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Astrology Can Give Right Direction To Your Life & Career.
Astrology Can Give Right Direction To Your Life & Career.


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In transit Saturn is in Sagittarius sign since January 2017 so people with Moon in Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn are going through the effect of Sade Sati. The core result of Sade Saati depends on the exact degree of Natal Moon and the nakshatras Saturn will traverse. Those who are having Moon in Dhanu Raashi going through the core effect of Saturn’s slow yet firm phenomenon.

Saturn stepped into Mula since January 2017 as this is the first Nakshatra of Sagittarius sign which has Gandant points till 3degree 20mins. Those with Moon in this earlier degrees of Mula nakshatra had tremendous depressive time while all the time Saturn was there. Saturn will be in Mula till November 2018. Nirriti is the dark Goddess of Mula when Saturn comes to this Nakshatra it’s a complete mismatch. Saturn is highly disciplined and Nirriti is strong and chaotic in behavior for that its not so easy for Saturn to get hold on Her.

You need to be strong enough to get her respect. Be prepared to work harder in an out of box way. Mula is not at all stereo type nakshatra. Be inspired with new thing. Nirriti will make sure some of your old religious/spiritual/ideological death when Saturn will cross your Mula Nakshatra.. Why spiritual death? Nirriti is not the Goddess who finds spiritual activity or awareness in just going to temple or reciting some mantras every day. There will not be any room for blind faith, conditioned beliefs and karmic entanglements or long time dreamy conclusion of your mind. The energy of Niritti could make it feel as if your foundation is cracking, but use it as an opportunity to rebuild a stronger, deeper foundation from the bottom up in every perspective of life.

Sagittarius is the sign of teachers and preachers, so if you are not following the path what you teach people then Saturn in Mula will not give much pleasant time.

Saturn when will be traversing through Venus nakshatra Purvashada will not be much comfortable either. Though it is the nakshatra of friendly planet Venus but this is very expensive nakshatra where the planet denoting poverty doesn’t do much well. Saturn in this nakshatra will make a person quite tough in attitude but lazy in action who will be opting for everything in an automatic mode.

For Aries : Its going to be 10th and 11th lord in conjunction with 4th lord in 9th house can tell you enough of relying upon luck. It may bring some diversion in your work process but it will surly give you some stability. As 4th lord will be crossed by Saturn hence your mother can face some trouble and there will not be much of feel good factor in family atmosphere. Be patient in professional life else your project or your job may not wait for you. Govt or any sort of authority may impose some penalties on you specially when Saturn will traverse through Uttarashada.

Taurus : Yoga karak Saturn will be transiting via 8th house with 3rd lord Moon. What will annoy you is back biting from people and what others are talking about you where most of the facts are not so true. There can be unnecessary journey here and there which may upset your health too if dasha is not positive enough. You will behave quite harsh when Saturn will cross U.Ashada nakshatra. Main trouble will be the rigidiy you will show in everything for not changing your views or working patterns. More rigid you are, more trouble you may go through. Try to avoid taking loan.

Gemini : Saturn is transiting through 7th house with 2nd lord being 8th and 9th lord. You will feel so distasteful in everything that even if there are some trouble in your relationship, you will not feel like working on that. Be helpful to your father. Those who are pursuing studies, will find its getting too difficult to focus on studies or they should go for some out of city institution to get enrolled. Health can give you setback if any other malefic planet sitting in 7th house.

Cancer : Saturn is transiting in your 6th house with 1st house lord Moon means your 7th and 8th lord Saturn will cross Mula nakshatra first which can bring huge disagreement with your all sort of partners. So during this time don’t make any collaboration which may not be durable. If you are to take investment then this transit may prove to be better one for you but you making investment into something will not suit you at all. If your money was stuck for long then there can be chances of getting part of it when Saturn will be R in Purvashada nakshatra.

Leo : With 12th lord Moon Saturn will be transiting to your 5th house being 6th and 7th lord. You will not be able to enjoy the finer aspects of life. All the artistic Leo people will find their creativity is getting dried up. There will be lack of interest in job rather will be having many plants for own venture. You may go for it only if your dasha allows. There will be chances of having out of wedlock relationships. If you fall sick and dasha is not much of supportive too then it may go for long time.

Virgo : As 6th lord and 5th lord Saturn will be transiting in 4th house with 11th lord moon then no matter what there may be some loss of assets. Or if there were some dispute in property since long, that may get resolved depending on the venus positioning in horoscope.

