are interested in what they post but not what they plus There is a huge difference. All Google needs to do is have a slider/checkbox/filter to not show any plusses. From anyone. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair The problem the reducing the circle volume is that is turns dow EVERYONE in the circle when all I want to do is eliminate posts from people NOT in the circle in the first place, which is exactly WHY I created that circle to begin with.

At best, this feature is completely oblivious to circles. At worst, it violates the entire concept of circles.

Your outgoing plus-recommended posts are topic ignorant.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the Google+ secret sauce is supposed to decide if what I +1 will be of interest to my circles?

Because I've already seen +1 autoshares that I am not interested in seeing, it makes me worry that my +1s will be shared to people not interested in seeing them and then they might put me in their circles with the volume setting turned way down, or worse, drop me from their circles.

I can't help but wonder if this is a solution for a problem that never existed. When we have two buttons, one for sharing and one for +1ing, why go and upset the fruit basket?

This is why I've turned off the setting for automatically sharing +1'd content. Perhaps I'll turn it back on when I start to feel like there is a benefit for me to have it on.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair - I am seeing the postings of people NOT IN MY CIRCLES at all! So no way to turn them down. They have been simply plus oned by someone in a circle of mine.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I just wanted to say that you are awesome. Yes, passions are flaring right now, but it not directed toward you. We are all just passionate about Google+. And when we see it being Facebookified, we get upset.

Yes, I know it is not exactly the same implementation. But I personally, hate any filtering of my incoming stream. If there are spam posts, I will report it. If there are jerks, I will block them. I am a big boy and can curate my own stream.

Likewise, I do not like anything being added to my stream that I did not opt-in for. I circle who I want. If someone I circle feels something is important enough to share, I want to see it. If they did not bother to share it, then it was not interesting enough to see. This is called "frictionless sharing".  Facebook.

Also, this is doubly frustrating because of how the feature that we had and loved was taken away, the old Incoming Stream. There is still a Page dedicated to that. We had it. It worked great. It was removed and replaced with "What's Hot". Facebook.

The volume slider was replaced with a more/less, not all or zero. These mushy settings values pretty much mean "relevancy algorithm". Facebook.

These are al moves the take away the freedom that we fell in love with during the field test and beta. Now we are seeing less and less control, and more and more forced injection of the unwanted into our streams.

In other words, this is becoming Facebook. And if that is the way it is heading, we may as well just go back there. Facebook is basically disintegrating because of these very choices that they already made. Why would you want to copy the same strategy that is sinking their ship?

This game is yours to lose.
+Scott Jordan thanks for your thoughtful writeup. You clearly feel passionately about this, and we're very grateful for users like you. We'll continue improving and refining this experience.
Sean S
On the Google tab, under "visible to", what happens when you select "public" instead of "extended circles"?
Then your +1 activity updates can go out to anyone who has you in circles, regardless of your circles.
+Erik Orgell The opt-in way to re-share posts already exists, its called reshare. I have no idea why Google is doing this. I'm guessing people who use it will just learn that "+1" is not "+1", its "reshare" and will use it that way instead of as a "+1".
Does the "frictionless sharing" algorithm even notify you when it chooses to share the post instead of just plus it? Can you cancel/undo it?
You can see a full list of your +1 activities under settings / apps and activities / log, and delete them from there.
Sorry. I am trying to puzzle out a way that this feature can work without the problems I mentioned. Not there yet.
The biggest barrier to me using it is the problem that the content of the post that I plus is not directed to the appropriate circle. If I plus a post about bicycles, it would be visible to other circles. That sounds harmless but what if the post was about something more risqué? AV Flox (mobile app won't tag her) that lays this out quite eloquently.

I was just trying to think through a very simple case where I would get to simply choose per plus if it gets recommended.

Of course, you could just make a new button for this functionality. So we'd have three.

+1 and recommend
Sean S
I agree with +Scott Jordan regarding risque posts.
I love this feature but can't use it because the post that I +1 could be sent to my family.
Imagine a closeted atheist who +1s atheism related post and it appears in their very religious family's home stream.  This can cause issues in the family.    
+Sean S Or your boss or coworkers see it. In the South, you're likely to get fired and not even know why.
Scott and Sean - you can choose specific circles that these updates go to.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I don't think it works for me still.

I plus work-related and personal posts. But I see no way for me to plus work-related posts and only have my "work" circle see it while also being able to plus personal posts that only my "family" circle can see.

My only choices are none (only me), work (and then only ever plus work-related posts, or personal (and then only ever plus personal posts).

Because I have more than one audience and I do not want them mixed, and they don't either. That's why we use circles to separate them in the first place.
If I choose CUSTOM and add PUBLIC, circles, extended and every single circle I have .. Is that different then just having Public?
I just really like the idea of activities on Youtube or some parts of Google+ History from beta. When some user that you interested in maybe just don't know about what to post today but he has really interesting +1's, he saw really interesting video and got really interesting discuss in comments today. Why he can't show tab with this activities to some circles.
Even when it's some tab in profile that not really useful when you follow many of interesting people. Going to everyone's tab eveytime. But as first step it would be ok. Google +1's tab and Google+ Comments tab. With privacy settings to allow see whole tab only for some members in some of your circles that you choose. Or even some sections of comments and +1's and share access to them differently.
And would be great to have all +1's and comments in one tab. Maybe in few tabs but in one place. Why +1's from non-Google sites people can share as a whole list and +1's from Google+ only by some magic server filter that will appear or not on their Stream. And even if they trying to go back to someone's +1's they just can't if it was from Google+ +1's. Because there is no place to look at all of them in chronological view.

