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Thanks for all the great feedback everyone! We're paying special attention to privacy-related issues, which is why we're rolling a new improvement to Google+ over the next few days.

Changing your public profile picture or scrapbook photos will no longer generate a public post to the stream, just to the people you have in your circles. So only people in your circles will engage in discussions about the photos you post.

Thanks again and keep the feedback coming!
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Hasan, if you send an update to one friend and set it as "do not reshare" it will not show up on his Public Profile. Only things HE shares show up on his Profile that HE sets to Public.
The Audio in the video isnt sync'd and it ends before you are done talking. Thanks for the post though!
@Shawn was about to say the same. better to check videos before posting :-)
Video seems to stop middle of the sentence - just me?
Do not reshare on photos would be a great option. I understand the do not reshare behavior on posts, but something that made that behavior even easier on photos would be clever and meet personal/non-personal. Also, extending this coarser grained setting to other media sharing or making a default reshare configuration might also satisfy.

Oh, and thank you for your team's availability and agility. Stunning.
... so we wanna make sure you ... what?
It would be very helpful to have an option to disable sharing right when creating a new post, not after the post is sent!
Is there a way to -1 in a stream. For instance, say i am posting a surprise party invitation for my friend, but i don't want my friend to see... can't I just -1 him, or -1 a whole circle from seeing the post. this way i can post something publicly and then -1 that person(s) or circle(s) i don't want to see it!
love the video blog updates :) Thanks!
Yes indeed, you are all pretty brave, giving video updates and being open for feedback instead of hiding behind customer support / pr :)

That is new, and it is great!

Makes us feel being part of the team somehow.
This is great - let us add apps and events to circles so we can mute them, etc. Why restrict it to Circles?
Please add privacy settings to scrapbook photos. They are currently always visible to public. Thanks.
Shimrit, don't use Youtube's webcam recording feature next time, it creates videos which are out of sync and which truncate prematurely. Just record your video with a capture suite (like WMM under Windows, or Cheese under Linux), and upload the video afterwards. Your followers will thank you for it.
.....but....but.....where's the rest? I'm left hanging and don't know what to do with myself or my photos.......
Dan Ho
LoL, I'm all about keeping G+ more "open" and Facebook can be more "closed" ... I see the ability in G+ for networking, not just keeping in touch with those you already know, which is more a Facebook thing ..
Photographers do a ton of networking on Facebook.....
Dan Ho
Actually, I realized I was listening to what you were saying as I was doing something else ... but this video only lasts 0:38 says "photos are an important form of self expression, so we wanted to make sure you ....[and cuts off]"
Thanks everyone! I've fixed the audio/cutoff issues, let me know if it works now :)
thanks for "listening" hehe Female Google employees ROCK! ;)
Im great about all the changes google has been doing along this time, hopefully they considere that privacy is really important to us, and why dont making us happy by doing this :) i will be in touch about this :) thx for the report Shimrit
I would really like to be able to instantly upload my photos in their full glory, not downsized to 2048*2048! Please make this optional, at least for people paying for aditional storage, like me!
I would like to set my profile as private. Noone can see it unless in my circle. Will this be possible? Or Google dictate a profile must be public?
Especially profile photo.
Ok, i've got to say that we need some sort of twitter trends in Sparks - geolocated themes, people speak around me in my language(according to number of replies, +1'ed and so on).
Also we need some sort of filter, to prevent doubling information in Stream: for example, one of my friends shares ones' post and then the other my friend shares this post so i see in my stream two identical posts, but shared by two different people in my circles...maybe turn on some filter according to %% of matching symbols in posts (something around 90%)? or merge these posts into new Spark automaticly? It's hard, but it would be great new feature instead of tags and hashes.
And also we need some tool to mark posts as favorite and then find them: "+1" button does only the half of this need.

Thanks for attention, Artur from Russia :)
great work on plus! I would love to make it my main social network once my friends start coming in...
some things I would like to see:
1) make the circles (under "stream" in the main page) highlight if any new post came from that circle
2) create a "skip inbox" mode for people who share too much... with a "skip inbox" I would be able to read their posts in their circle but I won't miss important information from others (I'm mainly talking about people who are in my "following" circle, which tend to write a lot)
3) bug: picasa comments were not imported into google+ photos, so I can see that there are comments, but I can't see the actual comments
4) bug: picasa people tagging didn't transfer to plus
4) bug: I had a photo added by android's "instant upload", I deleted that photo, and now I have a notification of a new uploaded photo with a broken image.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Be sure you address the re-sharing and the tag problem: if I share a photo with my friend only, he should not be able to show it to anyone else; also, I should be the only one who is able to tag someone in my posts/photos or - at least - I want the ability to choose to do so.
Changing your public profile picture or scrapbook photos will no longer generate a public post to the stream, just to the people you have in your circles. So only people in your circles will engage in discussions about the photos you post.

