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Astrology Can Give Right Direction To Your Life & Career.
Astrology Can Give Right Direction To Your Life & Career.

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For Gemini Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 8th and 9th sitting in 7th house of Sagittarius which is the Mool trikon sign of Jupiter where Saturn doesn’t do much harm but 8th lord transit in 7th aspecting Ascendant will effect Gemini people.

••Saturn in 7th will give the tendency to go for Lending or Borrowing money.
••Person will have to be sensitive during consumption of food otherwise will land up upsetting health. Mostly cause of irregular food habit.
••During this period there can be lack of understanding of the situation in Gemini nativities.
••Either communication devices will start giving trouble, or there will be lots of communication mess during this period.
•• Mother of the Gemini Ascendant People will be very hard working these days, can also go through little hardship.
••Children of Gemini Lagna people can have ENT (ear,nose or throat) problems in general.
••With this 7th positioning of Saturn, person sometimes get financial benefits from the enemies or competitors, specially aged natives.
••Those who are eagerly waiting for getting wedlock, marriage can be delayed if Jupiter is also not aspecting on your 7th house or 7th lord.
••Gemini Ascendant People may get inherited properties from the maternal uncle.
••Enemies or competitors of you may pass on false information mostly during these days.
••May have the test for longevity, as Saturn, is the significator of longevity gets posited in the house of loss from the house of longevity signified by 8th house.
••Saturn in 7th will make you work very patiently and with perseverance, for next two and half years as Saturn signifying industrious nature makes the native work very hard without expecting results.
••As Saturn being natural malefic planet will be aspecting your ascendant, time to time depression and laziness can be observed, never hurry for easy earning or legal issues, it will not work out. Keep respecting old members at home, be sensitive and sympathetic to needy people, Saturn may give you some relief.
During transiting over Moola, Gemini people may enjoy good partnership or good rappo with the wife rest will depend on the ketu positioning in horoscope. During Purvashada transit it will give travel or lots of expense, having romantic tussle, children of Gemini people will be having some stressed time or under performance time. Lastly while traversing through U. Ashada Nakshatra Gemini people will be ha ving problem in employment or without reason mental stress will be high.
Now rest all depends on the points Saturn is getting in the sign Sagittarius in your Ashtak Varga Table. If more than 4 then its really good if less than 4 then u need to show patience to overcome this transit.

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For Taurus Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 10th and 9th sitting in
8th house of Sagittarius which is the Mool trikon sign of Jupiter where Saturn doesn’t do much harm but Yoga Karak in 8th house transiting will effect all Taurus people.

••Saturn will be in 8th house being the 10th and 9th lord, will make u workout all the pending works. From there saturn wil be aspecting 10th, 2nd and 5th houses of Taurus Ascendant.
•• Taurus people will be facing financial problems as the 2nd house signifying family and finance gets the aspect of Saturn from 8th house. People always lands up in dilemma due to oral commitments and suffer, as Saturn signifying idiotism aspects the house of speech 2nd house making the native commit without visualizing the consequences.
••Saturn in 8th house gives the result of 6th house from 3rd house making the native suffer from loans or troubles from the brothers and sisters. Person often lands up in losses due to delayed decisions.
••Taurus Ascendant people may also obtain wealth from opposition (in politics) or from long term litigation.
•• Earning of partner or spouse of Taurus Ascendant people will be slightly slow and limited as 8th house Saturn is posited in finance house of partner.
•• Father of the Taurus Ascendant people will be having difficulties to have money for comfortable spending in life, as Saturn signifying shortage gets posited in the house of expenditure 12th from 9th.
••Person will have the tendency to spend the wealth for wrongful purposes in life and lose the wealth earned not only by the himself but also by the ancestors.
••Saturn does not cause death but restores the life through rejuvenation from near death condition and induces longevity to us. Saturn does not kill unless he is a 'maraka'.
••Saturn signifying lame cannot run fast, i.e., cannot complete the assigned duties in time but will be very hard industrious worker and Saturn will make the native work much more than necessary. While aspecting 10th house Tauruas people may feel lack of courage in the native while performing the assignment. This causes indecisive mental makeup and so, the native avoids taking daring decisions in profession but will never change the decision taken once under any influence.
••Cause of this 10th house aspect of Saturn all Taurus Ascendant natives will be afraid of taking responsibilities in profession, which will cause obstruction and problems in the work.