ps: Ability to receive some part of what someone is sharing was lacking even before this feature was added. Because people who sharing and people who following them can apreciate different things. It won't get full match when we talking about millions of people. And really a lot of users using one account or one page. No one want to create bunch of pages to share posts with specific themes. I share what i like and it's almost everytime public. But not every follower of mine want to see everything that i sharing. A lot of users have million followers and their posts aren't on one theme. Would be really useful to have the ability to create catalogs as on Communities or hashtags or i don't know but follow only some part of source. Only posts that has this hashtag or etc.
You talking about idea that Google+ is more about finding new people to talk and share but still your circle system is for people who has circles only with people that they know and they sharing everything only with specific circles.
For example, how i can follow everything about photos and Google+ from Vic Gundotra. But only posts related to this specific themes. Only if he will add me to some circle or only if he will share this to specific community. And it's not going to happen.
That's really great feedback, thanks Dmytro. Stay tuned for more improvements along these lines...
+Shimrit Ben-Yair But it's only one rule. So i should use +1's only in Google+ and only for specific theme/subject?
As i see it's should be something like semi-sharing. So it should has ability to semi-sharing very specific things to very specific people.
And not only, as in that example, about religion only to circle with people who will receive it normaly.
One answer is to have several email and +Profiles so you only ever share whats relevant to each one:
Own Family

My +Profile here is about Local so I will need to be careful and not share the science stuff I also Circle for my own interest.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair You asked for examples of +1's that are completely useless, or even annoying. Here is one:

It is a post for Enlightened players in Malaysia, and I'm not playing Enlightened and live in the UK.
There person +1'ing it knows full well that his followers are spread over the world, so he didn't share it as he knew it wasn't interesting. Yet, you overruled his decision...

When I read another G+ post that I feel needs sharing with my followers, guess what..._ I share it!
When I read one I feel is good, but not something I want shared with my followers, I +1 it!
This works that way for everyone, but with this new 'feature', what you've decided to do is share things with followers that the originator had already decided shouldn't be shared with them!

Now, what options are left us? We can ask each individual person we follow to turn this off (what a joke that is), or we can uncircle them... Is a feature that discourage +1's and that encourage uncircling people really that good an idea?
Interesting discussion here +Shimrit Ben-Yair

Hopefully our words are being read with the passion they are being typed with.

This feature addition was a interesting thought but it does not really provide users (the people that +1 or the people that have them circled) with a new way to engage.

People have complex interest and viewing post that people +1 or comment on can help others know more of their interest. But often people want to engage with people based on natural communication. Viewing that +1 often will not compel someone to circle that user they did not know before simply because someone +1 them. If I am looking for new engagement I typically will go one of three routes. I will 1) Search for topics of interest, 2) check the post of my circles and see who is talking, engaging and sharing in my interest or 3) check the NearBy stream for locals talking about local topics and businesses.

Thanks in advance for your time Shimrit.

In my experience the algorithm in secret sauce is half crappy:

I've already seen half of highlighted posts in my stream! A person I have circled recommends a post from someone I've circled. Not interesting at all! I see it as spam.

Another half of highlighted posts might be of interest. A person I have circled recommends a post from someone I have not circled. That's  new content and it might be great in case I could decide that I see these highlights only from people I 've included in a certain circle.

I've switched my sharing of plus ones to "only you" and I'm not reading Home stream but circle streams.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair My god this is horrible. I could care less what people in my circles +1. I want to know what they want to share with me. There's no difference any more between +1 and sharing. Why even bother to have both?
+Michael Downey - have you seen specific ones that have been irrelevant to you? When you circle someone, aren't you interested in him as a person, be it his +1s or posts?
Thanks for the thoughtful writeup +Calvin Henderson. Give this feature a try and let me know what you think in a few days. +Satu-Marja Salmi, sounds like the setting is for you! That's why we built it, so users who aren't interested in generating these to have the control.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair, you have the wrong idea about human relationships if you think that they're unidimensional OR unidirectional. The whole value proposition of Google+ originally, with the circle implementation, is that someone could segment their interests to different people because relationships are complicated. Google+ was supposed to help you "sharing the right things with the right people". The new +1 fiasco flattens all of that. You have to lump all your +1's to one specific group (or everyone). Google+ was supposed to empower USERS to decide who saw what. That's what made it better than Facebook. Now, it's no different. In case you forgot the original promise of Google+, watch: Google+: Sharing but like real life
When I circle someone, I am interested in seeing more of what I have seen in their stream that they have bothered to reshare, not all of the flotsam and jetsam and LOLCAT that they plus along the way. People plus things for lots of reasons.

Hey, that sandwich looks good. PLUS!
That cat is cute. PLUS!
That cat is cute, too. PLUS!

But you do not know that because all you see on their stream is what they shared. So, now I will uncircle them because I do not want to see every little stray thought that crosses their mind, only the things that they considered of high enough quality to publish, attach their name to.

It is like subscribing to their blog because they write interesting stories, but then also being forced to get their Twitter feed where they decided where to eat for lunch.
+Morten Lynge thanks providing an example! That definitely helps. Many more people +1 than share, so when carefully chosen, this type of post is a great mechanism to recommend good content and people to follow.
I have seen it since launch.

To me it has no controls other than a user turning it on or off. I have pretty dynamic taste and so far the +1's I have seen have been sporadic in what it presents new to me.

I can have a friend that all we do is talk about is technology development with. Looking through my stream I see a wide variety of post that they share outside of technology development. I chose to see these post as I circled them. Now they have a interest in duck hunting. They have a bunch of friends they talk with about duck hunting. Since they are engaging in +1 of these post I now have my stream gaining topics I am not interested in which is duck hunting. I am able to handle my friend sharing post about duck hunting as they may produce two to three post a day on the subject but they spend all day engaging in topics about it and I now have 10-30 new post in my stream about Duck hunting that I am not interested in.

This works great if we can control what magically pops up but so far it is random. And using generic subjects is not good either as I can be interested in genetics it does not mean I want post on astronomy or behavior sciences to pull into my stream.

We have some passionate people out there and they really dislike when they are bombarded with the opposite topics that they are interested in.

Think Canon versus Nikon, Apple versus Android, Politics versus Religion and on and on.