Can't this be a setting instead? I think it would be nice to have a way to choose who can see my profile photo and who can then comment on it when I change. For example, the great thing here is that I can create a circle with unknown (e.g. because they share interesting posts): I would like only my Friends to be able to see my photo, not all the people in all the circles. Someone else might want instead to have this public, so I believe a setting would be great.
I would love options to post in more than one language! :)
One issue I have on Google + is with the block feature. If someone wants to block a person on Google + they don't want to see the blocked person at all, not in any circles, posts, or even in search. This, of course, also works the other way, the person blocking doesn't want the person blocked seeing anything of them at all, as if they don't exist. This is the way it works on Facebook and this is the way I think it should be on Google +.
I can't delete messages in my huddle. I like to keep things neat... but I can only mute them, not delete them. How do you get ride of the old messages in huddle on phone???
Shimrit, is there anyway to customize the stream to only include some of the circles not all of them. There's a case I believe is common between many people.
I have some people in my circles which are making too much noise on the stream. Actually it's interesting to follow them but not every single minute. I made a lovely noisy circle and put them all there and would love to exclude them from being shown up in my stream. I didn't found anyway to do that and think this is crucial for being comfortable with the home screen.
+Pooya Peyvand what you could do is to to create a "Mute Noise" circle, which contains all circles but the noisy one. An easy way to do that is to select a circle, select "view in tab", then "more actions" - "select all", and then move all these people in your "Mute Noise" circle. Continue until you have the members of all circles in "Mute Noise", except from the noisy circle. Now from the stream view, you can select "Mute Noise" from the left sidebar to mute the noise. Hope that helps.
+Alexander Franz That's a good idea for now. Thanks, but please mention that any time I update my non-noisy circles and add people to them I have to manage adding them to that as well. That would be great if we had the option of making a circle of circles, which we could just select some circles and drop them in a new Mute Noise circle for instance. Thanks for your suggestion.
Thanks for addressing this issue. Will this be applied retrospectively? In other words, Scrapbook photographs that are already posted in the stream and are public will henceforth be visible only to those listed in the circles?
+Pooja Srinivas it is indeed a workaround, and not a very nice one. A feature as you suggested has been on the list of new features, you could vote for it if you want On that note, Eric Cattel who looks after the Social Graph (all things circle) posts frequents updates and asks for feedback so that could also be a good place for you to read / post about circles and noise control.
+Ramin Mehranfar When you Block a person they are removed from your circles (so you won't see their streams) and they won't see anything you post unless it is public, you can't expect them not to be able to see your public posts because anyone will be able to see them even if they are not logged in at all. If you want full privacy then it's on you to manage your public stream.
+Alexander Franz That is a good method, but I'd like to see google adding "exclusion" options, maybe full set operations on circles. I understand since each person can belong to multiple circles, including such feature will be challenging (not computationally, there are easy heuristics for it, for example giving precedence to inclusion vs. exclusion but it will be challenging for users to know what is exactly happening)
It would be nice if there was even more control over this. Why does the profile photo need to be public, and why does it need to notify anyone at all when it is changed? And if I do want changing the photo to notify people, why can't I select a specific circle to be notified?
I've been thinking about this for days now and I believe a full set structure will solve a lot of these circle-management issues. +Shimrit Ben-Yair any idea when we could start writing add-on apps for google+?
+Hadjar Homaie I wanted to refrain from talking about Facebook as much as possible but Facebook's blocking feature works in the way I would like it to work in Google +. I know that people I block on Google + cannot see non public posts and I can't see theirs, which is good, but if I post to a friends page who is also friends with a person I blocked then the person I blocked can see that I posted, I don't like that. I can also still see a person's profile even though I am logged in and I blocked them. I understand if a person who is not even logged in can see something then that person who is blocked can see it, but a person must be logged in to see a post I post on the non public post of a mutual friends page. A blocked person should not be able to see that. The plain of it is is that I don't want to see that a person I block exists and while I am logged in, Google + knows this so the blocked person should not exist to me and it should work the other way as well.
thanks so much! it would be great if you make it available for the google apps users to have a plus profile ;)
+ Hadjar Homaie Well, I know that I can still see a blocked person's profile page while I'm signed in, why not get rid of it when it knows I don't want to see it?And I'm pretty sure they can see my posts on mutual friends pages but can't be certain, my friends are not so active yet.
Well let's try it! block me and I'll test it. [PS: I think it only applies to posts "after" you block, not to what you have done "before"]
Well if it is a known issue, I'm sure they will fix it. It was just a little jarring to see that if I blocked a person on Google + then they weren't completely blocked like I was used to on Facebook. A blocked person on Facebook seemed to no longer exist completely, which worked well for me.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair Wow. That was fast. I just asked for this couple of days ago on the forums and via the suggestion box in G+. Thanks for listening! Please add an easy way to "move" contacts between circles. It's tedious having to "copy" contacts and then having to go back and re-select all the contacts again in order to remove them from the original circle. Once you drag and drop between circles, your selections are lost.
GREAT JOB making video feedback update. This is Google in new-bloom. We always knew y'all had it in you. This is great. We love it. The walls are coming down. Keep it this way. You can stay proprietary and strategic -- and build real relationships with users. The company never did that before now. it was just ONE WAY -- pushed out by G -- via blogs, or Youtubes with NOTHING BACK when we commented. FINALLY, FINALLY, Google proves humanity --- and it shows in your great new product.

