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Track your poker statistics and avoid the sharks!
Track your poker statistics and avoid the sharks!


Hi Scopers,
We have had an outage with MicroGame/Peoples Network
We started to work on the issue as soon as it happened.
The results will be back soon. Hopefully next week.
Sadly we won't be able to recover missing results.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused.
Thank You for your patience!

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New SharkScope Desktop Enhancement just arrived!
This update shows:
Improved ability to recover from corrupted hand history files
Improved tracking of PartyPoker active hand history files
Added support for "Poker at Sports Interaction's new client (iPoker skin)
There are also some fixes:
Fix for intermittent problem where HUD might vanish for one hand
Fix for potential crash-at-startup problem for users in certain timezones
Fix for importing PokerStars tournament results when prize is SCOOP Main event ticket
Get the SharkScope Desktop today, it's the best tool in online poker!!

SharkScope Expands it's coverage Again!
Adding to the most coverage in Online poker, SS has added these networks: Chico, Pokerdom and Europebet! Adding Chico brings a new dimension because it's the only site we now cover that has it all plus Chinese Poker. Add to that the mostly Russian site PokerDom and that includes the Pineapple version of Chinese poker along with Hold Em. Lastly Europebet which is mostly Georgian and has great Hold Em action. We strive to give you the most information in Online Poker!

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SharkScope Adds Revolutionary Feature. Collusion Detector!
Find out if your suspicion is a reality with our newest innovation.
Want more details? Go to and read about all the details.
Then go to SharkScope and give it a try. Instead of guessing, now you can know

PKR Achievement Challenge suspended (on vacation) for August. Honing up for a relaunch hopefully in September. The fun will return! Stay tuned for updates of when the Achievement Challenge returns.

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And still going strong!
PKR who has partnered with Sharkscope to give you money for your achievements continues in July and pays off big for those who played in June.
After paying out €2000 to the top 10 finishers, they held the freeroll for all other who qualified in the race.
Here is the winner:

DrOnline €555
Have you joined the PKR Achievements Race? It’s neve r too late in the month and you’re always welcome. You play on PKR, we track the achievements and you win free money.
Sound simple? It Is! Here’s the details:
Not a player on PKR? Join Now!

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SharkScope Achievements Awarded Free Cash by Online Giant PKR!
The top 10 winners took home €2000 with "Sinosolon" getting the most at €525. All others that qualified are in a €1500 freeroll. Monitize your achievements by Joining PKR Now!

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SharkScope Desktop Enhancement Just arrived!
Support was added for PokerStars to Incorporate the incusion of Full Tilt.. Antes are now correct on WPN. Added a close button to HUS Pop-Up panel. Added support for Unibet.

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SharkScope Desktop Enhancement Just arrived!
Fixed Players Notes....HUD now works on multiple Pokerstars clients at once
Hand importer for Party files working better.
Improved detection of running poker rooms
Windows support fixes across the board!
Make sure you have the latest version.

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Earn MONEY with SharkScope Achievements and PKR!!
Want your share of €3500? Just play on PKR and turn over the SharkScope Achievement cards. Turn over at least 5 and your in the €1500 freroll. Turn over more and you can win your share of another €2000. The Challenge is only on PKR.
Make sure you have an account on PKR
Then go here to join the Challenge.
SharkScope and PKR, join the fun
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