Great idea but I hope we can have this in a stream instead of The Stream

Thanks in advanced!

+Shimrit Ben-Yair quick point (while acknowledging that there will be very little negative effect of this change). A crucial point that the folks at G+ need to understand about its userbase, which may not apply to their own use of G+: the people we circle are NOT our friends and family because our friends and family are not on G+. Instead, our G+ circles are filled with folks with whom we have specific shared interests. So, no, they are not in our circles because of "them as a person" and their opinions outside the particular shared interest are really no more valuable than any other random person. Possibly those who work at Google have a different experience because your circles are filled with your coworkers and friends, but that is definitely not the norm. Example: I hooked up with a lot of fellow Dallas Cowboys fans early on, all in a circle. But eventually I had to turn the volume of that circle in my main stream down to zero because I realized I had absolutely no interest in seeing all of their non-Cowboys posts. Thank God for the community! :-) 

The point here is that what a person +1's is more likely to encompass a much broader interest area than what they would post about, and the likelihood of me being interested in their other interests is no higher than it would be for a random person. The fact that they are in one of my circles doesn't mean they are someone whose opinions in general I value more than others. 
+Vance McAlister That sounds more like a problem of them having you in the wrong circle, or them not being discriminating enough about the circles to whom they share stuff.
Actually +Michael Downey it is not them sharing to the wrong circles.

Google+ has evolved from a Ghost Town to a thriving Internet home because people stopped posting exclusively to said interest circles. So now post about specific topics are shared to all circles, Extended Circles or Public. This change in the population has turned Cowboy Phanatics into people that talk too much about stuff not as interesting. These people talked about all this stuff before but it was to specific small circles and not to a larger audience.

+Calvin Henderson I suppose that's one way of looking at it. All natural systems move toward entropy, and I suppose Google+ is no different. But I have a feeling that's probably more an issue of human laziness in not curating what they post. That doesn't mean, however, that Google should be forcing us to share how we don't want to with this new +1 policy.
Not laziness +Michael Downey but a choice. People chose what to share and who to share it with when they post.

What people post is not the topic of this discussion but what people +1 and how it is shared is the topic.

My previous comments express my view and stance on the +1 sharing to stream discussion.

+Shimrit Ben-Yair Thanks for your reply 4:49...

The key words in your reply is 'so when carefully chosen'... What you don't seem to see is that shared posts have already been carefully chosen... by the person sharing them choosing to do so! Similarly, he has chosen not to share the post he +1'd!

That is a filter that is infinitely more effective in defining that poster than what your automatic random +1 chooser can ever be... In fact, you trying to second-guess his actions later is basically saying:
"We think this user really should have shared this post he +1'd, no matter that he's already decided otherwise, so we'll do it for him."
That's never going to work well...

I have not yet seen even one of the 'X +1'd this post' items that were interesting!
The example I provided earlier is just one of more than a handful... and by and large all of them were about that person's narrow personal interest.

Most people here are not following 'persons'... We're following their posts! That's what we can see when we decide to put them in our circles, so that's what we'd expect from then on... but now that image that we can 'preview' is no longer true, due to this...

Please give us an option to turn this off on the receiver side, maybe per circle if you must...
As you can read above, it is really bugging a lot of people... mostly because it just feels plain wrong!
I guess my point is that when I circle a person because we have a shared interest in archaeology and they are likely to post on archaeology a lot, that doesn't mean I care AT ALL what movies they like, what memes they find amusing, what other hobbies they have, etc.  This addresses +Shimrit Ben-Yair 's question about whether we care what they think "as a person" and, frankly, the answer in most cases is "no".   That sounds harsh and a bit sad, but the ultimate point is that Google+ is NOT a social network, but a content feed where my curated source of content is real people and not news organizations or celebrities or companies.  And we want those real people to be feeding us the content we circled them for particularly, not the width and breadth of their life in general.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair - I would like to add my voice to those requesting an option to turn off seeing the passive reshares (1+d by) in my stream.

I proactively spread the word to friends of mine to change their settings so that they would not be spammy or unknowingly share data (several were not aware of this new feature, but I was already seeing stuff in my stream plused by them in that fashion).   Every one of the passive reshares I have seen have been things I have not wanted in my stream. The most common and most annoying are the random lolcat type images that are posted publically on celebrity's G+ pages that friends +1 because they think it's funny and they want to convey to the poster that they enjoy it. They do not reshare these things because it does not meet the burden of "is this good enough to show my friends".  I do not follow these celebrities specifically because I am not interested in seeing all the picture meme posts.  Now, I see the picture meme posts anyway.  I am continuing my campaign to get people to dial down their passive reshares.  If I mute the circles those friends/family are in, then I will miss the content I actually want to see (that too has happened already).
Thanks for the thoughtful writeup +Katherine Manfre. We'll continue improving this experience. Right now the circle volume sliders apply.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair - as many of the passive reshares are of content from a few celebrities, I have taken the step of blocking those celebrities. While that seems an unfair thing to do - I have nothing against those celebrities and they are not knowingly spamming me - it did seem the only way to be sure that I would not see content of theirs passively reshared by friends into my stream, while still seeing the content my friends choose to post. 
Just a short feedback: I agree to all commenters who ask for an option to turn off seeing +1ed posts.
Thanks +Günther Zettl. For now we're trying to keep things simple and have the volume slider apply to both posts and +1s. We'll continue improving this experience.
+Katherine Manfre  Ah, so if you block the person whose post is being re-shared (as opposed to the person who is doing the sharing), it prevents the reshare from showing up?  That is very good to know, thanks!
So it begins:
I have now resorted to move Over happy+1 people to a loud circle with the volume meter at Zero. Me and most of my closest circles have all set the +1 options to private.
Sad Day at Google Plus
Next step... ignore the main stream completely and add everyone to one giant circle called stream... Facebook has followed me here it seems. : (
I've noticed that a large amount of posts being shared with me via this method are:
1. From popular people = current and former SULers
2. Posts that will be or are on What's Hot
3. A lot of Google Play posts

I'm not sure if it is weighted to those types of posts .. And they will naturally have more plus ones but it feels weird.