This is SO the way to do it, Shimrit. Please continue to do VIDEO FEEDBACK LOOPS... It doesn't take long... but it really opens things up in a way that text just doesn't cut it.

Very very very LIKE! (or PLUS) this is very important and the main reason why a lot of us are here rather than on FB.Thank you
Cool that you're posting video. Thanks! Makes it seem like Google is listening, as opposed to the other guys/girls who you never know or see their faces. Very smart.
kind of wish updates were typed out to and not video recorded because sometimes it is easier to just read.... is there a script?
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I've added a few people in my "Following" circle but they are just people I want to follow. In twitter, I follow CNN, BBC etc but have no intention of sharing content with them. Since posts of my profile picture changes still go to people in "all" my circles, would it not get posted to everyone in my "Following" circle as well? It would be better if the "Following" circle behaved differently from the other circles.
+Shimrit Ben-Yair I agree that a following feature would be useful; also it seems hard to tag people you don't have in your circles, since sometimes their name doesn't come out. I think it would be useful to have a nickname here too (no spaces, no duplicates) so that I can easily tag someone.
Is there a way to see if someone is online and signed into G+. I send hangouts to people and it turns out they aren't even signed into G+, and I can't tell if they are or not
my question exactly. We need a green icon like on chat.But many people leave their chat open when they are not actually there.
on facebook there is a green dot on there pic on the main wall
We need a Videos from your phone section or change de photos to media from your phone. The videos somewere in google+ but they are hard to find.
How about a Suggestion Box in the sidebar with categories?

Here's one suggestion: for Sparks, add a 'save for later' or bookmark button, like youtube does for quick playlist. This could be incorporated with the Sparks Interest section as priority, or 'unread'??
Sometimes I just don't have time but like to click links at end of my day. A reminder message could also be sent to me on a deadline - "You haven't clicked this link yet? Do you still want to keep it, or clear it?"
*Small anacdotes on what you've been doing in the feed "Will commented on" etc
*Facebook Importer
*A button to write a post to someone whilst on their page, visible on their wall - readable within circles, but posted to someone. At the moment my wall cannot have anything my friends post that may interest me displayed on it, which I kinda like.
*Google+ Blog on changes (Any news on that API yet!!!! That is what will make or break your platform: Can you get the likes of developers to ornament the work you have done)
With only 5000 people like circle, return card can only 500, too little, too little!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
please no privacy....FB sucked because of too much privacy...let the people meet new ppl the life is interesting...
Yes lil privacy like limited photo sharing would be nice...but when it comes to social networking having the same friends that you meet everyday in college or at your work place in your profile would be so boring...people need a good way of meeting new people and establishing new relationships...we dont need another facebook...and im not talking about dating sites...its a differnt perspective please consider that aspect as well...
It is true that it is good to meet and follow more people, but I also think it's important that my holiday picture is shared only with my "friends" and not everyone.
yeah and it's a bit weird all these people following me and I have no clue who they are.
Same happens in twitter: one reason why I like this google+ is that there is both the possibility to follow someone you don't know and add your friends to share with them.
yup friend circles is a great invention..FB has the similar feature but it's too annoying and messy...Getting to know new things via blogs is a great thing too...and we should be able to meet new people with similar interests like in "Wayne" altogether G+ can be a perfect replacement
Good to hear. One recommendation: Make it more apparent when you post on if it's public / what circles are included. Maybe a pop up box that asks you to check off which circles / private when you click "post". And option to disable the popup notification when you feel better tuned into the privacy features.