Saturn's First transit will be over Moola Nakshatra in Sagittarius sign belonging to Ketu, depending on the Ketu’s positioning in your horoscope still Moola traversing period will be neutral for Taurus people if Dasha is not much troubling. Traversing over P. Ashada Nakshatra may cause some sudden trauma, Loss of comforts; spending for hospitalization, paying penalties as nakshatra Lord is Venus who is Ascendant and 8th house lord. Traversing over Uttar Ashada, which is under the lordship of Sun, is core enemy of Saturn. For Taurus People Sun is the lord of 4th, so during this time it can give some stress related to job There can be some change in profession during this last nakshatra transit. Person may become very harsh in speech.
Now rest all depends on going dasha of a person and how may points Saturn is getting in the sign Scorpio in Ashtak Varga Table. If more than 4 then its really good if less than 4 then you need to show patience to overcome this transit.

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For Aries Ascendant, Saturn is the lord of 10th & 11th sitting in 9th house of Sagittarius. In Jupiter’s Mool trikon Sign Sagittarius, Saturn doesn’t do much harm.

ᴥᴥ For Aries Ascendant Saturn sitting in the house of Father can make him hard worker during this time.
ᴥᴥ Saturn destroys Dharmic (righteous) nature of the native and makes the native to secretly indulge in Adharmic (Non righteous)acts.
ᴥᴥ All the characters of Dharma such as concentration, kindness, control of physical and mental senses, not stealing, cleanliness, intelligent acts,speaking truth, not getting unnecessarily angry, will be very much lessened or may not be found in the native particularly when no other planetary influence by aspect or conjunction is found with Saturn.
ᴥᴥ Aries person may perform the dharmic karmas wherever physical efforts are required and he may work physically in places of charity and may give charity to poor persons by being kind to the poor and the deprived but not to all class of community.
ᴥᴥ Mother of Aries People may suffer some chronic helath issues during this time as saturn will be 6th away from 4th house.
ᴥᴥ Saturn’s transit for Aries people will make the spouse lazy, lethargic, lacking in dynamism, courage, communicative abilities, practicality etc.
ᴥᴥ There will be less scope for travel during this phase as Saturn shrinks wherever it sits.
ᴥᴥ Aries people will be facing trouble under the clutches of money lenders and banks and cannot get away from them without getting troubled, as Saturn representing misery gets posited 6th away from the house of happiness denoted by 4th. 6th away can give trouble from loan as 6th is the house loan, causing bitterness from loans.
ᴥᴥ During this transit Aries Ascendant People may get indulged little in speculation or extra income. Saturn in 9th house represents the 2nd house from the eighth house making the native to get wealth from gambling, speculation and other sources of instantaneous luck as Saturn gets posited in the house of wealth from the house of unexpected gains that of the 8th.
ᴥᴥAries Ascendant people may lose job due to accusations and misunderstandings from seniors and old timers in the organization.
ᴥᴥ During this transit there can be some delay in property dealing and better to be aware of litigation problem regarding that.
ᴥᴥ Saturn in 9th house can make all the Aries student lazy with lack of enthusiasm in studies as Saturn denotes laziness will be posited in the house of higher education. Even it can give delayed admission for higher studies.