I'd say in addition to not nec. showing blocked people Posts.. I'd not show posts from people we once had circled but no longer do (with this method).

Are you measuring whether these posts are good or bad based on interaction or not? I guess that's less intrusive than options like see more or not interested.

Maybe let us scroll through these posts like we can with the hashtag in one spot on one post.

Lastly I'd like it to say a total number of friends that plussed it, followed by their profile pics.
I don't like seeing "one name and so many others" .. I'd rather the info be clear with who and how many plus the post.
Please also remember that we will want to be able to have circles at volume 10, but plus-shared posts at 0. So separate volume sliders please.

Because some of us want to see 100% of the posts from people we circled but 0% of the plus-shared posts.
Scott you could not have been clearer :) I hear you. We'll continue improving this experience while keeping things simple and clear.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Sorry, just trying to ensure as there are so many nuances that it is easy for them to get lost in the din.

Oh, and thanks for being so patient with us. The fact that this post, this conversation, and the visible presence of the G+ team even exists is a huge reason that this community inspires such passion.
I appreciate discussion. It is not about the fact we do not or do like something but why that is just as important.

Having a feature on or off is cool. Knowing that we can influence the outcome with a sensible discussion is powerful.


+Shimrit Ben-Yair Just make Google +1's in the same way as 'Google+ Follow Button' works. You putting your cursor on the button to choose what circle will be able to see this +1' by receive recommendations about it. Right when you +1'ing and not later in some options. It will solve all the problems. And it will be too obvious to users who +1'ing what they are doing.

I'm pretty sure no one will judge you because it's really not breaking the 'easy to use' factor. And even some settings that already exist won't need if it works in that way. So it will be even easier to setup.

But still need one place to see them all. Put all +1's in one tab. 

No additional settings at all! Just pick while +1'ing who will recieve recommendations and who will be able to see this particular +1' in whole list view in your profile.

Just think about it. I guess this is it.

ps: And more advanced slider. And maybe even slider on every profile to follow only part of it as i said earlier.
Thanks +Dmytro Zuenko, both for the profile idea and for a more nuanced control on +1 button. We're already thinking about a lot of these ideas. Thanks for the thoughtful detailed writeup!
+Shimrit Ben-Yair The problem is that I used to have:
1) The ability to easily show approval for a post
2) The ability to re-share a post

What you have done is removed my ability to do one without doing the other.  And in doing so you have eliminated one of my options.
You have removed function, without giving me anything in return.  There is absolutely no reason for me to be happy about this.
It is wonderful to see that goofle is pressing ahead with their "Move fast and break things" philosophy.
No more +1 for you.
Thanks for the feedback. You can go back to the pre-feature world by disabling the setting.
Or, for who's +1's you see? Or both?
+Scott Jordan It is amazingly poorly worded, but in-effect setting :
to "Only You" changes your +1 output to what it was before. 
Your +1 will still be visible in the post where you made it, but google wont spam your followers with links.
It has no effect on the incoming messages. Your stream will still be spammed unless you are willing to mute all of the people you follow.

(Edit:   +Shimrit Ben-Yair please correct me if the above is wrong)
Ah. Sorry. It was the "pre-feature world" phrase that threw me. I thought you meant that we could turn it all off.
That's what I thought too +Scott Jordan . Hence why I asked the same question you did, right before you did.
For sure this is THE MOST polemic update so far. :-\ 
I'd be interested in seeing how this new feature performs for our posts.. Maybe seeing that data as part of a ripple. It would add a plus next to a share that came from seeing it from the plus method maybe.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Here's another problematic +1 that appeared in my stream. Someone in my circles +1'd a location check-in from one of her friends at an airport somewhere. I could care less where this person's friend is traveling or that said 3rd party is at an airport. Please, get rid of this nonsense.
Nice colourful house or photo shoot
I just realized something very positive about the new +1 feature. When somebody shares a +1 rather than using the normal share function, the original post and comments are present, not a brand new post with separate comments. This avoids the fragmentation of discussion that currently happens, and allows more people to engage in the original posts' discussion. This is actually huge. 
+Vance McAlister I would love to see that as a checkbox on the normal share dialog. Most of the time when I want to do that, I have to jump through several hoops to do it (share, lock, disable comments, kindly ask for people to voluntarily click-through to the original to leave comments).

We should always be able to have multiple conversations but if you have access to reshares, YOU should be able to see the entire conversation thread in one space .. maybe on the side somehow.
+Vance McAlister that is a good point, and (although I hate to say it) a good and useful thing.  If only we had an easy way to choose between "I approve" and "I want to share."

+Scott Jordan Imagine if clicking on the +1 acted in the old way, but if you hovered, it brought a two-option menu where you could chose between a "Stock" +1 and a "I would like to share this +1" Suddenly it allows the user to control their own content rather than google stepping in and trying to control it for them.

+Shimrit Ben-Yair This is a great example of how the little details can take something that would be a wonderful addition, and sour it so badly that it angers people.  Unsurprisingly, the way to do it right is for google not to snatch control away from the user at every opportunity.  It would even eliminate the "Spam" problem on the receiving end because I would know that I was being sent things that the person had actually intended to share, rather than simply random crap that they approved of.
For all of +Google's vaunted big data, they often have very little idea how users actually do things.

(Edit to credit +Scott Jordan and to fix formatting)
I don't really understand this app
+John VanRoekel I guess that would depend on how responsive it the option menu is and how wonky it pops out in relation to the mouse cursor position. But I see that as a possibly quirky piece of UI.

The comment box could be dropped down to the position that it has when a comment is present on a post (as opposed to when a post has no comments and the comment textbox is on the same row as the plus/share buttons). The there would be a consistent look to the comment textbox because it would always be full-width and then there would be plenty of room for three buttons immediately below the post (+1, +1 share, and share).