Libra : Too much of stereotype life will make you crazy when Saturn will be crossing your 3rd house being yoga karak with 10th lord Moon so obviously you will start some different business or new sort of job. If you were waiting for promotions then it may get delayed. Starting of 2019 can be pleasant time for you in stock market.

Scorpio : Financial responsibility will be more and insecurity will creep you all the time as Saturn being 3rd and 4th lord transiting with 9th lord in 2nd house. your family members will find your way of talking is very offensive for them. Uttar Ashada transit of Saturn will bring some unnecessary conflict with your authority or you will feel something is cooking behind you in work place.

Sagittarius : Saturn with 8th lord in lagna being 2nd and 3rd lord will make life surly little struggling. Person will be spiritual lazy all after another. P. Ashada transit is not going to be that favourable interms of health and wealth. Though Sagittarius people are happy go luck people but with Saturn and Mula combination they will act unsocial and snappy.

Capricorn : Lagna lord in 12th house who is finance house lord too with 7th lord Moon can bring some distance with people so too much expectation from people will make your condition worse. Saturn in 8th lord nakshatra may make you workless for the time being or you are too busy in legal terms. Saturn will teach you how to manage finance with little resources. Time to practice tremendous patience.

Aquarius : Lagna and 12th lord Saturn will be with 6th lord Moon transiting in 11th house, So surly lack of stability in every aspect of life which Aquarius is not much used to. Which ever the work will be done during travel or any agreement project deal while traveling will work better now. Though Aquarius hardly show fake ego but this time you will not be spared too.

Pisces : With 11th and 12th lord your 5th Moon will find some new way of looking at talent and skills. Just have patience and be grounded, you will find a new way of presenting yourself to the world. Either your love life will go in vain or it will get tremendous stability. It will be hard for you to shine in job rather in to business and high time you need to find some innovative way to do your work when Saturn will be traversing through Sun’s nakshatra.

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Cancer is the 4th sign which represents the natural 4th house in Astrology. The lord of Cancer is Moon. Rahu is the planet of amplification it amplifies the qualities of sign and house where it sits. Rahu will work on the basis of three main factors during this transit –
•• Amplifying the characteristics of natural 4th sign Cancer,
•• Natural 4th house &
•• Implying the Signification of house of transit as per each Ascendant.
Remember, Rahu is the ultimate manipulator, illusionist. Rahu will be entering into Second house of Cancer for Gemini Ascendant people in his natural retrograde motion during End of August 2017. Those who are already having any malefic planet in Cancer sign, that can trigger odd situations in life as Rahu in watery sign plays havoc emotionally/mentally.
Right now Rahu is in Gandant degrees and till mid of October 2017 it will be in Gandant degrees, which is going to be a watch out date for all everyone interms of emotional turmoil and family issues.
••Second house is the house of speech and Rahu being most misleading one posited in second house will give lots of tendency to lie or manipulate with the wordings.
••Obsession for accumulation of wealth will be so high that Native will not be hesitant to gather wealth by unscrupulous means.
••Rahu is a risk taker too, here sitting in house of finance 2nd will not make the person precautious about money. In other words, to earn more person will take more risk to touch the sky.
••Rahu in second house of food intake can give good appetite to a person or always native wants to get indulged in fine dining, good gastronomical treats.
••Rahu denotes smokeperson may have addiction of smoking or even drinking, drugs etc, if there is no benefic aspect in 2nd house.
••Person can be abusive and harsh, using slang language every now and then for others when Rahu is having 2nd house transit in horoscope.
•• Though second house transit of Rahu can give hunger for money but it will not give the capability to manage the resources well specially the resource of partner.
••Rahu in the second house needs constant assurance of financial needs.
••Here Rahu transit in cancer sign of second house will give distance from the close family members.
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ᴥᴥRahu in 5th house of Cancer transit is going to make Pisces people quite positive in creativity on their own way.
ᴥᴥAs 5th is the house of natural talent or hobby, Rahu will emphasize is to the fullest and those who are already in creative entertainment line will get a good boost during this Rahu transit period.
ᴥᴥRather than going for some academics or core learning Rahu in 5th house will give tendency to use some temporary or inborn skills. In other words Rahu will not be having much of interest in learning process.
ᴥᴥRahu with his never ending hunger may twist your brain for going into quick and easy profit while transiting through the 5th house of speculation.
ᴥᴥRahu in house of progeny may give difference of opinion with your children specially with first child.
ᴥᴥIf your child is young and school going one then you will see lack of interest in studies, more into roaming here and there and killing time almost doing nothing rather than showing off.
ᴥᴥThis transit is definitely good for those who are into entertainment line, they can have sudden break in career which can take them real high, provided Dasha bhukti is supportive.
ᴥᴥKetu in 11th house of Capricorn will make you separated from friend’s circle, friends can be deceptive, you will not feel like joining social gathering or perhaps work will keep you busy to participate.
ᴥᴥHealth problem may occur when Rahu will be transiting to Pushya nakshatra.
ᴥᴥRahu in 5th house will play the trick of going for new partner search. Many Pisces may get bored of old ones, going for new partner, but then finding one getting driven by Rahu force is not gona be durable either, keep that in mind.
ᴥᴥKetu in 11th house of older sibling is not going to give much favorable time to your older sibling or you may have some distant relation with them.

