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Robert Scoble and I are interviewed by Guy Kawasaki and Shawn Welch about Age of Context, our new book.
Age of Context Author Interview Hangout video

Informative and fun Hangout today with my friends +Robert Scoble and +shel israel, co-authors of Age of Context, my APE co-author +Shawn Welch and +Peg Fitzpatrick.

We talked about Robert and Shel's self-publishing process as well as mobile technology and where it's headed.  

You can get their book here:

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Google VP +Vic Gundotra is responsible for helping me see importance of context

Last year Vic really drew my attention to what is possible, in software, if you know the context. You know, where have you been? Who have you been with? What's on your calendar? What has been emailed to you? 

We now see Google's leadership in contextual systems through Google Now and I think Google is just getting started. I keep hearing rumors of a new contextual OS that will appear in the next year or two. One where it'll know whether you are walking, running, biking, skiing, driving, shopping, watching TV, or doing other things. 

Scared? Freaked out? You probably should be. 

Anyway, all of that led to today, where we released our book, "Age of Context" which is about mobile, sensors, location, data, social, and how all of these trends are going to affect our future. Oh, and our privacy.

It's already affecting how books are sold. See, if you don't write reviews and no one buys a copy for their Kindle or gets one sent to them, Amazon's "contextualizers" will keep us from being discovered by new people who might be interested in it.

Our lives. Our careers. Our opportunities. Are all going to be controlled by algorithms and each other and the experiences we are having.

It's a future where we have little control and need new skills. Are you ready?

Well, let's look at what went into this book: 300+ interviews over 18 months. Already we have about 90 five-star reviews, which is pretty nice for a first-day book. Add yours at 

Anyway, it all started with my discussions with Vic about the future of the world. Thanks Vic, can't wait to see what comes next from Google!

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BryanKramer has done a wonderful job of getting up close and personal in a 30-minute interview with me. He did an equally wonderful job profiling Robert Scoble a few weeks ago. He is an extremely skilled interviewer and both Robert and I respect him immensely.

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I just posted a new book extract on Forbes about Personal Contextual Assistants such as Google Now, EasilyDo and Atooma

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Here's a video of me about our new book at Navigate a conference for the privacy community. So far people say they like my shoes.
Shel Israel
Shel Israel

Just got a pre-order for 2000 copies of Age of Context. Will post details after ink dries on the deal. A very nice start to our day and to the sale of our new book.

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Robert and I have always used crowd-sourcing for our projects and Age of Context is no exception. Every chapter, so far, has been improved by people we have connected with online who have told us of cool contextual products, people we should talk with or had ideas about the contextual future worth considering. 

We will mention each contributor in our Acknowledgements when Age of Context is published on Oct. 1.

Yesterday, I announced that we had begun working on Chapter 10 covering contextual technology in Leisure & Learning. For the first time, I received no pointers, suggestions or ideas. 

A couple of friends sent me email explaining that they had not a clue just what we were looking for, so I thought I would step back and try to explain.

We take the broadest of views at the start of each chapter. If we get too much content, then we narrow it down. This chapter looks at how mobile, social media, sensors, data and location-based technologies are impacting what we do when we are not at work. We are covering sensors that save water, thermostats that learn your preferences when you are home and can be adjust remotely by Wifi. We are looking and toothbrushes that will sense a cavity and perhaps someday report it to your dentist.

We are looking at a contextual TV Guide that instead of showing you the schedules for 7689,456 channels, will understand your preferences, and show you just the programs you like or might consider, then let's you share your likes with friends.

We are hoping to find games that are contextual. A few, like Kinnect and Google Ingress come pretty close but don't quite embrace context--yet.

We are looking for ideas and technologies that can impact entertainment, travel, education, hobbies and thing people do for fun.

If you have a thought or idea in this area, no matter how far out or off-the-wall you may think it is, we would love you to share it with us.

Our success is dependent upon viewers like you, so please keep those posts and emails coming in. You can post here or email me: 

Got a really good example of memorably lame customer support you've experienced online? Please share it with Robert Scoble and me for out book, Age of Context.
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