But the problem remains that there is no control over which of your circles sees which plus-shared post. I might plus a woodworking post that would be of no interest to my comic book circle people. Or worse, I would never want a plussed Atheist post to be shown to my boss/coworkers circle.

This is exactly the reason that I want to be able to turn off incoming plu-shared posts. If I circle someone because I love their music posts (and they have kindly put me in their music circle) I do not want to see their political or religious plus-shared posts.
+Scott Jordan good point on the possible wonkynes of the menu, and having separate "+1" and "Recommend" buttons would probably end up looking clunky.  However, there have to be at-least one or two competent UI designers still working at google ( perhaps +Matias Duarte can find one)
The issue is, that right now the two options are:
A) Allow google to spam your followers without any control from you.
B) Give up an actually useful way to easily re-share and show off content.
There is absolutely no granularity of control on the outgoing side, and no control at all on the incoming side.  The nice thing is that if we can give users control over what they share to their circles (And why in the name of not being evil would goofle want to take that away?) then it automatically solves the spamming problem on the incoming side.
Like I said, this change actually has the potential to be really useful to a lot of people, but goofle has pootched the roll-out so badly that I have not only turned it off, but I have replaced the use of the "+1+ with messages saying "I would have given this +1, but google has broken that function."
google have become true masters of the "Good idea poorly executed" concept.
Marriage is no a right, it's a man made contrivance for the purpose of enslaving the good people by the Evil.
+Don Domingue Is that being caused by this Google+ feature? How to you expect for Google+ to fix that for you?
+John VanRoekel One thing that might work would be if I plus a post while viewing a particular circle-stream, then the plus-share could be auto-set to only recommend itself back to that circle. This would make the feature auto-ahsre back out to only the scope where it was discovered.

Of course, this does nothing for when you are viewing the Home stream. But there is no reason that this plus-sharing cannot be activated only when viewing a circle-stream and deactivated when viewing the Home stream.

+Shimrit Ben-Yair  Thoughts?
+Scott Jordan Unfortunately that still leaves control of share/not-share out of the easy reach of the user, so I am still getting spammed by approval +s and I still have no real control to share or not.

I'll confess that I am also not a fan of functions that can only be used only in specific circle views.  I use my circles to manage outgoing content and to keep track of why I am following people.  I prefer to have my incoming stuff all come to the home stream (Which is one of the reasons that I hate the default random-auto-censor so much) 

I guess that the other problem is that most people won't bother to learn the distinction (and why would they?) so it would end up adding another layer of randomness to the process. Considering some of the things that google's algorithms think that I find "fun and interesting" there is already a hell of a lot of randomness in the system.
OK - So I was one of the ones who liked this feature. It was great for the first few days. The last 2 days I'm receiving a bunch of FB "I'm taking a shower now" type crap. I can only assume it showed up because a "celebrity" googler plussed it. I'm also getting a lot of dumb gifs which have nothing to do with things I generally like or usually plus. It was very relevant the first few days. What I'm getting now is junk. Not cool at all. Seriously. 

Even though I liked it at first, I still said we should have the option to TURN IT OFF! And that's exactly what I want to do right now.
Unfortunately, we shouldn't have to modify our browsers to avoid bad content.  Especially since that bad content is google sharing things that the original posters usually didn't intend to share.
+John VanRoekel - the original posters intended to share it just like that. It's the final viewer who had no intention of seeing it. At all. But I agree with you. An extension or plugin is not the answer. It is a workaround. And makes the stream bearable and pleasant again until they change it. But the chances are they never will. There was a big hue and a cry against the birthday notifications that pop up when you are on Google search page. But nothing has ever been done to stop that. 
I use the extension to block the +1'd notifications, but I have to turn it off from time to time to see what I'm missing.  Unfortunately it doesn't just block the +1 thingy it blocks the entire post.  Which is fine if it's from someone outside my circles, but it's also blocking posts from people I do have circled.  :(
Really +Elizabeth Hahn ? Not posts that they have plus oned? But actual posts they have made? Then that is really bad.
Well, for instance I have you circled, +Ellie Kennard .  If a few others I have circled and your post becomes a highlighted post, I no longer see it with the extension turned on.  (I just tested it by having Chrome and Firefox running side by side.  :-(  
Oh dear, back to the drawing board. I guess the answer is to put everyone you are following into one big circle. And then just go to that circle all the time. That would work I guess +Elizabeth Hahn 
The "Master-Circle" fix would be a lot easier if google would allow nested circles.
Here me out +Shimrit Ben-Yair
Imagine if you could have one circle named "Work" that included everyone you work with (lots of people do) but then you also wanted circles like "Product" and "Marketing"  and "Customer Service" to break out the different departments.  Now in order to do that, if someone gets hired, or leaves, you have to remember to update both their departmental circle, and the "Work" circle.  Wouldn't it be easier if you could just drag your departmental circles into the work circle, so that every time you updated a departmental circle, the work circle automatically updated as well?
You could also break "Family" into "Siblings" and "Cousins" and "Outlaws" or any of a million other easy applications.
I know that I can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but set that aside for now, and think about how much easier that would be ; )

(Edit to add "much" at end)
Well I've gotten over my little rant as today the posts seem to be back on target. I shall just keep on keepin' on and remember that Google has listened to our feedback many times so far. I can't imagine they'll stop now. Cheers!
+Ellie Kennard I missed the birthday notifications, then again, I stopped using google for search a while ago, and I'm not exactly honest with them about my birthday : )

At this point I honestly believe that most +1s being shared are not things that the +1er wanted to share.  They are just something that they approved of, that got shared because google changed the policy.  The original poster intended to share it, but I did not choose to follow that person, so I don't want to see their crap in my stream.