It's probably more because were all new to this, but at first it wasn't very apparent how to post to different circles / public / ect. IMO
yeah Ryan is right. We are not all whizz techies we want to know what is going on thanks!
I do like the "see how it looks from X's point of view" field in the upper right now. Kudos to that!
Shimrit: thanks for sharing. However don't you think that exposing everyone in every circle is a bit revealing? Not only can i see everyone who you have in circles, I can also see everyone who have you in circles. Theoretically, it is possible for me to encircle everyone in G+.
Yeahhh.. I agree with +Joseph Cotton ..
Can we hide a certain Circles, so other people can't see.. Can we choose which circles is public for people to see and which circle is private?? :D It will be annoy if we put A in 1 circle while put B in other circle, while the other may misunderstood the reason why we differentiate them.. if you catch what i mean.. :D
+Jaya Frandy Yes! edit your profile and click on the circle on the top right side of your circles and un-tick the circle you don't want others to see!
+Hadjar Homaie that doesn't work as expected. Say you have Bob in two circles "Following" and "Never Displayed". You then go to the profile settings and choose not to display the circle "Never Displayed". You would think that Bob won't show up in thr list, but in fact, since Bob is still in the "Following" circle, he will still show up in the list.
This is an area where Facebook's lists is better at privacy than circles - the ability to exclude a group or individual from an item. Also, some set operations would be nice, but exclude is a must.
I'm sure 1000 people must have recommended this, but how about allowing us the option to have G+ to open on a "sticky circle" ie smaller stream than "everyone in all of our circles"?
The noise of the incoming stream is going to increase in a hurry for those of us who are interested in following hundreds or even thousands of people.

Also, it might be smart to have the Red Notifications button tweaked -- so when we click on it, we can see who originally posted the comment that so-and-so (who we may not know or care about) also commented on. The name would be more useful than just "a post".

Thanks and great work...
Just click on the stream on the left hand side that you want to dive in (Family, or Friends)
If I choose to share with "Your Circles" - I lose the ability to select the "Also email X other people" check box. Is this intended behavior? Will sharing this way send to all my email only contacts? Or does it limit to only G+ accounts in my circles?
I would like it if you could collapse comments once you have clicked on the more comments link so that 200 comments then revert back to just one or two being shown under the post.
I second the suggestions by @G. Hussain Chinoy and @Davide Cassenti. Right now Google Plus's album privacy is worse than Facebook's, because there's no way to ensure your albums are viewable by "Friends/Circles Only". If a friend shares your album, that privacy is immediately lost.

Edit Thanks for being so responsive to all of this though!
Any chances for hiding exact time I post? That's also privacy, for me more important...

PS Would be great if there existed some google+ changelog somewhere, so one could monitor what's changing in one place instead of hunting for g+ workers...
This isn't exactly a privacy related issue, per se, but I was wondering if it would be possible to add a button or a function that allows us to change who we are sharing a post with after it has been posted. For example, I was writing a long post and did not have time to finish it, so I "saved" it by posting it so that I was the only one who could see it. When I had more time I returned and finished the post, which I then wanted to share with my extended circle, however, I could not find a way to change the sharing options except for sharing the post and then changing who could see it. This process worked just fine, but I did find it somewhat bemusing that I simply couldn't change my sharing options without having to repost.
Xin Yan
Recently, many accounts are suspended or deleted because the complicated name rules. It's improper behavior that suspend or delete people's accounts without any warning!
Hope Google could do more humanized!
Exactly. I find myself looking for a "message" button" where I can simply talk to the author of a post...
I really like Google+. Wish that I could select which circles to show up (or individuals) for my stream.

I like to read about technology and have set up a circle of google and other technology people but I don't necessarily want my default stream to show all of those posts. I would rather go to that circle to see their streams.

I am sure that is true for other streams. Just a thought.
I'd like to be able to switch streams on and off myself. So say you want to see what your friends and family are up to, you enable those two streams.
A few suggestions for you:

A drag feature would be nice to organize all my personal stuff the way I like...for Streams and Circles. Right now i can't figure out why it's organized that way.

Also, I'd love to just get rid of those Sparks suggestion images. They are becoming annoying to look at and make me feel like I'm on the Ikea homepage. I'd rather see Sparks images that I've chosen.

Lastly, in Circles, can you make that 'create a new circle' go away so I can just see the ones I use? It's always at the top left and haunts me LOL to create another circle. If we could size them down as well (like youtube screensizes), it would save real estate and some scrolling. Colour coding would be even the Feedsquares app on Chrome - love that!!

That's all for now...Need to find time to really get into this cause I keep getting of glimpses cool stuff to explore via blogs. Can't wait for G+ business to launch. My company will embrace this 100% as our main networking spot!

Keep up the great work Shimrit and keep eating healthy too :-)
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