All across the internet people are sharing videos of children getting beat violently by other children, #bullies, strangers, even their own parents. I watched a video last night of a father boasting about beating his son to the point that blood spattered across their living room walls and came streaming down this child's shirt, the father never stopped recording. I said to myself, "No more."

As of today I am on a mission to see that these videos are eradicated and made illegal to record or show just as child pornography is. If we've ever viewed one and done nothing, we are just at worse as the person who recorded it or the companies that promote it for profit. We can not turn our backs on violence against our children. #ItTakesAVillage

I need your help. I dont know what I would have to do to get this done; however, if you do, please let me know what course of action I/we would need to take to make sure that our #children stop #fighting each other for videos they can post on #WorldStarHipHop, parents are held accountable for publicly humiliating and beating their children for #Facebook likes and to make sure the companies that promote this violence are legally held accountable. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you all today. #WisdomWednesdays #EndChildViolenceVideos #NoMore #StopBullying #StopEmbarassingYourChildrenForLikes #StopBullyingChildren
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