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Shifa International Hospitals
Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. Providing wholistic patient care without any discrimination
Shifa International Hospitals Ltd. Providing wholistic patient care without any discrimination


Mission statement
This program aims to bring the actual process of
Liver Transplantation Surgery to Pakistan and
ensure its durability and long term success."

Who we are
We are the country's 1st liver transplant center providing the facility of liver transplant surgery on international standards. Apart from liver transplant we are also doing complex hepatopancreaticobiliary surgeries.
What we offer?

Living donor liver transplantation
Pediatric liver transplantation
Multidisciplinary management of liver cancer.
Surgical resection of liver for various indications including:
Hepatocelluar carcinoma
Gallbladder cancer
Metastatic Liver Disease
Surgery for hydatid disease of liver
Pancreatic cancer surgery (Whipple's Operation)
Management of complex biliary strictures
Porto-systemic shunt surgery
Pediatric HPB surgery
Laparoscopic Surgery
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Shifa Heart Center

Shifa Heart Center is busy in providing a wide range of general and specialized cardiac services, including but not limited to angiography, angioplasty, stents, intra aortic balloon pump, EECP and Cardiac MR. In fact the scope of our services encompasses critical areas and conditions and treatments of heart like Heart Failure, Interventional Cardiology/ PCI, CHD/Valve Replacement, Peripheral Vascular Disease & Peripheral Artery Disease (PVD & PAD), Electrophysiology/Arrhythmias, Cardiac Imaging and Cardiac Rehabilitation.
We are providing EP studies with Cardiac ablation, Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy and Implantable Cardiac Defibrillator. We have Cardiac CT (640 slice) that is advance and fast Technology and has made it possible to record coronary angiogram without placing catheters in the heart and without the risk associated with conventional coronary angiography. Shifa Heart Center including cardiology and cardiac surgery is considered one of the best heart health centers in Pakistan. We are into a fast expansion and improvement plan aimed at revolutionizing heart health facilities, culture, some of the initiatives in this regard are mentioned below.

Cardiac MRI Service
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Patient Education Program
National Integrated Anticoagulation Service (NIACS)
Life Style Improvement Initiative
Heart Failure Service
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Shifa Cancer Center
It was in the early 90's, when the pioneers of Shifa International Hospital, made a critical decision to make available much needed state of the art medical treatment for cancer patients. The first phase of this commitment led to the opening of the first radiation oncology department in the private sector at Shifa International Hospital in 1994. This proved to be the focal point for development of additional cancer treatment facilities over the years, till the inauguration of a full fledged Shifa Cancer Center in 2012.
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Shifa Kidney Transplant Center

The treatment options provided by the section of Urology range from simple urinary tract infections, stones, prostate, diseases, infertility, and impotence to major urological cancer surgeries for kidney, bladder and prostate.

All sorts of endourological procedures and re-constructive surgeries are done as well. The provision of renal transplantation has made this a comprehensive unit with internationally comparable results. Lithotriptor is available and helpful for patient with stones in kidney & urinary tract stones.
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Shifa Orthopedics Center

The department of orthopedics, with three orthopedic surgeons, is a young team fully qualified in orthopedics and has been trained in Ireland and UK. Two of the surgeons are on the Specialist Register in these countries. They are trained and experienced in modern orthopedic medical & surgical treatment.
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Allergy/Clinical Immunology

The section of Allergy/Clinical Immunology provides state of the art care for patients suffering from all kinds of allergic diseases, including but not limited to allergic skin diseases, urticarias, contact dermatitis, allergic rhinitis allergic conjunctivitis, allergic bronchial asthma, atopic dermatitis drug allergies and food allergies. 

Section is headed by board certified Allergist/ Immunologist with thirty years of clinical experience. Modern methods of allergy skin tests and immunotherapy are employed here.

We also offer sublingual immunotherapy for selected allergens. Special interest is taken in life threatening anaphylactic disorders and insect sting allergies. Our main goal is to educate patients and their families about their illnesses so that they have a better understanding of their disease and treatment.
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Shifa Dental Clinic
Founded in 2001 with induction of one dental surgeon, the Dental Clinic has flourished and grown into a state of the art modern dental clinic to cope with the growing number of patients.

Dental Implants
Dental Whitening
Oral Surgery
Aesthetic Dentistry Including
Restorative Dentistry Smile Makeovers
Crown & Bridges
Children Dentistry
Root Canal Treatment
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ermatology department is known for its excellent services in the clinical, academic and therapeutic fields. Children, adults and elderly of both genders are taken care of for all skin, nail and hair diseases. We also deal with cosmetic problems and skin diseases related to environmental and industrial ill-effects.

Diagnostic procedures e.g. skin biopsy, specimen collection for bacterial, fungal & viral infections for further laboratory tests are also a responsibility of this department. The department also offers telemedicine services to patients in remote areas.  Facilities to remove moles, cysts and warts are available. We look forward to extend our services further in the field of Laser therapy. 

Superficid Skin Biopsy
Punch Biopsy
Use of liquid Nitrogen for treatment of skin disorders
Carette and cautery for large variety of skin problems
Hyfre Cator
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Endocrinology and Diabetes Department is one of the important departments of the hospital. It is involved in the diagnosis and management of patients with Diabetes, obesity, hormonal disorders, thyroid, short stature, pituitary/adrenal/bony disorders and metabolic syndrome  both in the outpatient and inpatient areas. The department is supported by the hospital's wellequipped laboratory and radiology where all sorts of hormonal tests are being done. Majority of the patients coming for consultation, have Diabetes Mellitus type 2, the most common Endocrine disease. All services including prevention, medical management, education, nutrition, foot and eye care are being provided to these patients under one roof, and are backed by highly skilled and professional nursing staff.  Department is also actively involved in public awareness programs, educational activities and medical research. Each year, public awareness programs on Diabetes and Ramadan and World Diabetes Day are carried out. 


Diagnosis and management of different endocrine diseases ie preventive pediatrics
Thyroid gland diseases / parathyroid gland disorders
Growth disorders / pituitary gland disorders
Lipid abnormalities
Disorders of male & female gland hormones
Osteoporosis / metabolic bone diseases
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Shifa Emergency Department

Shifa international Hospital's emergency department is a busy, 26-bedded facility that attended 30,000 patients during the year under review, registering a 20 percent increase than the previous year. Being a tertiary care center, we deal with routine patient inflow as well as patients referred from other hospitals and offer services in all sub specialties of medicine and surgical disciplines.
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