Seriously, +Shimrit Ben-Yair the quality of content in my stream has gone way down since this crap rolled out.  I am suddenly getting posts from idiots who I had previously made a deliberate choice not to follow, just because a friend of mine agreed with something that they said.
Elizabeth this link goes nowhere except to your own page, no specific post.
You might want to correct it to the post (find the actual link by right
clicking on the date of the post and copying the link)
Hi +Shimrit Ben-Yair, the +1ing activity updates in the stream answer you link to is contradictory. It starts
  When you +1 a post, people in your extended circles who also have you in circles may see this…
Then later,
  By default, your +1 activity updates are visible to your extended circles.
The former adds the constraint that they must have me in a circle. Can
the page please be clarified.

P.S. URLs in posts look a lot less noisy without the http:// and G+ normally still recognises them. :-)
After a week of use, I really do not like it.  It just clutters up my stream and I don't see anything interesting.  I don't want to reduce what I see from my contacts otherwise - just this +1 mess.  As is, I'm just muting everyone I see.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair - I just wanted to note that after having this feature rolled out to me for 10 days, and trying the things you have suggested, I would still like the ability to turn off seeing +1s (passive reshares) entirely.  I have some people in circles that are friended only for that topic specific item. The chatter in that circle is low, as it should be given the topic.  I've set visibility in my stream for that circle to "fewer" and now the majority of the passive reshares in my stream come from that circle. It's easily 90% of the "content" I get from people in that circle. On the whole, content from that circle into my stream has increased with this change. So I have it set to fewer, but now it feels like "lots".  I'm debating just uncircling whole lot because it's easier than one by one having to inform people that they are being spammers. 

My local community of friends on G+ has received this, and the inability to turn it off, so poorly that I have friends who now have stopped plusing things because they directions to turn in off weren't clear (and not rolled out to everyone at the same time) and they are terrified of becoming the spammers other friends have been berating people for being. There has been a campaign of publicly shaming people into tuning the passive reshares down to only themselves. It's been largely effective, but seems very much the wrong way to deal with a new auto-opt-in Google+ feature. 

I gave the Google algorithms a chance to work.  They are not able to predict what I wish to see. I would be far happier with a simple checkbox to allow me to turn off seeing these entirely.  
I am also finding this feature incredibly frustrating. As one example: I follow my local zoo of which I am a member. The zoo just announced the birth of twin panda cubs, and I was happy to see that announcement. What I'm not happy about seeing are the several dozen +1ed follow-on posts repeating the same thing as +Zoo Atlanta +1s the news as it spreads to other zoos.

If we all only used the +1 button to highlight interesting articles of scintillating interest to everyone, it might be great to have it reshared. But we don't. We use it to give kudos to friends, follow a bad pun contest or something else utterly mundane that is of no interest to anyone outside the original post. Please fix this "feature."
Please give us an option to turn off passive reshare in our stream views.

I don't want to see these +1s that are unrelated to my interests, but turning down the volume is not a solution. I want to see everything my friends post, but not what they +1 outside of those streams.
Regrettably +Shimrit Ben-Yair appears to have bailed on this conversation right around the point where it became clear that spamming people's home-streams with irrelevant poppycock was not universally loved.
Please, just click the flag and optionally say why. Don't add noise to noise. If enough of us make the effort it has more effect. Optionally, go to their profile and report them there too if they seem to have only spam posts.
seems Shimrit is no longer interested in responding to concerns on this topic, so am wondering if she's been shelved and replaced with a project manager who's better able to deal with criticism....
+Rupert Wood, It's not her day job to respond to all comments on it for ever more; there are a lot more of us than her. I suspect they're being read, if not by her then by someone in her team that's handling the Send feedback. Best we can do is make a clear coherent argument and give examples.

As it happens, this is one G+ change I like. I'm seeing a low number of extra posts in my home stream, say 1 in 30, and since I value those in my circles I'm finding their +1s are interesting most of the time. I do see the point of someone above who found a +Page they were following was +1-ing every re-share of their own post; that's tedious.
+Rupert Wood I hate to say it, but +Shimrit Ben-Yair had (up to a week ago when she bailed)  actually done a better job in this thread responding to people than most google community managers.  She probably got told to shut up because she was providing a level of give and take that was embarrassing her co-workers.
I am not saying that she gave all that much, but it was orders of magnitude beyond most google CMs.
+John VanRoekel, I doubt your unfounded speculation is correct. Googlers seem on the whole to do a pretty good job of engaging with the public, both about Google stuff and their own interests. Or perhaps I've just followed a select bunch. I don't see the same level of engagement from, e.g. Twitter.
+Ralph Corderoy They are exceptional at cutting and pasting "Thank you for your feedback, I will forward it to the development team" but they fall a bit short on either expressing an opinion of the feedback, or ever, under any circumstances relating the dev-team's reply back.
+Ralph Corderoy think you'll find it is her day job actually! Though whether she's doing it correctly by only responding to feedback for a few days after product launch is a google policy or not is debatable, many managers I have encountered are far more proactive in dealing with concerns. As for not even bothering to check or acknowledge responses to this post to the point of allowing spammers free reign in the comments is maybe a sign of how well she is ignoring her responsibility here?
+Rupert Wood, "Product Manager" doesn't suggest to me the kind of external-facing Advocate role you're describing. Far more to most of her days than to and fro with those of us who would never stop replying to her. :-)
+Rupert Wood, +Ralph Corderoy is correct.  It is the CM's job to deal with rif-raf like us and then report our grumblings back the the product manager.  Most Project Managers seldom if ever come out much concerning their line.
Kudos to +Shimrit Ben-Yair for at least trying, even if it was not to her taste.
Seriously, in what other social media venue can we have meaningful interaction with corporate personnel at the level of +Vic Gundotra , +Bradley Horowitz   and +Shimrit Ben-Yair .  The fact that they are even here reading and responding is miles ahead of any other tech company I have experienced.
+Vance McAlister seems that responses and reading of the comments here that Shimrit hasn't even looked at this topic in a week....
+Rupert Wood well, I think she had said all she could say on the topic, got the "feel of the room" and they are all off now tweaking the dials and knobs.  :0)
I would prefer if an extra knob or dial was added for us so we could choose to disable viewing the +1 promotions, because several weeks in, I am still far from convinced by this feature. The posts are still irrelevant, and the volume seems to be slowly increasing; my feed is already rather full, so I don't need this kind of post-padding.
+Vance McAlister I still feel the need to voice my annoyance till we get a satisfactory option/solution though (or till they indicate it's a wontfix issue), in case they might mistake the dying down of complaints as a sign that people have gotten used to the feature and no longer think it's an annoyance.
Add me to the list of people who are strongly put off by this huge blow to my otherwise carefully curated signal to noise ratio.  If this keeps up it's unlikely I'll stick around here, there's really no point if what my friends are saying is drowned out by crap that I don't care about.