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••6th house Rahu can give some personal charm to Aquarius Lagna natives side by side some emotional dilemma throughout upcoming 18months.
••Ketu in 12th house will give you space or relief from unnecessary relationship in life as 12th house is 6th from 7th house of partner.
••So of course take care of your partner’s health too.
••Rahu in 6th house Cancer may give some unnecessary conflict in management role.
••Sixth house denotes servant, employee so when rahu will be transiting to 6th house that may give misleading activity by your servants, employees Dont trust your servants, employees. Keep your eyes on them.
••You may have some misunderstanding with your maternal side so its better not to expect much from maternal side during this transit time.
••This is a good transit for those who are in to profession of law and order specially to judge and lawyer but go through all the papers and documents before taking any stand several times. After all Rahu is going to be in watery sign Cancer.
••Rahu while traversing through Punarvasu nakshatra can give Aquarius people win over enemy or money via bank loan etc.
••When Rahu will be trave4rsing through Ashlesha in the beginning of this transit, keep yourself away from unnecessary falling for opposite sex which will never be durable for the long term.
••Check your health condition when Rahu will be traversing through Pushya nakshatra and try to avoid much traveling here and there during that time.
••Rahu and Ketu in 6/12 axis can give insomnia to Aquarius lagna people, they will mostly will feel like being alone and enjoying own space
••Those Aquarius people who already having legal tussle, keep that in mind with Rahu transit in 6th house of cancer now it will not get resolved so soon.
••As Rahu is going to aspect entire finance trine, Aquarius people should have minimum risk taking attitude in finance.
••There can be tendency for opting to higher position than your capability or what you deserve during this Rahu in 6th house transit.
Rest of the result will vary as per the positioning of your Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in your horoscope and of course the biggest influencer is ongoing Dasha Bhukti of the native.
#astrosharmistha #astroqueen #vedicastrology #astrologer #transit #rahuketutransit #rahuketu #cancer #aquarius #capricorn #yoga #astrologyonline #zodiac #horoscope #decodeyourlife
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••Capricorn people will be having Rahu transit in 7th house of Caner where it will push them to be in lime light or centre of attraction.
••Capricorn people will feel inner push to do something new in their career or work which will promote their business in next level. This is definitely a good transit for businessmen if dasha supports.
••Ketu in 1st house will definitely make the personality little scattered and careless.
••misunderstanding with spouse is bound to be there.
••Those who are into business can have more foreign collaboration as Rahu will attract many foreign things in coming days, again if Dasha is supportive too.
••In 7th house of spouse and partnership, Rahu will not give much satisfaction from the partner, so one may end up being wandering eyes, specially when Rahu will traverse through Ashlesha.
••When Rahu will be crossing Swati Nakshatra that will be tough time to through indecisive phase.
•• The entire time Ketu will be in 1st house, Capricorn people will be so much busy socializing and meeting new people but deep down inside they will be feeling lonely and will be feeling suffocated being with many people for long. Soon will be searching for some lonely place where they can have their own time.
••While traversing through Punarvasu nakshatra it may give lots of travel but not that good time for finance and job.
••For those Capricorn Ascendant people who are already having katu in 7th house will be having tough time with spouse, business partner, day today dealing with people, legal trouble, social discomfort etc
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