In Sagittarius, Saturn will be crossing three nakshatra, as per the lordship of those nakshatra lords in horoscope and their placement in chart, Saturn will give results. From 1degree to 13degree 20mins of Sagittarius Saturn will be crossing Mula Nakshatra which is the nakshatra of Ketu, so where ever Ketu will be posited in natal chart as per that the detachment or loss or gain will be delivered. Till 26Degree 40Mins of Sagittarius, Saturn will be traversing through Purva Ashada, that phase can give little health issue with the wife, lack of stamina, laziness from partner, or depressive condition with your partner or slow financial gain as Venus is the lord of this nakshatra is 2nd and 7th lord for Aries people. Lastly till 30Degree of Sagittarius, Saturn will be crossing through 5th house lord Sun’s Nakshatra Uttar Ashada. That can give trouble in job, thinking unethical way to enhance income, conflict with children etc.

Rest depends on how many points Saturn is getting in 9th house of Sagittarius in Ashtavarga and on going Dasha of the Aries people.

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There are three vital points when it comes to Compatibility check between a boy and girl -
•Checking Synastry between two horoscopes
•checking Ketu positioning in two charts
•Checking Gun Milan Points
Synastry plays the major role in compatibility check. There are few steps of checking Synastry between charts,
Synastry of both the Ascendants – should not be 2-12, 6-8, 1-7
One’s Moon should not coincide with other’s Mars and vice versa
Synastry of Venus for each other should not be in 2-12,6-8,
Its better to have Rahu-Ketu over lapping with Ketu-Rahu for keeping the relationship intact.
In these two example charts
ᴥᴥAscendants are in 3-11 relationship to each other, Pisces girl will always create the situation to put more effort and courage in day to day life for the Capri guy. On the contrary, Capri guy will be always be some or the other way beneficial for Pisces girl. 3-11 positioning will also keep the communication strong between both.
ᴥᴥRahu-Ketu is over lapping with Ketu-Rahu in 1-7 axis which is having a strong grip between them.
ᴥᴥBoy’s Mars is where Girl’s Venus and vice versa, that is where the main attraction and passion getting intense, that brings them back to each other no matter what goes on.
ᴥᴥBoth of them having 5th lord in Sagittarius
ᴥᴥHis and Her 5th lord is in same Nakshatra Mula
ᴥᴥHis 5th Lord is Venus while Her 5th lord is Moon that’s is making the same vibes like the Nakshatra Rohini makes, full of creativity beauty, love, nourishing. So these two will be very much enhancing for each other when it comes to Venesian qualities.
ᴥᴥThe Rohini effect is so much between them, if you have a look, her Venus is in Vishakha while his Moon is in Vishakha, in other hand his Venus is in Mula and her Moon is in Mula. This Venus-Moon pairing making Rohini sort of attraction between them, after all Moon is more sensitive for Rohini among 27 Nakshatras.
ᴥᴥHis Moon is where her Mars is and vice versa, that is the one and only dangerous negative points of these two charts. So they will not take much time getting violent or revenge from each other. Specially the girl who has Mars where his Moon is and not to mention her Mars is hell strong. So if not taken care of this Mars, she can drag him to hell anytime.
ΔHer Ketu is in Pisces where he has no planet, but his Ketu is in Cancer where she has exalted Jupiter. It says she has more karmic back log towards him.
ΔAs his Ketu is posited in her 5th house with Ascendant lord Jupiter exalted, it says she probably had some responsible role in any of their earlier lives, obviously the responsibility was not taken care by her, hence the backlog. 5th house is for children, teaching, Love, romance. But here no linkups with Venus hence it seems the connection between them was either of teacher or parenthood.
ΔHis Navamsha chart is 80% similar to her Lagna chart, says again the connection between two souls.
ΔBoth of them has their 7th lord posited in Scorpio
ΔBoth of their 7th lord is getting aspected by Ketu.
ΔHis 5th lord Venus is in core Gandant, saying a huge past life knot from some female member.
All the above pointers say they were bound to meet and be with each other to finish this past life backlog. You cant say they are perfect couple, but definitely soulmate made in heaven.
Now for all who are wana be astrologers, find one thumb rule for much younger/older spouse from these example charts.
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