I mean, I get the logic, birds of a feather and all that, it's just that (as has been said however many hundreds of times) I circle people because I like what they say not because I like what they like.
Alternatively, I think I'll try creating a new circle called "All", and put everyone I've circled into that one. Then I can stop using the main stream, and just stick to the All circle and stop having to deal with G+'s algorithm :)
Yeah, but then you don't get updates from Communities you've subscribed to.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Your semantically null "But we hear you. Thanks for the feedback." has been duly noted. Have a nice day.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair  Until now I was able to avoid seeing +1 crab by reading circle streams but now circle streams are filled with that spam.  

You asked Michael Downey "When you circle someone, aren't you interested in him as a person, be it his +1s or posts?" I agree with Michael's answer and I want to add: my interests are extremely segmented and I'm not interested in seeing a myriad of different things people are plussing.
+matt wartell we read every piece of feedback, given on this post and in the feedback tool. We're making improvements but we can't discuss things that have not been launched externally yet. 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair After 380 comments, "that should not be happening"  is most cogent reply you can make? I find it hard to believe that anyone could actually be that obtuse.
Have to agree. This idea was a bomb.
Roll the plus back!
If I want something I plus shared....I'll share it.
+matt wartell I'm referring to a very specific issue that +Satu-Marja Salmi was raising - +1 updates should not appear on circle streams.

As for this long thread, about half the comments are mine :) we've also seen very positive comments about this feature. And our numbers show it is being widely used.

As always, we'll continue making improvements.
Of course it's being widely used because we aren't voluntarily "using" it, you forced it on us, we can't choose not to (we can hack around it through highly obfuscated, indirect means, but that's not "choice" in any meaningful sense).

There has been ample argument that it was a corruption of semantics, to which you've made no response at all, hiding behind "we're not allowed to".

You claim "very positive comments", are these public? As I've not seen anything but wholesale rejection of this misfeature and would love to hear an alternate view. Not to argue with it, just to consider.

If even 1/10th the comments were yours, they are empty, because you must do as you're told (as you so claim).

Your silence would be far less disingenuous than your hollow "duly noted, making improvements." If I still have the option to have GMail say that it's beta (which is Google being playful) why can't I have the option of not seeing these, and not being "defriended" because you didn't tell me that my simple +1 would make me an unwitting pariah among some.
When I say it's being widely used, I mean that we see people engaging with these posts and adding people to circles through them. So it is a great mechanism for people to discover interesting people and content.

I understand you are not happy with this feature and I respect your opinion. 
I absolutely hate this "feature" of having inane posts other people +1'd showing in my stream. Please provide me a way to turn this off, globally. I don't need lame directions about creating new circles and adjusting sliders, ad nauseum.
You only see complaints on the topic because the users that either like the feature or just don't care have already moved on with their lives.
It's been a few weeks, was wondering how things are going and if there are announced updates (or maybe they are tweaking it as we go ... )
+matthew rappaport I really hope there will be a tweak soon.  Particularly after having just discovered that, despite setting the "sharing option" to "only me", my +1's are still showing up in others' streams as recommendations (if someone else in their stream 'recommends' it, then suddenly, my +1 gets turned into a recommendation as well). 
I had all but reconciled myself to the new functionality, but this is wrong, not to say unacceptable. Either users have control over their output, as the setting suggests, or they don't.  I can only hope that this is a glitch which will be rectified asap. The sheer number of lengthy discussions about this feature, still ongoing even after weeks, should be evidence that there are serious concerns.  
Concerns, that, for the first time as far as I can tell, are being ignored by Google.
I really hope so, +matthew rappaport, not only because of the feature itself, but the underlying issue of trust this has opened up for a lot of users, myself included.
Until now, I have found the team from Google+ to be incredibly responsive to users' issues, especially in terms of giving us control both over what we see and where our posts are visible.  I recall the introduction of communities and the the issue of having posts to them show up in your public stream as well.  That produced a similar outcry about spamming etc. and they were very fast to respond with a viable solution.
+Susanne Ramharter Well said and I can't agree more.
I love my Plus! I've grown and learn so much here and met so many incredible people.
But I would prefer that my Likes not be spammed or shared without my consent.
I implore the Google+ team to please give us the ability to opt out or disable this ability.
Wow so nice picture from this nice girl

Any word on if we'll have the option to permanently disable this?
 Edit: There are a lot of younger plussers on G+. There are several that follow me. There are some things I'll plus that may not be suitable for younger audiences. Forcing plussed posts in feeds is a terrible idea. Options are a must, here!
On mobile it's under settings/ sharing, on desktop under account / settings/ apps and activities / google
+Alexandra Levich does this mean the issue I mentioned above is solved? (I set my sharing +1's to off, but they still appeared if someone else's +1 showed up in a stream)
+Susanne Ramharter These are separate issues. We are continuously working on improving the feature. Thanks for your reports and feedback.
Hi +Shimrit Ben-Yair. I would like to report several other +1's that are not relevant for me (mostly photos and videos). I do want to mention that ~5 +1's were relevant, which is good, but the rest below were totally irrelevant. I like the concept of the feature, but similar to others here would like to have the option to turn it off. Thanks!

