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Catching up on Scandal this morning since I missed it last night, and then definitely giving this a listen.
EDIT: Watched and listened. Episode of Scandal BLEW my mind. Couldn't have been more intense.
I am catching up on scandal and I just finished season one. This show is addicting. 

My favorite scene so far is tracking a handheld gaming system. Someone needs to create a TV show about a team of hackers who do the cheesiest IT work. Maybe the show should be called scrum.
Scott, i just started to listen to the Ratchet & The Geek series. In episode two, you say that nobody uses Google+. That may be true, but in what other medium would i actually get real live answers from famous people like Scott Hanselman? :)

Seriously though, i think people are more tied together on G+ through common interests than because they know each other from before. It's kinda like Usenet all again, except the flame wars are a bit more civilized. A bit.

Oh, and Scandal doesn't show in Finland, but that doesn't stop me listening to you raving about it. Anything that enthuses somebody to that degree is, if not interesting by itself (which I'm sure it is), fascinating to listen to be enthused about.
See? :)

While we're (still) on topic, I think it's good you have several podcasts. Since I'm not a .net developer, many of your Hanselminutes are way outside my horizon and so This developers life & r+g are a welcome addition.
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