+1's from Vic Gundotra:

+1's from Bradley Horowitz:
Thanks for reporting +Alex Pulver, this is useful feedback. 
I am constantly muting these +1's because they are generally not relevant to me.  However, in my iPhone mobile app, posts that I have muted on the desktop show up in my stream.  If I mute them within the app, the next time I open it, the posts are back.
"friends will only see +1s and posts they already had permission to see" 
what exactly does this mean?
+Davide Giuffrè You will only see content your circles/others allowed you to see when they created the content. If a post is not public and was made to a circle you are not part of, you will not see that post.
+Alexandra Levich , I would really like to have that same rule apply to posts I '+':
Posts I '+' from people in a specific circle can show up as recommendations, posts from others not in this circle that I may plus as encouragement, acknowledgment or politeness should stay private.
I still believe this to be a good way of achieving both the goal of making good content available while giving the user control over the visibility (interpretation) of their actions.
I agree with +Edward Morbius here.
Sure, every now and there there is a relevant +1'd post showing up in my stream, but for every other irrelevant post is drowning out the posts I have curated. Especially when the algorithm you use goes wonky and fills an entire page with a flood of 1'd content; it's happened a couple of times now (one of which at least was reported through a public post with screenshots).

For discovering new interesting people to circle, I found the "Incoming Stream" (remember that one? the stream that contained posts by all the people that had circled you, but whom you hadn't circled back?) more useful. (Though I have a feeling that with all the marketeers that seem to have started circling me lately, that stream would've become much less relevant.)

Relevant Tags Stream
How about this instead for content and people discovery:
You already analyse people's posts for relevant tags. Now, use the most frequently used tags to create a separate stream filled with public posts by anyone who posts about those topics.
A bit of a mix between the old Sparks and the What's Hot stream (though I would prefer a Most Recent stream over one that's arbitrarily 'hot').

The result of this would be a stream with the latest content about the topics I actually care about. (I mean, I wouldn't take the time to write a post about something I don't care about, right?)
It would also push users to actually create original content; something that G+ imho kinda lacks as the majority of the people who follow me, only seem to be sharing posts about shared circles, reshared image memes and random links without any context text.

Long blurb of text as comment again; sorry. Should see if I can work this out in another separate post of my own. ;-)
(on a tangent: I would love the ability to easily save/reshare individual comments to a separate feed; sort of like bookmarks. Ensuring that a comment I wrote can't be lost because a moderator removed it for instance; as well as having an overview of comments I'd like to read back.) 
+Edward Morbius sadly individual comments still don't have permalinks...
AFAIK comments already have a unique identifier in the system, so I don't understand what's keeping the devs from implementing this rather basic but very useful feature...
So +Shimrit Ben-Yair, is there any update on this, or are the users still being refused to control what will show up in their stream?

I for one am getting a bit tired of muting posts from random strangers. Sure, every now and then interesting posts show up through this feature, but they tend to be from specific people who properly curate what they +1, instead of +1'ing every family picture that shows up their stream. Seeing photographs of the children of complete strangers in my stream feels wrong and a little disturbing, and I still want a feature in Google+ that will allow me to either completely disable seeing +1'd content, or preferably to be able to enable it just for specific persons or circles.

If we will never be able to disable +1'd content from showing up in our streams, please just let us know, instead of telling us that the Google+ team is working hard on 'adjusting the algorithms'. 
I only want to see shares and reshares from my circles. I do NOT want to see other peoples's +1s. I am finding this +1 spam in my stream increasingly exasperating- How do I turn it off? Thank you 
+Shimrit Ben-Yair have we made any progress on a switch to opt out of seeing other peoples +1s? If not is there a specific style tag for the stream that we can adblock to make them go away? I've been programming for 38 years and don't understand why it is so difficult to get Google to add at most 5 lines of code installed to turn the trash off.  Just in case your gang doesn't understand the logic:
If idontwanttoseethisshit = true
      skip post
      display post
end if
+Bill Plese you can use this CSS override:
  .hf.DX, .hf.DX + * {display: none;}
to hide the +1'd this post header and related post (though the encapsuling div will still be there since CSS still has no parent selector)

Or use this CSS override:
  .hf.DX + * {display: none;}
  .hf.DX:hover + *, .hf.DX + *:hover {display: inherit;}
to only show the +1'd this post header, but hide the related post unless you hover over the header/its post.

I've added a #Stylish  userstyle over at
Grab the Stylish for Chrome ( or Firefox ( extension to easily add userstyles.
On the style's page you can select the kind of behaviour (hide completely, show only header, make translucent) and then hit the Install Style button.

The trouble with this though is that it is subject to breaking whenever the +Shimrit Ben-Yair and her team change the CSS classes, or HTML layout of Google+ again.

If only the devs could at least add a post content type (perhaps some appropriate microdata) to each post/article's wrapper div, and keep that attribute somewhat permanent, and non-obfuscated. Then us end-users could start using more reliable #userstyle  solutions to add these kinds of things that Google+ seems to be unwilling to add.

Preferably I'd also like to see microdata on every article-wrapping div that includes data such as the userid/username it was posted by as well as its circle. That way I could write a userstyle to only show this +1'ed content for specific circles/users.

Of course, ideally, the Google+ developers would add in this kind of filtering options themselves for every user to have access to.
+Filip H.F. Slagter  Thanks! I owe you about a million +1s for that suggestion! I have stylish installed on all of my browsers and why it didn't occur to me to investigate there have not a clue. I am on my way!

I appreciate the work that you and the rest of the gang do but I learned many years ago that if you put a new feature into an app (Google pay attention) you might as well add an option to disable it because usually 50% of the users won't like it.

Keep up the good work +Filip H.F. Slagter !
+Rob Aymett "This URL may be incorrect, the post may have been deleted or the post may not have been shared with this accountundefined."

(Also, that accountundefined smells like a bug)
I find the whole user controls to be hard to use but a step in the right direction
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